Tuesday, June 30, 2009

As Promised...

Heart rate monitor and watch - check. Road ID (in case of crazy drivers) - check. Camelback - check. Gels in camelback - check. Cellphone (which I never remember and am always thinking what if something happens?) - check.

I run. I remember it's supposed to be an easy paced run (which it turned out I remembered wrong, it was just supposed to be an even paced run - oh well) so I've decided to keep my HR in zone 2. I'm doing great. I'm coming up on about the 2.5 mile mark where there is a lake and the sun is rising and there is a beautiful white heron standing at the edge of the lake looking at me. I get excited. This is gorgeous and just the reason I bought my lovely new camera to take pictures... with... it... as the the excitement slipped away and I remembered that the lovely new camera is sitting on the bar, next to where my camelback had been sitting. The camera only made it that far. So, yet another picture only taken by my minds eye.

The run went well. My easy paced run was 13.02, which is better than the over 15 minute per mile pace it used to be, and even better was that I felt darn good at the end. Like I might even have been able to go a good bit further.

Even better? I made it home in time to see the girls for a few minutes before they headed off to school with Daddy. I drank a little Gatorade while we talked and Ladybug demanded I give her some. I told her no. She began to fake cry and whine, and then pointed at me with her adorable little finger and shook it at me while saying, "You. Need. To. Share." So I explained that it wasn't healthy to drink Gatorade when you hadn't been running or biking real hard and that I could only share things that wouldn't make her sick. She instantly stopped. Looked at me and said, "So when I'm old enough to run in the street and I go running and running and running, then I can have some?" To which I responded, "yes." Angelfish wanted to hug me and for me to hold her even though she complained that I was sweaty. She asked me if I was going to take a shower because my hair was all wet but it was sweaty. I promised that I would, and that was enough to satisfy her. But she didn't want any sweaty kisses from Mommy before she left because Mommy was too sweaty. She told me she loved me though, and that's really all that matters!

So back to the promise. Here are some pictures that I took with my lovely new camera this weekend. They are of my lovely ladies, and I think show a good bit of their personalities as well.

Ladybug and Angelfish and their loot.

An attempt at a nice picture, with a silly Angelfish

Ladybug hanging out
Make that Princess Angelfish
Princess Ladybug
The bathing beauties.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Of Birthdays and Other Musings

I took Friday off from work and neglected my blog. It's been a busy several days, and most enjoyable ones at that!

Thursday morning my parents arrived. When we went to pick up the girls from daycare they went with me, and the girls were so HAPPY to see them. I have never seen Angelfish that excited in her entire 3 years on this planet. She turned pink, was completely uncoordinated, unable to speak, but grinning like she'd just won the best prize of her life. Nanna finally just had to pick her up and hug her. Ladybug ran up to her Popop and grabbed on to him with a squeal. I literally almost started crying I was so happy.

Friday was a PTO day, but it really was a work day. I woke early and did a 3 mile run, averaging 11.28 per mile. It's funny, I read someone else's blog who talked about averaging a little over 5 minutes a mile for 3 miles on a track. While envious of such speed, I'm still rather happy with my 11.28 average. Not fast but faster than I've been. After the run, I got Angelfish and Ladybug ready for school, they talked with Nanna and Poppop a bit (Ladybug asked Poppop if he would drive her to school... too cute.), and then into the car for their day at school. Then I went to the pool for my mile swim, back home and did errands with the padres. They are such troopers going everywhere with me. We finished the mad errands about 3:48 pm (yes, I remember the time), and then went to work on wrapping presents and putting together everything in an organized manner for Saturday's birthday party, including the favor bags. Then it was off to pick up the ladies from daycare, who promptly tried to convince us it was time to go for ice cream. A good ploy, but one that didn't work. We returned home and I started cooking for us all and Mr. Darcy's parents, who arrived around 6:15 just ahead of Mr. Darcy. Then a lovely evening was spent with all.

Saturday I had the best intentions of going on my 4 mile run. Mr. Darcy and I were sleeping on an air mattress to accomodate all of our house guests, and I had my cellphone set to act as my alarm clock. But I wasn't able to sleep and decided I would get up and get dressed to run and just go a little early. As I got up, poor Angelfish started yelling for her Mommy. I went in to see her and she was sweating and breathing heavy and clinging to me for dear life. She had some sort of nightmare and was not about to talk about it. So I loved on her instead of running. Some things (even with a Half Iron Man looming in September) are more important. She let up around 7:30 or so when her sister was up and playing, and when her Nanna and Poppop were up. Most of the house was up by 8:15 am, when my parents headed out on the morning errands with me to pick up and set up for the party.

The party was fun! Everyone who RSVP'd showed and the kiddies played in the fountain, on the playground, ate lots of fruit and chips, had cake, and played. At the end of the party, I asked Ladybug if she liked her party and she said "oh yes Mommy. I had lots of fun!" and gave me a big kiss on the cheek. Angelfish admitted she had a good time but insisted she was hot. When we got home they opened the presents from their party... these kids got some cool toys. Mommy and Mr. Darcy are particularly infatuated with the bubble makers. Completely awesome. The little ladies actually napped (all the excitement I think) that afternoon too.

Sunday we all slept in... 8 am! Completely unheard of in our house. Usually the now 3 year old twins are up and rearing to go by 7 am at the latest! Then around 11 am we did our family party where Angelfish and Ladybug got completely spoiled by their grandparents, and only very slightly by their parents. My favorite part though was the fact that with all the toys, they are completely enamored with the books they got. That's what they kept wanting. It makes this bibliophile quite happy! We had lunch and cupcakes, and played. Napped and went to the pool for a swim.

This morning even went rather swimmingly with the ladies. But my swim did not. I was ready to go, gear in the car, hugs and kisses to my parents who were leaving today, got in the car and the battery was completely and utterly dead. D-E-A-D, dead. 3 hours later, a new battery was purchased, the old battery removed, and the new one installed thanks to the hard work of my Dad, my Mom, and me. Who knew that changing the battery in a mini-van (my sexy ride) would be so difficult? What a mess. So, my lunch hour was taken up by battery land thereby ensuring that my ability to swim today (Mr. Darcy has a deadline and will be working late everyday this week until the office is closed on Friday.) was completely removed. I may move the swim to my originally planned "rest day" for Saturday... we'll just have to see.

But the Birthday girls were adorable and lots of fun, and the past several days have been such a joy that even an evil battery and missed swim (although I am jittery for not exercising now for 3 days - including today) can't ruin the fun we had for our girls 3rd birthday!! As soon as I can download some photos, I will post some!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

A Naughty Triathlete

Yes, I am a naughty triathlete. The plan for the morning was to wake up early, get ready for my ride, help get the girls ready and then head out on the bike. Normally I would have done my ride starting with the team that I'm training with (although we're all different speeds and experience levels), but yesterday Ladybug gave Mr. Darcy such a run for his money in the morning getting ready while I was swimming that he was 1) seriously disgruntled with our child, 2) stressed out, and 3) late for work... all by 8 am. So I opted for the wake up, help get the girls ready, and then bike idea hoping to help soothe the morning maladies and keep Mr. Darcy from high blood pressure so early in the morning.

But then this morning actually arrived. I didn't even want to get out of bed let alone go on a ride. I woke up at 1:30 am to the sound of someone rummaging in my bathroom. I opened one eye and saw the water closet (what I call the mini room in our bathroom where the toilet is actually located) light was on. So I pulled myself out of bed and wandered over. There was Ladybug putting the potty seat on the toilet and trying to lift herself up on to it (she's too short to fully get up there without a step stool). I helped her up and then she smiled and did her thing. Afterwards we wandered back to her bedroom where we both laid down in her bed, for me it was temporary and for her it was for the rest of the night. Even in my sleepy state, I was so proud of Ladybug! Instead of sleeping through and having an accident, she woke up and went to use the potty! Miracles of miracles.

I had a hard time falling back asleep, though. Thoughts of what needed to be done the next day were flooding my head and my right leg now has sciatica which is rather annoying... especially since the chiropractor is on vacation this week. (Thank goodness I have an appointment for Tuesday afternoon.) Eventually the sleep came and I was out... until the alarm clock roused me. I still had no motivation to get up and get on my bike. I got dressed in my biking gear anyway, started doing my back stretches and then I heard music and a little voice singing. I wandered my way over to the girls' room and in the play room there was Angelfish playing so sweetly with a little toy piano, playing the keys and singing her own little song.

She had turned every light on in the play room, and the girls' bathroom (which is right next door and evidently she had used when she got up - YAY! So proud!) So Angelfish and I chatted a bit, I showed her how she could play "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star" by matching the numbers on the notes to the numbers on the toy piano, and then she set her sights on a waffle. Ladybug was even polite this morning... when I went in to wake her up, she asked me in a very polite voice "Please may I have a few more minutes?" It was a lovely morning. The girls were so genial and happy to get dressed, eat, use the potty, etc. There was a little bit of stalling but not much.

As we were packing everyone into the car, I realized that the bike just wasn't going to happen though. I just did not want to get on that bike or switch a run for the bike. I had no interest in it this morning. I just wanted to stay home and straighten my office and piddle around the house. And that's just what I did!

Which turned out to be a good thing because I'm not sure I would have been home in time for my parents' arrival otherwise. They were so excited about their visit that they got up and were on the road by 5:55 am and were at my house by 8:15 am! YAY! Let the Angelfish and Ladybug birthday weekend (well, just the family part) begin!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Some Things Defy Explanation

like my morning. At 4:30 am I heard yelling from the girls' bedroom, so I hopped sleepily, groggily out of bed and ran to their room. Opening the door, the smell was unmistakable. Pee. Lots of pee. Both Angelfish (which is a rare occurrence) and Ladybug had completely emptied their bladders in their sleep. Angelfish was the one who was yelling. It's unusual for her not to be able to hold her bladder the entire evening. And then I remembered. When the girls were giving us a hard time going to bed, they claimed they needed to use the potty. Thinking it was mere subterfuge, Mr. Darcy told them that if they still needed to go potty in 10 minutes he would let them. But they fell asleep... and evidently were telling the truth. But why they always cry for Mommy is inexplicable thing #1. (Although I have to say I'd be sad if they started calling for Mr. Darcy all the time.)

So, after getting all children into new pajamas, having them use the potty, stripping their beds and remaking them with clean sheets, and starting the load of pee pee laundry, I returned to bed.

Inexplicable thing #2. My back itself is not necessarily bothering me, but I know something is not quite right with it because I have what I can only describe as nerve pain that shoots across my right quad and sometimes wraps around the bottom of my knee, and when it's bad (like it is today) the bottom of my right heel also hurts when I walk. Unfortunately for me, the chiropractor is on vacation this week. I am trying to ignore it the best I can. This translated to sleeping on my back with my knees bent and a pillow folded in half under them for support. It helped me sleep until the alarm went off at 5:30. It's the oddest manifestation of a back problem I've had to date.

Up again, this time drinking water and trying not to think about food. My stomach was hungry and clearly did not understand why I was not feeding it as I packed my gym bag and dressed in my swim suit. Or as I drove to the gym. I cannot help it if the doctor ordered 12 hour fasting before my "full lipid panel and liver function" (aka cholesterol) blood work. To make myself feel better, I packed a cliff bar, my recovery drink, and a peach for right after my blood work. All it did was make my stomach growl at me more.

Once I hit the pool though, my stomach forgot all about it. My body is inexplicably like that. (Inexplicable thing #3.) If I have to go to the bathroom and one is not available, or if I am hungry, and I start exercising those urges go right away and don't return until I am finished with the workout. Odd, but true. Anyway, I stretched out and then hit the pool. A 2,000 m swim. Straight. No stopping. It was awesome! I think I am somehow programmed to swim a certain way from all of my years of competitive swimming as a child because without intending to, I noticed that each set of 8 lengths of the pool I progressively got faster and then in my last lap I almost sprinted to the end. I just let it happen and it was like observing someone else but from inside their head.

When I was done, I stood up and looked at the clock. 40 minutes and 27 seconds after I started my 2,000 m, I was done. This seemed too quick. I double checked my math - twice. 2000 is 20 x 100m, which is 4 lengths in each 100 m, so 80 lengths, divided by swim number 8, is 10 continuous sets of 8 lengths each. That's right. I mentally recounted. As I swam my sets each and every time I said 1st 1, 2nd 1, 3rd 1, and so on every time I finished a set of 8 lengths. Didn't skip any numbers. Each set had 8 lengths, didn't skip any counting. I was just fast today. It put a huge smile on my face as I got out of the pool. 40 minutes and 27 seconds! It seems impossible... but evidently it's right! (Inexplicable thing #4.)

Then it was on to get my blood work done. As I drove, my stomach seemed to remember that I had a recovery drink, cliff bar, and peach waiting for me. I was forced to turn the radio up and ignore the calls of my stomach. And then I had to sit and wait for my appointment. I had banked on my swim taking 50 minutes not 40 minutes, so I was a bit early as I hit traffic just right as well. My stomach rebelled, but luckily I got Francisco my favorite of the "vampires" at the lab. He has never bruised me or missed my vein when he takes my blood. I was thrilled to see him. We chatted and he said "come back soon." I laughed and said that I must be coming in too regularly as it is (every 3 months since I moved here trying to convince my doctor not to put me on cholesterol medicine, plus one other time for my thyroid blood work), but I know I'll be back for a repeat of my thyroid blood work in August. I just hope to get Francisco again!

As I was leaving, Mr. Darcy called. Evidently the girls were a handful this morning and he had forgotten their towels (the only thing I didn't put with their swimsuits before leaving for the gym this morning - it's water day at school so they get to play in the sprinklers). So I headed home while chatting with Mr. Darcy about our difficult to get ready in the morning children, one in particular, but I'm not naming names today (you can probably guess based on past posts). Then I got the towels and headed to daycare, which is right next to the fire station.

I figured, I'm right here, I'll just have my blood pressure taken. The doctor said to have it done when I felt relaxed and this is as relaxed as I'm probably going to feel today. I wandered next door, chatted a moment with the fire fighter. The next thing I know there are 3 fire fighters in the room with me. They were all attractive, although one was about my Dad's age, which is something that also defies explanation. (Inexplicable thing #5) I have not yet met a fire fighter who is unattractive. Is that a job requirement? Not only do you have to be willing to save the lives of others while putting yourself in harms way, but you also have to be an attractive person. Sure the one that was old enough to be my Dad was the least attractive of the 3, but it was because he was older not because he had not at one time been attractive and young and for a man his age he was attractive. But attractiveness aside, 3 fire fighters for 1 blood pressure check seemed excessive.

Then I realized that they thought I might have wanted my blood pressure taken because I might be having an emergency event. Once I explained I needed the blood pressure taken because it had been somewhat high and my doctor was trying to track it a little, the Dad said "we're OK" and 1 fire fighter left the room. The Dad and the guy taking my blood pressure were left. The first time it was 150/90. WHAT? I couldn't believe it. I can't remember my blood pressure ever being that high. They let me sit there, talking about my triathlon training and how the Dad's wife has done a couple and wants to do more, and then they took it again and it was 142/86. Better but still high. Completely inexplicable (#6).

I chatted some more about training, drinking water, nutrition, cholesterol and blood pressure with the Dad and then wandered on my way with a promise to be back on Friday and promised that if I had blurred vision, was seeing stars or spots, or having chest pains I would give them a call. I've never had any of those problems, and I doubt I'll have any in the near future.

The last inexplicable thing (#7) is the failure to RSVP. First, I want to say that I completely understand forgetting to RSVP on time (within 2 or 3 days) and that RSVP'ing is not always the 1st thing on your to do list, especially when it is to RSVP to a child's party. But to completely fail to RSVP is absolutely ridiculous and down right rude, in my opinion. Now, I got call from a Mom this morning apologizing and telling me that time got away from her but that they'd still like to come to the party if it wasn't too late. Perfectly acceptable. But not to RSVP at all? It's got to be in my top 5 pet peeves. If you don't RSVP, you cannot expect me to feed you or to provide you with a party favor. While I will be happy you joined us, I will also be annoyed with your lack of manners. I can't help myself. I throw a good party, but I can only throw good parties when I know who is coming so I can plan accordingly. Oh, and it's customary to RSVP even for a "NO" unless "regrets only" are stated.

We still haven't heard from 16 invitees, which is a lot of cake, chicken nuggets, drinks, and party favors to be short. Plus, I was gracious enough to invite you and proper manners would require that you give me the favor of a reply (aka Répondez S'il Vous Plaît, which is RSVP "please reply"). It's as though I ask you a question and you stare and me and then walk away. Pure rudeness. But I will get off my soapbox in the hopes that I am not driving my blood pressure higher.

If you're wondering what my other top 5 pet peeves are, here they are (with no commentary and in no particular order): 1. Lying. 2. Rudeness. 3. Being ugly/mean to others. 4. Leaving no toilet paper for the next user (also tied with leaving no gas in the car for the next driver). 5. Not RSVP'ing! Perhaps these should be listed as inexplicable things #8 as they cause me to rant, which I am not normally inclined to do.

But the good news is that I am alive and kicking for yet another day! Enjoy your day!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Tuesday it is.

Last night I had a lovely time at dinner with a good friend from Atlanta who is in town for work. It was so wonderful catching up, talking about how hot it is here in Orlando, and how we miss each other living in different states now. In the course of conversation, my 70.3 came up. And she and our other good friend have decided that they are going to go to Augusta for the race! I couldn't be more excited! The three of us had been as thick as theives pretty much ever since we met one another at a sorority alumnae association meeting in Atlanta about 8 years ago. You know this is the truth because the rest of the alumnae association referred to us as "the triplets" after a short time and we adopted the name for ourselves. Half the time we showed up wearing the same color top as one another without even talking to one another that day. So to say the least, it was extremely hard to leave them in Atlanta when we moved to Orlando. So happiness abounds.

Unfortunately, the tapas place we ate at, while good going down was not necessarily so good to me the rest of the night. It has stayed down but must have been greasy without my knowing it because my stomach this morning almost rejected my oatmeal square cereal which is my absolute favorite cereal in the entire world (and is actually good for you too). But survive I did.

After soothing the savage beast that was Ladybug this morning (she again is keeping herself up late... I heard something that sounded like a sheet being fluffed in our living room around 10:30 pm. I wander out to see Ladybug making a little "bed" for herself on the floor! I told her she needed to go to bed and go to sleep and she picked up her sheet, said "come on bear" and grabbed her white teddy bear and headed back to her room.), got Angelfish dressed and properly loved on, and everyone out the door, I headed off for my 4 mile run. Today I was supposed to run mile 1 as a warm up and it was to be my slowest of the 4 miles. The rest of the miles were to be in zone 3. I'm running along somewhere in the midst of the 2nd-3rd mile definitely in zone 3 and this guy who I have seen running around the neighborhood PASSES me. For whatever reason, the fact that this guy passed me really got my hackles up (like I own the sidewalk or something). I tried to run a bit faster but the man was too fast for me. It was mildly depressing but then I reminded myself that while I'm not that fast of a runner that I can get it done, which in the end is all that matters. I also reminded myself that I was doing great being out there with pain in my leg and lower back and running in zone 3.

Well, it all paid off. I know I ran my 1st mile pretty slowly, and while I'm not sure what my other miles worked out to be time wise for each, but my average pace for all 4 miles was 10 minutes and 37 seconds. I was thrilled!

Now it is a full day of work and trying to put together my to do list of things that needs to be done around the house, for the girls' birthday party, etc. I'm already on #23 and I think I'm leaving some stuff off. Some of it is stuff that really doesn't have to happen this week, but I'd sure like it to.

Of course, maybe I need to try to lessen my stress levels. Yesterday I went for my 1st blood pressure check of the week at the doctor's office and it was 136/90. Not good. Now the doctor wants me to have the rest of them checked at the fire station so they can see if I'm fearful of the doctor's office. I teased the nurse that if the firefighters are too attractive my blood pressure might go up too. She thought that was pretty funny. Bascially though, they're threatening me with blood pressure medicine. Just what I need, another thing to show I'm getting older. I'm not old though. I'm only approaching my mid-30s but right now I'm feeling like I have the body of an elderly person. But this too shall pass. Tomorrow I have to get my blood work done for my cholesterol levels - also in response to a threat for cholesterol lowering medicine.

Bad genetics are not fun. I hope I didn't pass all this on to the little ladies. But better to have life (even with silly genetics) than not... and I did get a lot of great genetics too. I'm just hoping that they will have more of the great ones than the not so great ones. Either way, we'll have to make the best of it!

Monday, June 22, 2009

The Weekend and its End

The weekend, I have to say, was downright lovely. After a rather serious talk about life, etc. with Mr. Darcy Friday night I eventually had folded the laundry, put it away and got some shut eye. Saturday morning I woke to run the longest I have ever run in my life... 8 entire miles without stopping. It took me 1:49.56 to complete, but in defense of my slowness I purposely ran slowly to ensure that my back could handle it so I could, in fact, complete all 8 miles and not be completely stiff for the rest of the day. I hope to get faster as my back gets better. From Friday's chiro appointment, I learned that the reason I sometimes have felt like my upper body is angled like this slash / is because my sacrum/hip has for some reason rotated that way and all these adjustments are not only to help with my lower back situation at large but to un-rotate me. Perhaps this is why I was having such pains in my legs when running... the aha moment arrives.

I was completely thrilled with my run even if averaging over 13 minutes a mile. I really didn't care (although now I am wanting to be faster... always the little perfectionist despite not being a natural runner... or even liking to run until about 2 months ago when I decided it was acceptable and sometimes even relaxing although I haven't hit the "fun" part yet). The 2nd 4 miles actually seemed easier than the 1st 4 miles and I got to a point where I wanted to run faster but when I would I'd hit zone 3 on the HR monitor and try to reign myself back in to protect my back, etc. I did have a little bit of leg pain while running, but it wasn't terrible and easily enough ignorable. So I was pleased as punch.

And, I had gotten up at 5:30 am (starting while the sun was down and watched it rise on the run is pretty enjoyable actually) so we had plenty of time to shower, get the girls ready, talk to my parents on the phone and then go to the Winter Park Farmer's Market. It was smaller than I thought it would be, but perfectly enjoyable. I got some good pictures, including one of Ladybug with a yellow pepper that makes me smile (and that I forgot to email to myself to share). But let me tell you... it was hot. Hotter than hot. Hotter than Hades. It was in the 90s that MORNING and only got hotter. When Angelfish, Ladybug, Mr. Darcy and I get very hot, we get ornery. We eventually bought the girls some Italian ice to cool them off and headed to get some lunch. Indoors. Poor Amanda's cheeks were almost as red as her hair. I sometimes forget that she is so fair with her redhair and thus gets hotter a bit faster. It was amusing to hear the guy selling us the Italian Ice tell us that Angelfish was feisty. We blame it on her red hair, but I think it's just her personality.

After lunch we decided to head home. But the girls fell asleep in the car, so we ended up going to Publix. Mr. Darcy napped in the car with the girls (and the air condition blasting) while I went in to order the birthday cakes and the nugget platter for the girls' birthday party coming up this Saturday. I about fell over when I looked at the cake prices... If I had gone with my original plan of 2 separate 1/4 sheet cakes with the princess toys on it that the girls have been asking for for an entire month it would have been $60 for cake. Let's just say that I am not willing to spend $60 on cake for a birthday for two 3 year olds. Sheryl, the woman working at the bakery, was awesome. I still spent $40 on cake, but it was at least a lot more acceptable to me than $60. I want Angelfish and Ladybug to have some individuality with their birthday so I wanted a separate cake that was for each of them (but to be shared with partygoers of course). They have these cute little 5" cakes that feed 4 adults and probably about 8 toddlers.

The little ladies have been clamoring for a Sleeping Beauty cake for Angelfish and a Cinderella cake for Ladybug ever since attending their cousin's birthday party who had a doll baked into the cake so the cake was essentially the doll's skirt. I have a feeling that they think this is what they asked for, but unfortunately it is decidedly not what they are getting. Instead they're getting the cute little 5" cakes - one with pink roses and draping (like princess Aurora's dress) and one with light blue roses and draping (like Cinderella's dress) that will have a $4 plastic doll of each princess that I will either place on top or next to the cake. Then a 1/4 sheet cake that says "Happy Birthday Angelfish and Ladybug" with pink roses and light blue draping. Enough cake for all the attendees, $20 less and the best that Mommy can do in the situation. Call me cheap, call me whatever, but I am not a Mommy who believes that birthdays for children should be more than a celebration of your life and realizes that the purpose of cake was originally to remind us of the sweetness of life NOT to impress our friends. Plus my savings pretty much paid for the nugget platter which I ordered, despite Mr. Darcy's suggestion that we merely purchase bags of nuggets and cook them all ourselves the morning of the party. I think getting everyone organized, dressed, picking up the cakes, setting up the party at the park, and getting the party going (with the Birthday Girls in attendance) on time is going to be hard enough! The Mommy Veto Power was exercised on that one!

It's hard to believe that my little ones are going to be 3. For Father's Day we got Mr. Darcy a gallery picture frames set because he had mentioned he'd like to have more pictures of the girls and family up in the house instead of just artwork. It's a beautiful set really, and he loved it (yay). So last night, we looked through all of the myriad of digital photos that we've taken over the past year and it is amazing how much our girls have grown up in such a short time. They went from baby faces to almost little girl faces. They've grown so much taller and bigger.

I can remember when they were first born and were only 5 pounds 10 ounces and 6 pounds 8 ounces and were these tiny pink things that were so sweet and helpless. Now they can climb furniture and cabinetry to get bandaids, cups, and anything else that you've told them they cannot have but want; they help me make pancakes and eggs for their Daddy for Father's Day and draw pictures, identify letters and know the first letter of their names. (Angelfish calls the first letter of her name "MY letter.") They want to know what words say and sit with books making up stories to the pictures. They have moods and thoughts and tell you that people aren't very nice when their behaviour isn't correct. (In fact last weekend we were in the grocery and the girls were sitting in the cart chatting and these high school age girls walked by. One of them said to the other "Shut up!" And Angelfish said, "We don't say that!" To which Ladybug answered, "We say please be quiet." Mr. Darcy and I were rolling in the aisle - almost literally - with laughter, and of course told them they were absolutely right.) They have wonderful sense of humor and are curious about all things, and walk around smelling flowers with abandon or stop to look at an earthworm or bug (unless it's ants where they say "ants. Don't bite us!" and back up - Ladybug stepped in an ant hill several months ago and had 20 bites around her ankle. We discovered she is NOT allergic to ants, thank goodness.)

They are not little babies anymore. They are my sweet, intelligent girls though, even with their rants and tantrums that come with being 3 and frustrated about not being in charge. I hope I am a good enough Mommy to them, for I want them to be happy and healthy all their days.

They are super excited about their birthday party. I don't know what they expect, but they've been to a few birthday parties for their school friends and their cousin so they know that birthday parties are fun and involve presents. I think they'll have a good time. We're having it at a park with a playground and a water fountain that is meant for playing in, which they love. So hopefully all will go well and it will not be too hot. They're also very excited about Nanna and Poppop and Grammie and Papa coming to the party and staying with us too. Mommy's pretty excited about it as well. Nanna's job messed up and gave her Thursday through Monday off so this will be a nice long visit instead of a 1 1/2 day jaunt. YAY!

Anyway, back to Saturday. We also got the girls' passport applications filed and the girls requested yellow passports instead of the standard issue blue, which made us all laugh. I loved it when the passport person asked Ladybug if she had blue eyes. Ladybug said "yes" and kept playing with the pen and paper she had. The woman asked her to look at her and Ladybug looked up and gave her the most beautiful smile, and the woman told us she had the most beautiful blue eyes and smile she had seen in a long time. Then it was Angelfish's turn and she asked Angelfish if she had blue eyes too. Angelfish looked at her, gave her a big smile and said "yes, like Mommy and sister but not Daddy!" (As you might have guessed, Mr. Darcy does not have blue eyes.) We all had a good chuckle and the woman said how beautiful Angelfish was too.

Then Chuckie Cheese with Auntie L, Mr. S. and their little one. It was fun but chaos. We'll do something like play at the pool next time. We had a great time but we were chasing small people all over the place and didn't get to socialize as much as we would have liked. But a good time was had by all.

After that Mommy and Mr. Darcy had a date night. The babysitter arrived just as we were serving the girls one of their favorite dinners - fish sticks, green beans and applesauce. As usual, the green beans were left on their plates, but the rest was eaten. One of these days they'll eat their veggies! We went to Outback Steakhouse, where we haven't been in forever and a day. It was nice and relaxing and happy hour. But, we've realized that we're old because when the waiter brought the 2nd drink we said "we didn't order that" and he said "it's 2 for 1 happy hour" like we were mad, crazy people. Our first thought was well, if it's free then OK. Our 2nd thought was we had no clue it was happy hour. Old. Oh well, I guess it was going to happen sometime.

Then we went to see "The Proposal." Primarily because there was nothing else to do and no other movies really grabbed either of us. So I just said, let's see that. We both really enjoyed it. Very funny movie - in fact in one part, I can't remember the last time I laughed that hard at a movie. I had tears in my eyes I was laughing so hard. Quite the nice surprise.

Father's Day was fun too. I woke up with the girls (who miraculously slept until about 8 am) and we made Daddy pancakes and eggs while he slept in. Angelfish and Ladybug got Daddy "Kung Fu Panda" so we watched that and then the girls took a nap and so did we! Then we lazed around and Daddy watched a little bit of golf on TV and then let the girls watch "The Backyardigans" and "Little Einstein." Then we went for pizza and to the pool for a bit. A nice time was had by all!

This morning, it was hard to get up though. Monday reared it's head again with Mr. Darcy on a day trip for a project and Ladybug grumpy as ever (probably has something to do with her staying up until 11 pm claiming she couldn't sleep). But all were calmed, loved on, fed and dressed. Eventually. I got a late start for my 2000 m swim, but it all worked out. It was a ladder today, which was kind of fun. A 100 warm up and then a 50 sprint, a 100 moderate, then 200 and 300 both moderate, an easy 400 (which I think I swam more moderate than easy out of habit - I started easy but ended up fast), another 300 then a 200 moderate, a 100 sprint and a 50 sprint. Then a 200 cool down. I had a lot of fun with it! Even if I was worried about the guy in the next lane whose swimming was more like a concerted effort at not drowning (and kept his head above the water the entire time) and then an elderly lady decided that she would get in my lane and walk the pool while holding on to the edge but got in right in front of me as I was swimming somewhat quickly. Luckily, I found my googles and could see properly today and I was able to avoid a collision.

Nack to the grindstone today... but I'm having dinner with a wonderful friend who is in town for work. So I can't wait!

Friday, June 19, 2009

Swim? What Swim?

This morning started off with a plan. Mr. Darcy has a golfing event for the AIA with a contractor today (I know the trials and tribulations of an architect... sigh.), so I needed to get the girls ready and take the girls' to daycare. Then I planned to hit the pool, swim my 1500m recovery swim nice and easy, and head to work (hopefully on time). I have an appointment with the chiropractor this afternoon during my lunch hour (which I'll be taking rather late in the day as the appointment is not until 4 pm - the only thing available other than 9 am), so the plan needs to be adhered to due to the picking up of the girls from daycare as Mr. Darcy also has a deadline at work today in addition to his golf tournament (which he worked to get things pretty much put together until almost 11 pm last night). So the plan, to say the least, needed to be strictly adhered to.

Amazingly, I was out the door with the girls by 7:15 am. I say amazingly because Ladybug threw a bit of a tantrum this morning over clothes wasting a good bit of time. Even Angelfish said to me "My sister is not listening. But that is okay." I had a nice little laugh to myself over that one, but told Angelfish that Ladybug is learning to listen. Sometimes we all have a hard time listening and we just have to learn how to listen the first time. Angelfish was a bit of a little sprite this morning. I was fixing a bowl of cereal, fully expecting to be the only person awake at 5:55 am. (I slept in a little.) I got the cereal out of the pantry, turned around and about jumped out of my skin because Angelfish was standing right there. The child is quiet as a church mouse when she wants to be. I tried to get her to say, "I'm stealthy." But, she wasn't having it this morning. She just wanted me to hold her and let her snuggle with me while I got ready. So I did most things one armed until Mr. Darcy was getting dressed and Angelfish decided she wanted to see her Daddy (probably knowing full well she'd get to pretend shave - which she did with wonderful peals of laughter : ) ).

Then the drama with Ladybug and her getting ready. First she didnt' want to get out of bed, so I told her I would give her a few moments more and that when I came back she'd need to get out of bed, use the potty and get dressed. When I returned, she was already up sans underpants or pajama bottoms (she had an accident in her sleep) and dancing half naked in the play room. She is absolutely adorable when she's in a good mood and she was hysterical doing her little dance moves.

Finally, all were dressed, happy and in the car. I got them in the car by singing an old 80's song "Get out of my dreams and in to my car..." Not sure the name, but those were the lyrics I remembered. They thought Mommy was quite funny and piled into the car and their car seats rather nicely.

Half way out of the subdivision I couldn't remember if I closed the garage door. When I asked the girls if Mommy had closed it, Ladybug said "no" and Angelfish said "yes." So, back I went (visions of my lovely Aerodite being carried off by some passerby) and discovered I had closed the garage door. YAY! Back on the road chatting with the girls.

At daycare I put on their shoes and they went in pretty nicely. Kisses and hugs were given, building blocks discussed, more kisses and hugs and out I went. I came out to discover I had left one of the mini-van doors open. Luckily, there was nothing missing (including the car).

So on to the gym. I'm a little behind schedule, but figured I could still manage it. I get a great parking spot at the gym (some mornings you have to search a bit), get out with my gear, walk in the front door and see a sign "Pool Closed 6/19 for Maintenance." I asked the nice man at the front desk, is today the 19th? He said yes. We chatted about the pool situation. Seems that something happened and they have to shock the pool but they only decided this yesterday afternoon. He said the pool will hopefully reopen sometime after 1 pm today... which of course doesn't work with my lunch for chiropractor schedule or the picking girls up for daycare because of Mr. Darcy's deadline schedule and with Father's Day being on Sunday I can't just switch my workout days this week. Ah well, at least I tried.

The plan was executed, but no swim was achieved. When the fates conspire against your swim, you just have to say "Swim? What Swim?"

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Cycling, Allergies, Doctors and Lunch

I guess that's what you can call what I did this morning. I woke with a very stiff back (and realized I forgot to do my lower back stretches after my swim last night) and it continued to be stiff throughout my 30 mile bike this morning. I felt it the moment I got on the bike - the tightness. So I did a 90 cadence during my warmup thinking it would loosen things up (it usually does). I made it up the "giant" hill that doesn't seem as giant as it once did, although still large and then started the official part of the "airport loop." Of course, we were apprehensive because there was a police officer pulling drivers over left and right... we were riding at about 6 am without bike lights on. No one wants a ticket for not riding with a bike light (or even worse, failing to stop at a stop sign on your bike). Luckily, he was just targeting speeders.

I was not a speeder today. It was a bit disappointing on the speed side of things. I averaged about 15.5 mph because my back just didnt' want me to pedal faster in higher gears. Very frustrating. But about 24 miles into the ride my back loosened up and I started doing great. 18 mph, 18.8 mph, 19 mph, 20.3 mph. I was climbing and then I had to turn around and head the other direction... smack dab into a terrible head wind that came out of nowhere. 16 mph, 15.5 mph, 15 mph. It was killing me - and my back was tightening up again too. So, I took it easy the rest of the ride, up over the hill, and through the toll booth (well, the side with the bike route), and to the stop light. I started through the intersection and was approaching the stop light and notice I'm doing 17 mph, and then 18 mph. I think my back was happy to be headed back to the car and let me go fast again... too bad it was only about 3 miles from the car!

I know this is gross, but I just have to share. My allergies are awful at the moment. I can literally feel my sinuses swelling as I type. My post-nasal drip is nasty, but even worse was how my nose was running while I was biking today. I need to wash my bike gloves for the mere reason that they are, quite literally, covered in snot. At one point, I even had a snot bubble form out of my nose while I was riding. Fully disgusting. Luckily, I am already married and need not worry about trying to attract male cyclists.

Which is why when I went to the doctor today so that they could deem me worthy of a refill on my medication, that I told the doctor I didnt' care if my blood pressure was 136/80 (which it was) because I needed my allergy medication. I told her I have been known to have white coat syndrome (completely true). I even told her the bike ride story. After listening and then peering into my nose and exclaiming "my goodness those are bad allergies," she agreed to the prescription. She gave me the refill but only for 1 month, and is making me come into her office (it's right down the street) 3 times a week for the next 2 weeks to have my blood pressure taken and written down on the form she gave me. 3 times a week for the next 2 weeks? I have no idea how I will fit that into my schedule, but if I have to do it to get my allergy medicine I'll have to find a way. She says she just doesn't want me to stroke out, especially not in the middle of a triathlon. I guess that's a good enough reason, but it's just such a hassle!

So after driving to the pharmacy to drop off my allergy prescription, and realizing I had not eaten at 11 am and it was now 1:45 pm and since Mr. Darcy emailed to say he would have to work rather late today, I decided to treat myself to a nice lunch from Davis Bakery (take away of course). An "Empowered Turkey" sandwich and an apricot square to go. The "Empowered Turkey" sandwich has to be a sandwich from the gods. I get it on whole wheat, which is freshly baked that very day and possibly a sin to even taste because it is so delicious. Hold the onions (yet another allergy of mine), but yes to everything else - hummus, sprouts, tomatoes, and cucumbers, pepper and a smidge of sea salt. I'm not sure what it is about this sandwich because I've tried to recreate it (without their bread), but it is not recreateable by anyone but them. Delicious really isn't strong enough of a word to describe it, but heavenly. And they gave me a sample of triple chocolate cake as a "side." Sinful, and fully worth every calorie and fat gram it surely contained.

Ah yes. Nothing like a delicious sandwich to wipe away a doctors visit, a stiff back, and a somewhat disappointing bike ride. I'm still savoring every bite.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

An Early Morning Run, A Crash, A Conference Call, Sushi, A Conspiracy and Wonderment

I know, long title, but really wanted to make sure I covered it all.

Early Morning Run
In an attempt to be home in time to help with the munchkins this morning and be able to make my 8 am conference call, I woke early. Very early. So early that when I was FINISHING, the sun was just coming up. I started running at 5:42 am. I'm sure there are people in the military or wherever to whom this is "late" but for me? Very early.

Amazingly though, all went well with the run. I have proven I possess good diagnostic skills in that the chiropractic adjustments have, so far, made that awful pain in my arch up the outside of my shin disappear. Even the chiropractor said he wasn't sure they were related and then added "unless it goes away with your adjustments," and for all runs since the first adjustment I have been crazy horrific pain free. Wahoo! Now, if only some how the adjustments could make me run faster too.

My overall pace for the 4 mile run was just around 11.5 minutes, which actually isn't so terrible since my 1st mile was a warm up mile and I actually reigned myself in a little because I knew that miles 2 & 3 were supposed to be done while in Zone 3 on the HR monitor (and don't think at certain points that I wasn't wondering what sound my watch would make if I hit the supposed "max" HR). And then I ran miles 2 & 3 in Zone 3, and then had to walk about 1/4 of a mile to get my heart rate to fall from 175 down to 145. Then I resumed running but had to run very slowly, like a snail, to keep in Zone 2 for my "cool down" mile. I don't know that I was fast by most people's standards, but I felt like I was running fast for mile 2 & 3.

When I walked in my front door, Angelfish was wandering around the living room like she was looking for someone. I asked her if she just woke up and she looked at me like "where'd you come from?" and then said "I woke up. Where is everyone? Is it wake up time yet?" I told her it was morning, everyone was still sleeping and she could wake up if she was ready, to which she responded. "I ready." Her red hair was a mess of curls in the back and what I like to call her "Wild Child Hair." She was such a ham, and we had a great rest of our morning together.

Until we were interrupted by...

A Crash.
I was chatting with Angelfish and about to get the in shower when I hear a huge crash. Like something went through a wall. I screamed for Mr. Darcy to see where he was and did he hear it. He answered he was on his way. We both sprinted for the girls' room and Angelfish was running with me.

Mr. Darcy got there first and had pulled Ladybug out from under the chest of drawers. I of course grabbed her up and was checking her head to toe and loving on her in a milisecond. As I said to Ladybug a little bit later, her guardian angel was working overtime this morning. Ladybug decided she was going to get dressed and that she was going to get a pair of underpants, which at the time were housed in her top drawer (and have subsequently been moved to the drawer 2nd to the bottom). To do this she decided to CLIMB the chest of drawers, which promptly fell over on her. Thankfully, the rocking chair - that my father bought my mother when she was pregnant with me and that they gave to me when I was pregnant with the girls (and yes, I point this out because I'm pretty sure that there were some grandparents' spirits helping Ladybug's guardian angel) - was in the way and stopped the chest of drawers from crushing our dear Ladybug. In fact, she walked away with only a scratch on her back from where one of the drawers fell out and scratched her. Merely startled.

She cried and cried but we knew she was fine when she stopped, I pushed on her scratched up area and asked if it hurt, and she responded, "no. it doesn't hurt." She only started to cry again when she saw that a ceramic frog that she painted when she was 2 broke in the fall. "I told her I was just glad that the froggie broke and that my Ladybug didn't break." We, of course, discussed that this was the reason that Mommy and Daddy tell the girls not to climb on the furntiure.

Followed by a Conference Call
Once everyone was deemed to be all in one piece, dressed, fed and out the door, I had a conference call. This monthly conference call is one that I actually enjoy. I'm a corporate lawyer by trade and I'm on the LLC and Partnership Committee of the Georgia Bar. (Yes, I'm in Florida but I am admitted to practice in both.) The people on the committee are nice and we talk about the theory behind corporate law and the practicalities of things. Well, I drafted a mark up of what I'd like to do to the Georgia limited partnership law a while back and we're going through it comment by comment. What I love is that I'm probably the youngest "usual suspect" on the committee, and I'm pretty sure they think I'm a little crazy in my ideas because I want to move things from one place to another, etc., while most of them are of the "let's make the least amount of changes possible so we don't create waves." So I love our discussions and especially today's. We got onto how laws get amended but not uniformly and it creates messes so that everyone is doing something but no one can really find where it is that you can do it even though Georgia corporate lawyers everywhere will tell you that you can. Esoteric, non-germaine, nerdy (on my part for loving the discussion) but fun.

and later, Sushi.
After the call and when lunch rolled around, I had sushi. I met Mr. Darcy after a meeting he had for a project, mailed our Father's Day presents (using priority mail since Father's Day is Sunday after all) in a flurry of my standing in line packing up the packages while Mr. Darcy found the proper mailers one at a time, and then had sushi. Mr. Darcy is not a sushi fan but he suggested it so I wasn't going to turn him down. Especially since it is my favorite sushi place (so far). I ordered only one roll and was hungry still. I guess all this training makes you a bit hungry. In fact, I am hungry now and I still have an hour until snack time. So I guess I'll have to have a mini-snack in a few minutes. Mr. Darcy ordered a lunch special that had chicken, california rolls, rice, tempura, soup, and something else that I can't quite remember. So the poor man had to hand over some of his chicken and his california roll because I was still hungry. But I loved the sushi! YUM!

Convinced of A Conspiracy
I'm quite convinced that there is some conspiracy behind this "Blog of Note" business that Blogger does. I read several wonder blogs (please see "Blogs I Love") and hardly any of them have been deemed a blog of note. While I will not cast dispersions on the Blogs of Note selected (especially since one of them happens to be one I find rather amusing and found because it was, well, a blog of note), I wonder how this works. Mabel's House definitely deserves to be a blog of note and it has thus far been overlooked, as do others on my Blogs I Love list. And with the number of blogs in the blogosphere, I'm quite convinced that not everyone will have their chance to become a blog of note. Where do I complain, etc.? I'm convinced it's a conspiracy... unless of course, they determine that mine is a blog of note. (Tee hee.)

All the while with a Sense of Wonderment
Someone sent me an email today that reminded me of how good I have it in life. It was one of those chain mail things, but it was a good reminder all the same. I always find it funny how you encounter people and things right when you need to. Here I've been feeling like I'm not where I need to be in my life, that I'm not doing enough to better the world, that I've missed my calling and that it's too late to go back to fix it, and that the world is falling apart. Between yesterday and today, I have chatted with someone who told me how wonderful life was every day you have to wake up and have a job, a roof over your head, a person to go through life with, and a way to raise your children, and you have your health. Then I get an email telling me the same thing. And I have a dream where I'm walking along and I realize that everything is going to be ok and that life really is good. So, in my crazy schedule today, I have a sense of wonderment in that I think someone, somewhere is trying to tell me something. That something is that life is pretty darn good the way I have it.

Oh, and Il-Galea I keep wondering how your tri went today!! Please post! I have a swim right after work today, but I'll be checking back!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Trainer Tuesday

Ah yes, today was a trainer Tuesday. I can't quite say that I enjoyed it. I put my tri bike on the trainer for the 1st time hoping that it would not be as tortuous as it is on the road bike. While it was still a little easier, the trainer is still not my thing. I couldn't get going very fast on it either. It's amazing how I can be on the trainer pedaling at a 90 cadence but having to be in a super easy gear that would be too easy for the road, but for whatever reason the other gears are too hard. I'm certain that I have something set too hard on the trainer, but for the life of me I can't figure it out.

Anyway. I did a 15 minute warm up in aero at essentially an 86 cadence. Then the evil 1 legged drills. The first 2 minutes of the first one wasn't that bad. And then. It got really hard. By the end of the 5 minutes, my leg was screaming at me. I could feel the tendon near my hip. My lower abs were none to happy either. But, I did it. Then I switched legs. And this is when Angelfish woke up and wandered into the room in her pajamas, climbed up onto the ottoman that I was using to rest my left leg and gave me a big hug and stayed there. So, I had added resistance. Mr. Darcy eventually arrived after helping Ladybug and shooed Angelfish into the other room. Ladybug chatted with me for a few minutes while I pedaled. Then I switched legs and Angelfish wandered back into the room and this time hugged the right leg as it rested. We chatted while I pedaled, and my HR monitor started beeping at me because amazingly even though I couldn't get my one legged pedalling higher than 45-55 cadence, my HR was under 120.
Angelfish said: (with her hand cupped to her ear) "what's that beeping?"
Mommy: "My heart rate monitor. It's telling me my heart rate is too slow so I need to pedal faster."
Angelfish: "Pedal faster Mommy, pedal faster!"
Mommy: "I would if I could, honey."
Angelfish: "You need to eat your workout food?"
Mommy: "not right now, sweetie."
Angelfish: "Can I eat it?"
Mommy: "No, but you can have yogurt for breakfast."
Angelfish: (as she wandered off because Mr. Darcy removed her from my leg) "I'm hugging my Mommy!"

So, I'm wondering... do I get credit for extra resistance??

Today I head to the chiropractor for a follow up appointment... he mentioned something about a medically necessary massage, but I'm not sure if that was for this appointment or not. My back is not nearly as clicky as it was, but I do have a click here or there sometimes. It is unfortunately, as stiff as it was. Of course, I have been bad about remembering to do the 10 minute hot compress. But I've been good about my stretches and I have a feeling the stretches are more important than the hot compress. I just want to be ready to go for my early morning 4 mile run tomorrow (and the 2000 m swim later that day too).

Which reminds me, I did my 2200 m swim in about 1 hour and 15 minutes yesterday. I figure that's pretty good since I had to wait 2 minutes between each 500 m interval. I had to thank the aquarobics instructor though because I was running behind schedule (where the heck did my goggles and swim cap go to? I have to find them because the goggles I'm using are not nearly as good and the other swim cap ripped when I went to put it on yesterday...) and 6 pm is their scheduled class time. They shared the pool (I got in the far lane and they took down all of the other lane ropes and took over the rest of the pool) for a few minutes of their class. It was a little odd to be swimming by people running in the water - some even had shoes on - but it got the job done! Back to the pool tomorrow... but hopefully I'll finish before they begin again!

Monday, June 15, 2009

I have returned to the land of the blog...

Thank you Sin Gal for your comment to my last post. I have been having a bit of a tumultuous day, dear readers. If you haven't noticed... posting, deleting a post, saying I'm done with blogging, and then being back to blogging. I really am not generally such a crazy person or so emotional. But Sin Gal, you are most right life is not all happiness and light.

I have to say that all in all my life is good, but there are times in our lives when we wrestle with ourselves, where we are in life, why we are there and where we want to go. In some ways, it's like a triathlon. You get out of the water and maybe it wasn't that great of a swim, but now you have to decide do you have it in you to go on, to reach transition and take on the challenge of the bike, and then make it through the run. And as we all know, the run is NOT my favorite. Yet, some how at the end of every run, at the end of every triathlon there is a smile on my face.

I hope that all these wrestling matches with myself and where I'm going, what I'm doing are going to help me become that woman with the smile on her face, arms raised in the air in a sense of triumph - even if my time wasn't the greatest or my run was a walk or whatever.

In doing this - not only in my training and racing triathlons, but also in my life - I'm not always going to be happy and light. In a book I'm reading (this one is pure fiction and not necessarily meant to be inspirational) I saw the phrase, "sometimes our despair frightens others." I hope that on my dark days, I do not frighten you all away. I am trying to work it all out so I can be happy and light at some point and find that life and triathlon result in the super bling of the finisher medal, whatever form that it takes. I not just want to exist, I want to live. With that great passion for living comes tumultuous times, but I hope to work it all out.

So, to borrow from the Bard himself (and one of my favorite plays, Midsummer Nights Dream), i vow to continue but hope not to offend or to frighten:

If we shadows have offended,
Think but this, and all is mended,
That you have but slumber'd here
While these visions did appear.
And this weak and idle theme,
No more yielding but a dream,
Gentles, do not reprehend:if you pardon, we will mend:
And, as I am an honest Puck,
If we have unearned luck
Now to 'scape the serpent's tongue,
We will make amends ere long;
Else the Puck a liar call;
So, good night unto you all.
Give me your hands, if we be friends,
And Robin shall restore amends.

The end of my blog.

This is the last post in my blog. Thank you for those of you who have been reading. I have ben told that no one wants to read about what I am going through in my daily life when it is not happy and light. Thus, there will be no more blog and I will keep all such daily struggles to myself.

Thanks again to all my readers.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Hoping to Get "Back" in the Game...

Hullo, all. This morning I woke mentally ready to run the farthest I have run all at once in my life - 8 miles. Unfortunately my back had other plans. I got out of bed and my back was very stiff. So, I did the stretches that my old Atlanta chiropractor gave me to do as therapy (and that I'm supposed to do twice a day every day and that I have been so very bad about doing), and it didn't help very much at all. I still dressed in my running gear and running shoes (and am actually wearing them right now) with the hopes that things would loosen up as I moved around.

No such luck. The more I moved the more I realized that running with my back like this today would not be a good idea. If I curve my back in a C shape, like you do when stooping to pick up Ladybug or Angelfish or when you are ducking your head inside the car to fasten their car seat belts, I get a pain in my lower right back. And then there is the clicking that has been going on this morning.

The last time I ignored these little signs, I had weeks of multiple chiropractor appointments because I ended up with sciatica down both legs, pain across my middle back, and I couldn't quite stand up perfectly straight because or the pain. Not to mention not being able to do strenuous activity. The time before, one day I bent over and my disc slipped and I couldn't stand back up. It took 2 weeks before I could completely stand up straight without pain again. So, I'm glad I made that appointment for today with the new chiropractor. Admittedly, this is something I should have done months ago but you know how it is. I need to get myself readjusted, back into alignment, do my stretches every day, and go to maintenance appointments. I know this, and now I'm making myself do it.

Why does this happen? Oh, it's one of my laundry list of things "wrong" with my body. In this case, it's a genetic situation (aren't they all...). Everyone on my Dad's father's side of the family had it (they even found receipts for a chiropractor my great-grandfather went to)... a slightly degenerated disc in the lower back. The chiropractic adjustments help keep the space between the vertebrae a little larger so the smaller disc doesn't let the rest of the back "sag" and put pressure on all those lovely nerves in the lower back. Like I said, I know better. As a child, I went with my Dad to his chiropractor - sometimes a few times a week - when his back was giving him problems. But I like to think I'm impervious to this sort of pain, until that is I start having it. Mine gets so bad that one leg will be shorter than the other and the button or snap on pants won't line up with my belly button. Yup. Which may have something to do with that pain I was having while running too.

Which leads me to the feeling sorry part of the blog entry today, except I don't really feel sorry for myself, but here it goes... Here are all the reasons why I am not built to be a triathlete:

1. I have a "bad back."
2. I have a genetic condition that causes high cholesterol (and possibly high blood pressure, but it's hard to tell when you have white coat syndrome and your blood pressure goes up whenever you see the doctor and you somewhere can't seem to make yourself go once or twice a week to a store with a blood pressure machine to find out... or maybe you just don't want to know if you have yet another thing wrong with you... but then perhaps it's better to know so you don't stroke out. hmm).
3. I have asthma that is induced by exercise and by large amounts of pollen in the air.
4. I have an endocrine system problem.
5. I have allergies.
6. I have one shoulder lower than the other because I have tendons that are unequal in length in my neck.
7. I am a little heavier than I should be (see #4).
8. My ancestors must have been water creatures because I sweat salt on land but can swim forever.
9. I have twins who are almost 3 years old and a full time job, so therefore I must not have the time.
10. I have a household to run and a husband to keep happy.

But like I said, I don't really feel sorry for myself for any of the above. And here are the reasons why:
1. There is nothing better than going further, longer or faster than you have ever gone before... especially when people ask you "How can you do that?" or say "I could never do that." (The proper responses to which are "Because I want to." and "You're right. You can't because you don't believe you can." But somehow I tend to be too polite to say either of those.)
2. Being the best me I can be includes being in the best physical shape I can be... and we all have to start somewhere. Plus, making time for yourself and finding something you love makes you a better person even if you have to sacrifice some time.
3. If I'm the best me I can be, I am a better wife and mother, a better worker, and a better person.
4. I love triathlons and I love the training (and I'm hating sitting here right now instead of trying to run my 8 miles today).
5. I love the smile that involuntarily crosses my face when I do something I've never done before (like breaking 20 mph on the bike or running 7 miles straight ... soon to be 8 miles).
6. I would never regret my husband or children. I love them more than anything in this world (including triathlons, which is saying quite a lot).
7. All of my physical activity and strengthening my body, my cardiovascular system, and my lung capacity helps with 1-5 & 7 on the list above.
8. With all my "bad" genes, I got a lot of really great ones too. Like the intelligence to see that all of the list above are just little challenges that make my triathlon training and the races themselves all the more rewarding. Or my blue eyes that Angelfish and Ladybug inherited from me and from Mr. Darcy's grandfather.
9. I think it's hogwash when someone tells you that you can't do something. They can say it, but that's because it's their issue. It's up to you as to whether you agree with it and internalize it.
10. I like a challenge where it's just between me and the elements to see whether I can do it. It's really one of the only things in this life where, aside from someone cutting you off on the bike, tripping you, or crashing into you, you're really not dependent on anyone else to reach your goal. There are not "external forces" to counter.

Another way I'm getting back in the game is my perspective. I'm reading an incredible, truly life changing book right now that was suggested by someone who I've come to consider a friend. I think everyone should read this book. It is called, The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz. It starts off seeming a little "new age" but the more you read, the more you realize the wisdom and truth in it all. It talks about how each one of us have our own senses of reality that have been engrained in us from the time we were born, and that really everything we think about ourselves, our lives, and others stem from little "agreements" we have come to based on what people have told us about ourselves, how we are "supposed to live" and what we are "supposed to believe." How we can either live in a self-created hell that is dependent on what others think and do, and what we do in return or how we can live a life of happiness by using Four Agreements that will break our bonds to the little things we bought into or agreed with in our life time. Some of it seems self-explanatory in that deep down we know these agreements are true, but it also talks breaking your fear (of rejection, lonliness, whatever) in order to be able to actually live the Four Agreements. It is amazing how much I see of myself and my behaviors just since I started reading this book yesterday after work. It is a quick read and I actually plan to re-read it as soon as I finish it but this time take my own notes and to make a placard I can use to remind me of the Four Agreements, which are (as taken from the inside flap of the book):

1) Be impeccable with your word. This means to say only what you mean. Avoid using words to speak against yourself or others. Use the power of words for truth and love.
2) Do not take anything personally. Nothing others do is because of you but is a projection of their own reality. When you are immune to the opinions and actions of others, you won't be a victim of needless suffering.
3) Don't make assumptions. Find the courage to ask questions and express what you really want. Communicate with outher as clearly as you can to avoid misunderstandings, sadness, and drama.
4) Always do your best. Your best will change from moment to moment. But under any circumstance, simply do your best and y ou will avoid self-judgment, self-abuse, and regret.

What a way to get back in the game and really live happily. I really recommend the read.

Have a happy Friday!!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Work in Progress

Today is a work in progress. I'm tired, but happy. Diligently working, yet not feeling like I'm getting enough done.

Yesterday Mr. Darcy met with some folks that he's helping them design their house and the girls and I decided to go with him. They were meeting at a restaurant and we all needed to eat. When it came to the point for the meeting, I came up with the idea to walk around the corner to the bookstore with the girls so that they could talk. The little ladies were so excited by the prospect of the bookstore they listened, held my hand and were well behaved in the book store. We read about 20 books before Mr. Darcy showed up and I got to look around a little bit. I ended up with 2 travel books for our trip to Seattle (not to mention a suggestion for a gift for my birthday entitled "500 places to take your children before they grow up..." adventures geared toward raising your children in the wonder of the world!) and some titles off the by 2 get 1 free table.

I thought of my dear friend Angela while I was perusing the books. I'm kind of a picky reader. I picked up at least 10 books and read the backs of them, they sounded interesting, so I opened them randomly to read a few pages and if they weren't well written enough, I put them back down and started over. Luckily there were none that I felt the need to write the publisher and ask how they could print such cr@p when I have extremely talented writer friends who get rejection letters. Angela was known to red pen corrections into books before getting too fed up to finish the book. But, I was able (out of a 2 tables full of books) to find 3 to read. One of which I'm not quite sure if it will be that good, but I heard my name being shouted across the store because I needed to return to help with Angelfish while Ladybug tried to make it to the potty with Mr. Darcy. So, fingers crossed.

I didn't get to start reading last night though because we didn't get home until after 9 pm and not only did the girls need to go to bed, but I had to straighten up a little (clean but unfolded laundry and toys) so the cleaning ladies could do what I pay them for today. Not to mention I was tired myself.

This morning I was awoken at 2:50 am by breathing... okay, more like sighing. I opened my eyes to see Ladybug staring at me. I asked if she was okay and she said "pee pee, Mommy." She had already gone in her pajamas, but I helped her change and go the rest of the way in the potty. It turned out to be her 2nd accident of the night - I evidently slept through her first venture into our bedroom and Mr. Darcy woke up. So we discussed that we were going to use pullups for night time, not because she was in trouble but because she was having a hard time at night even though she's doing a great job when she's awake. Ladybug thought it a good idea too. Then she decided she needed to sleep in our bed. After 1/2 an hour, I asked Mr. Darcy if he would mind carrying Ladybug back to her room. I thought she was asleep, and I can't seem to pick her up and carry her back to her room without waking her but Mr. Darcy can do it. But she was still awake and informed us both "I'm going to sleep in my bed." Climbed out of bed and asked for Daddy to walk her back to her room. Two minutes later, Mr. Darcy was back and asleep.

About 5 minutes later, Angelfish was calling "Mommy?" So I wandered over to her room and she met me at the door, "Is it daytime, Mommy? Is it time to get up?" I told her no, it was the middle of the night and time for sleep. Somehow I ended up laying down with her in her bed until she fell sound asleep. By this time it was 4:50 am. I slept pretty hard until 5:30 am when the alarm went off.

I got out of bed with a stiff lower back and stretched and thought, this morning's ride will be interesting. Interesting it was, but in a good way. I did a 30 minute warm up, 2x10 minute intervals in HR Zone 3 followed by 5 min recoveries, and then a 30 minute cool down. During my intervals, I was blazing! I was going 20.7 miles per hour at one point, up hill and for a sustained distance of at least 1 minute. I was ranging from 17 mph up to 21 mph. (Granted the 21.3 mph was down hill, but it wasn't that big of a hill.) I felt like I was on fire... in a good way. I even had to put myself into the large gear shaft just to get my HR up into Zone 3. I just need to keep at it. How awesome would it be to average 20 mph in a tri? I have a bit of a way to go to get there, but that would rock. I'd love to be able to do that by the time I do the 70.3... 56 miles in less than 3 hours would be incredible!

I had to laugh at Mr. Darcy when I spoke to him on the phone as he drove out of town for a meeting on a possible project that he's super excited about. I told him how fast I was going on the bike and he said, "You're going fast! You need to be careful. I'm going to have to worry about you going so fast." Granted, a crash at 20 mph would not be pretty, but the whole point is to go fast!

After my ride, it was work time and one little project after another. Then a quick shower so I didn't smell, plus I couldn't bring myself to go to the hairdresser for a cut with sweaty, salty hair. Off to the hair dresser, starving. A really cute cut, and then off to the deli because at this point I felt like falling over I was so hungry. The best sandwich I have had a in a great long while. Whole grain bread that almost tasted like it came right out of the oven, smoked turkey piled high, with hummus, tomatoes, sprouts, and lettuce all super fresh. What more could a girl ask for?

When I got home the cleaning ladies were working away and the lawn man came to mow and edge. A beautiful house and a beautiful yard. Work waiting for me in my office that I went to straight away.

A call from Mr. Darcy saying he was asked to stay for a 2nd meeting, this one at 4 pm. So he wouldn't be home until 7 and my realizing that he was miscalculating his drive home and he wouldn't be home until 8. This week has been a doozy with all of his evening meetings - Monday was his fraternity alumni association, Tuesday was volleyball, Wednesday was his house project meeting, and tonight a late night at the office. I know he's tired and I miss having our normal evening routine with the girls. But that is how it is some weeks.

Then an email about the when and where for the infomercial I'm to be in for work. Fighting with the online trip planner to get it all worked out. Why offer someone flights that aren't available and not even tell them which of the flights it is that is not available to be booked? Rather frustrating, but I finally figured it out. Not sure why I can't fly direct from Orlando to Charlotte but that I can get a direct flight back. Silliness, I say. Of course, it probably all has to do with the system we're required to use. I can always find better deals and better flights on my own, but have to go through the company system. Then to the hotel booking. It's all settled, so in early July I'll become a "star" (hahaha).

I'm left wondering what this evening will be like since Mr. Darcy said Ladybug was rather moody this morning (my theory is a lack of sleep). I'm hoping we'll be able to have a fun time... perhaps read the new books we bought for bed time. I guess we'll just have to wait and see!

Tomorrow is my 8 mile run and an appointment with the chiropractor. I'm hoping to do my run as directed: negative splits for the 2 halves of the run. Heck, based on Tuesday, I'm just hoping I'll be able to run!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

There's Just Something About Lemon Meringue Pie

I have half of a Lemon Meringue Pie in my trash can right now. It all started last Saturday evening when Mr. Darcy, the girls and I did the grocery shopping. A table, full to the brim with neatly stacked Lemon Meringue Pies. One of my favorites. They called to me gently, sweetly, but I ignored them. Those pies were evil though. They had etched their siren song into my brain. Every time I thought about the grocery store, or passed near the grocery (it's right in our neighborhood) or even thought about food, I would think Lemon Meringue Pie. I could almost taste it. So last night, on the way home from Mr. Darcy's volleyball game (more like Mr. Darcy played volleyball and I either herded the girls like herding cats away from the court and finally found a playground to play on with them) I couldn't take it any longer. I stopped and bought a Lemon Meringue Pie.

In my defense, I looked first to see if they had a half pie or even just a slice to sell. The woman at the bakery section looked at me like I had 5 eyes and said "no, we don't have that. The pies are only $3." So, I bought an entire pie.

After the girls were snug in their beds, I got out the pie and cut a piece. I left it out so Mr. Darcy could have a piece but he told me it looked gross to him. Lemon Meringue Pie? Gross? The man is certifiably crazy! So, I had his second piece swearing that I would not have more.

This morning at 10 am it called to me. I could hear it. But I resisted. Until. Mr. Darcy called to reschedule our lunch plans due to an unexpected work meeting. So foresaking my whole grain bread, whole grain pita, or other healthy carb options, I had a lunch of sliced roast beef (low fat, low sodium) and Lemon Meringue Pie. And then I realized. I needed to rid myself of the pie or it would derail all the good training sessions I have been putting all my efforts into. So, poof. Face down into the trash it went.

I am free. Tomorrow is a 1 1/2 hour bike. I need real food. Dinner will be healthy yet again.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Crazy Legs and a Working Mom

Crazy legs. Today was supposed to be a 4 mile hard run. Well, it was hard alright but not for the reason it was supposed to be hard. Either my back needs an adjustment (which is most likely since my last "maintenance" appointment was back in Atlanta in August of 2008 right before we moved) or something is wrong with my left leg. I started off on a faster pace than usual this morning and 2/3 of the way in my leg started hurting. Pain emanated from my arch up the right side of my ankle up the outside of my shin to half way up my shin, and it got worse and worse. At the 1.25 mile mark I stretched it thinking that it would help. Tears came to my eyes as I rotated my left ankle in a circle and the pain in my shin intensified. I stopped stretching and decided that I would just have to suck it up and keep going. I ran a little bit more - maybe another .25 mile and the pain was so bad that I was on the verge of tears. I had to walk. Then another .25 mile later and the pain subsided.

So I ran. I pushed myself for somewhere between 1 and 1.5 miles running hard enough that I ended up with my HR monitor beeping at me because I was above 159. And then. The pain returned. This time starting in my heel and working itself up my ankle, up the outer side of my shin bone half way up my leg. I decided to deal with it until I started developing a pain in my outer hip/butt. At that point, I decided that I would rather be able to run during the 70.3 in September than today. I walked some more - at this point I was starting the last mile of my 4 miles, but I had to walk. Even my gait had changed. I could hear my foot as it hit the pavement and made a slapping sort of sound. I walked briskly as the pain subsided. I realized I was still sort of flopping my foot as I walked. I forced myself to walk correctly and the pain shot up my outer shin again. I decided my body was trying to do me a favor by flopping my foot and so I let it.

When I got home, I stretched and heard a little click in my lower back. I'm not sure if this leg issue has anything to do with my back, but I do know that my back has been a little clicky lately and the other day my pants weren't lining up with my bellybutton, which at the time I attributed to them being too big now, but in the past has been because my back wasn't happy even though I couldn't feel the pain just yet. So I promptly emailed Coach and told her I needed the name of her chiropractor. As soon as I get it, I'll make an appointment. This time I mean it. Hopefully that will cure my crazy legs. I have a 8 mile run scheduled for Friday and then 4 more miles (split by a 30 mile bike) for Saturday, so we need this little problem solved before then.

But even with the issues, I am proud of my run for two things: 1) I didn't stop. I got my 4 miles done the best way I could... and 2) I listened to my body and what it was telling me. Preserving myself for continued training instead of sending myself off to the trash heap where I can't train. I know I will have pain in the 70.3 that's the nature of triathlons in many ways. Knowing how to deal with it is half the battle.

A Working Mom. I sometimes think that husbands, like Mr. Darcy, have no idea how much a working mom like me does in a day. This comes up because Mr. Darcy had an evening meeting with a social organization he is involved with yesterday and he asked me to wait up for him. I told him that I would try to make it to 10:30 pm but beyond that all bets were off. Unfortunately, he got home at 10:15 pm and I was sound asleep. I didn't realize I had fallen asleep and at some point I had even woken up to shut the tv I was watching off. I felt badly this morning when he told me that he got home and I was asleep, but the fact of the matter is I have (like many working moms) 15 hour days, and the sleep I get is usually because I'm exhausted and can't do anymore and somewhere I think Mr. Darcy sometimes takes it personally when I've fallen asleep.

Here is my littany of what a typical day of mine is: 1) wake up at 5:45 am; 2) encourage Mr. Darcy to get out of bed as I use the facilities, brush my teeth, and dress in my workout clothes; 3) head to eat breakfast while telling Mr. Darcy he needs to get up and take his shower; 4) eat breakfast; 5) organize anything the girls need to take to school with them; 6) wake Angelfish and Ladybug, encourage potty usage, strip down any beds and children who have peed during the night, clean up said pee pee child, get children to put on clothes; 6) Mr. Darcy arrives somewhere during the getting clothes on the children portion and will usually take the less grumpy of the two (invariably Angelfish), I deal with temper tantrum or grumpy child until a) I am about to start yelling at said child and call for Mr. Darcy as reinforcement or b) I am sucessful; 7) get grumpy child eating some breakfast; 8) depending on whether children are being clingy I either head out for my morning training session in the neighborhood or get said children in car so Mr. Darcy can take them to school and then do my morning training session; 9) after my training session, I shower and get ready for work; 10) eat the rest of my morning breakfast and begin work; 11) work full day; 12) during lunch time I do odds and ends around the house like laundry, straightening, planning birthday parties, taking care of other social events, planning trips, birthday presents, sending cards, etc.; 13) immediately after finishing work, I take about 10 minutes to think about what needs to be done this evening and then head off to collect the little ladies from daycare; 14) pick up liliputians, herd them out of the daycare and into the car (which doesn't sound like much but they often want to explore the parking lot, play with the school mailbox, etc.); 15) if I have an evening training session, drive the ladies downtown to Mr. Darcy's work and then do my training session; if I do not have an evening training session; return home and play with them for a few minutes; 16) cook dinner, serve dinner, and at least clear the dinner table; 17) spend time with children and Mr. Darcy, usually playing or watching a children's tv show and keeping Ladybug and Angelfish from beating each other up; 18) spend anywhere from 1 hour to 1 1/2 hours getting children into bed - this is a struggle no matter how much we do the same routine every night and I fully blame daylight savings for it as the girls refrain is "but it still daytime." I am not a farmer and most americans are not farmers so let's stop with the daylight savings already. 19) It's about 9 pm now and I put on my pajamas, try to deal with anything that remains to be done (i.e. printing of birthday invitations, cleaning dishes, etc.) for the day and attempting to have a "how was your day conversation" with Mr. Darcy; 20) If I am lucky, I sit down and read a book or watch some tv that does not involve cartoon characters and somewhere fall asleep.

Working Moms have a difficult time of it. Of course, there are those that would say then be a stay at home Mom instead of trying to have it all. The problem is that many of us working moms would love to stay at home but either our temperment is that where it is better for both children and Mom to work or we have the temperment for it but without the 2nd income making ends meet and being able to send our children to college, take a simple vacation, etc. is not possible. The way I look at it is not to complain about my lot, but merely to explain that 10 pm is not realistic for me to be bright eyed and bushy tailed. I love my children and view my continuing to work as a sacrifice I make so they have the best life I can give them - not just materially, but educationally and experientially as well. That includes my spending the large majority of my waking hours outside of work being with them and caring for them, which I love but that at their age is a bit exhausting. As for the hours spent training for triathlons, that is the thing that I keep for myself. Yes, it makes me tired too, but I have to have something for myself or else I am no longer the woman who became a wife to Mr. Darcy or the woman who became the Mommy to Angelfish and Ladybug. And then we'd all be in a pickle.

So hurrah for all working moms everywhere!

Monday, June 8, 2009

Getting a Move on Monday

At about 4:45 am I heard a thump and a cry. I jumped out of bed and ran into the girls' bedroom only to find both girls in bed asleep. Unfortunately for me, this was the start to my morning because while I tried my darnedest to fall back asleep I kept thinking of all of the things I needed to do, wanted to do, etc. The thing foremost in my mind is the girls' birthday party. We printed up the invitations last night and due to a feeling that we should invite everyone in each of the girls' classes and some neighbors and family ended up with a rather large guest list. Yet I have this need not to go overboard and really want to have a party that both Angelfish and Ladybug will have fun at, and that we will enjoy too. So the large number of invitees was really bugging me - especially when I realized what a large number was involved. They are turning 3, not hitting some life long milestone where all acquaintances, colleagues, friends and family should be invited. This does not need to be a blow out of millennial proportions. It just needs to be a small, fun celebration of their being 3 and being loved.

As of this morning Mr. Darcy and I agreed that we would invite all of the children in Ladybug's class but only a handful of the children in Angelfish's class. You see, as twins we had them separated into different classes at the day care because they listen better and because for awhile Angelfish was letting Ladybug do the talking for her and not developing her verbal skills nearly as well. The problem is that Angelfish was put in a class where they rotated some children out into Ladybug's class because they were older and refilled the class with younger children. So, Angelfish's friends are in Ladybug's class (Ladybug was put into a class with slightly older children) and a few of Ladybug's class have moved into a young 3 year old room. As of August, Angelfish is being moved into a 3 year old room with older 3 year-olds and Ladybug will be in with the 3 year-olds that are right where she should be based on birthday.

I have problems with this system of doing everything by birthdays. Our children are pretty darn bright and have large vocabularies, remember things from months prior, and can explain how things work to you. Other children around their age often cannot. Age is irrelevant when it comes to intelligence, although there is something to be said for emotional maturity as well.

Anyway, before I get too far onto my soap box, the gist really is just that we decided that because Angelfish doesn't really know many of the children in her class all that well because they are new to the class, we only would invite the ones that she plays with the most. Hopefully we haven't offended any small children along the way. I never want to leave anyone out (having been left out a time or two as a child myself), but there is a place where I do have to draw the line on the number of people being invited to the birthday party of two 3 year-olds.

This is what I was thinking about from 4:45 am on. Then I woke the munchkins and helped cajole Ladybug into getting ready while Mr. Darcy took the easier Angelfish to the potty and got her dressed. Turns out Angelfish was the one who fell out of bed. I asked if someone did and she said, "I did, but I Okay." I told her I came in to check on her but she was already back in bed and asleep and she gave me a kiss on the cheek which put a smile on my face. Ladybug wanted to sleep more but she had peed while sleeping so I had to wrangle her out of bed and her clothes. She snuggled with me a bit and then after the promise that she could pick out her underpants if she went potty, she was on her way. A little ornery, especially when we told her she wasn't wearing a dress today, but at least on her way. Ladybug had me promise we would spend the evening together before I let fr my run , which makes me happy too. I love when she wants to be with her Mommy!

My 4 mile run was a good one. A little challenging as my left leg was in excruciating pain for a good bit of the last part of the 1st mile and then all of the 2nd mile and a small part of the 3rd mile. Not sure what it's about. It's not the same place that usually hurts - the inside along my shin bone. Instead, it's coming from my arch up to the side of my ankle around the back of my leg and then up the outside of my shin. And it's not pleasant in the slightest. I also had to laugh at myself because I forgot to turn my HR monitor on until the end of the 1st mile when I was beginning to start my 6 minute run followed by 2 minutes hard run and then 1 minute recovery that would repeat for the entire 2nd and 3rd miles (and I think the last 2 minutes hard were actually in part of mile 4, but oh well). I looked down and saw the time on my watch not my HR. I just laughed at myself and started the HR. It was at 144 as soon as I got it on. The funny part about the pain was that it would go away when I ran the 2 minutes hard run and then slowly come back during the next 6 minute run. Then at the end of the 3rd mile it almost completely went away. But, with all that the 3 miles that I did use the HR monitor for and my stretching at the end (and the time I stopped to stretch my leg because of the pain) took me 35 minutes and 12 seconds. I would say that the stretching was about 4-5 of those minutes, so about a 10 minute mile, which included my cool down mile. Not bad for a day of running in excruciating pain.

After I get off work, I'm going straight to the gym for my 1800 m swim. Mr. Darcy is picking up the girls and then we trade so he can go to his evening fraternity meeting. Ladybug was hoping for a dip in the pool if she keeps her underpants dry and clean, but because Mr. Darcy has his meeting and I have to get in my swim I could only promise her a bike ride and an episode of "The Backyardigans." She seemed OK with that, so here's hoping for dry underpants all around.