Tuesday, August 31, 2010


It is I the missing blogger.  I only have a minute as I am a little busy at the moment, but I wanted to drop by and say hello, apologize for not reading blogs (I will catch up eventually), and say that I will be back soon to say more... but here are some quick blips:
  • The allergist said that he thinks my reaction was an unknown random event.  I can exercise with my epi pen in tow and if it happens again, I'll go back in.
  • I did an hour of high level yoga yesterday and my shoulders are sore.  Sad.
  • I did not work out this morning because I overslept after a glass of wine, chocolate, and cheese - oh and recovering from hitting a parked car as I was backing out at the Callahan Center.  It was perfectly in the blind spot on the left side of the minivan.  Talk about ruining a day.  Luckily, no one was hurt, I found the vehicle's owner, and I was going slowly.
  • HIP Kids is really shaping up to something that I'm really proud of... we almost have everything in place and we're unveiling our program logo at the Junior League General Membership Meeting this evening!
  • We took Angelfish and Ladybug to Animal Kingdom this weekend.  It was a blast!
  • It also resulted in Ladybug blurting out in the middle of church "I miss Jesus AND the dinosaurs!"
  • Later in the day, Angelfish told us that she misses "Miss Lili (her old teacher) and the rides at the Animal Kingdom."
  • Yesterday while talking on the phone with her Grammie, Ladybug told her "I'm sorry Grammie, but I am busy reading a magazine right now.  It has my dentist in it."  (which it did - there was an article about their pediatrician's practice and how great it is.)
  • Angelfish informed me this morning that "You are the bestest Mommy and I love you so much that I want you to be my Mommy forever!"  I didnt' have the heart to tell her that she's stuck with me.  But that really put a smile on my face.
And now it's off to the circus again...

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Feeling Happy.

Happy Thursday everyone!

Today I slept late.  No alarm clock, and strangely it felt good.  Of course, I've been burning the midnight oil as of late with things.  Still wanted to work out like mad, but with us running so behind it didn't leave time for me to break the moratorium on workouts.... yet.  I'm trying to be a good girl, but it's getting harder everyday.

Last night was the parent meeting for VPK.  We rushed to gymnastics - the girls and I - and they wandered on to class.  In the car they told me they do not want to do gymnastics anymore.  Soccer they say.  Really?  Soccer? Yes.  You all may remember that their idea of soccer was to hang out on the sideline running around the external portion of the field, refusing to play except with each other, leaving me every practice an irate parent based on behavior and a reminder that I actually cannot control my children's behavior they have to buy in to it too.  Even Mr. Darcy tried to convince them that they really want to do gymnastics.  But nothing could change their minds - even after having fun at class.  But at the same time, I'll save the $ per month if they don't want to do it.  It's expensive.  Now I am plotting their next activity - I am all about keeping these kids active.  I want them to avoid ever being out of shape... so I'm between pre-ballet and tap class (they LOVE to dance around the house) and karate (they love to pretend to do karate too after seeing the original "Karate Kid" with Mr. Darcy).  We'll have to see which (if any) of these they have an interest in.

Once Mr. Darcy arrived at the gym, we chatted for a bit and then off I went to VPK.  We weren't supposed to bring children with us, but there were plenty there.... including another set of twins!  These twins are known to us too - they were on the soccer team with Angelfish and Ladybug, but they actually played a little.  One will be in Angelfish's class and one will be in Ladybug's.  I talked to their Mom a few minutes as well as Holland and Connor's Moms.  I really like these two ladies a ton.  We're going on our first "girls' night" together and I am quite excited!!  We're going to have dinner and see a play... like real grown ups!

So back to VPK itself... the rules are the rules, nothing unusual.  The thing that struck me though was what a good job they did in placing my girls with the right teachers.  A friend's daughter had one and her Mom raves about her, and the other teacher is in with the owner's child so I figure she has to be good.  Their styles are totally different.  One is definitely a orderly kind of person, definite rule establisher and follower.  She talked to the parents in a group with a formal discussion, and the other was more of a come up to me and have a chat type of gal.  Angelfish is in with the more laid back kind of gal, which is perfect for her.  You try and force her to do something because it's a rule and she gets defiant... she'll be sweet about it, but she'll do all that she can to get her way.  So a softer approach works better with her.  Ladybug on the other hand does not need soft. If she gets soft, she tries to take charge.  So being with the rule establisher is good for her.  I left feeling happy... except for the fact that they want us to bring in a 2nd pair of shoes along with 2 changes of clothes AND they're requiring them to wear sneakers. 

I personally love sneakers, but my girls like to wear "dress" shoes.  After fighting with them for months, we realized that as long as we put them in good supportive mary jane's it really doesn't matter.  You should have seen the look on their faces when I told them they have to wear sneakers to school... not pleased.  We're going to get them backpacks this weekend.  Not sure they 100% need them, but at the same time it will be good to cart things back and forth from school.  Ladybug has to have a family picture and a folder too. I don't even think we have a recent picture that has all 4 of us in it.  Lots of pictures of the kids, but not too many with grown ups in it.  We may have to just take our own picture together this weekend...

VPK thoughts make me happy.

HIP Kids.  Things ironed out a bit.  The food bank made it so that while we couldn't get in to pack our packs, they will have volunteers do it for us. So at least we will have packs to deliver during the month of September! YAY!  Then I found a restaurant to do our 1st Family Night Dinner - I have to admit it helped that the owner of the restaurant is also a committee member and then she also had found someone to do the food for our 1st HIP Kids Club as well.  So we are rolling!    That made me happy too.

LLS (Leukemia & Lymphoma Society).  I didn't mention much about this yet and I'm not sure of all of the details yet either.  BUT, even though I can't do a TNT event because of time constraints and such, I'm going to be involved with them as a volunteer... not sure of my duties quite yet, but I'm excited!  I should know more by the end of next week.  I just couldn't give up the mission.  I want to erradicate cancer too badly!  So this too made me a happy girl!

Museum Day.  Okay this isn't until September 25th, but I still got excited and happy about it when I found out about it today - Smithsonian affiliated museums across the country are providing free admission for two people on September 25th.  To get your free tickets, visit: www.smithsonian.com/museum - they also have a list of participating museums across the country.  I got our tickets for the Polsek Museum & Sculpture Garden - I figured the girls would enjoy that (and so would we)!  YAY! Museums!

I guess I feel like in some ways things are finally coming together again.  I loved living in Atlanta and didn't want to leave because we had such wonderful friends and I was involved in my community.  Last year, I moved past missing Atlanta and started embracing Orlando.  And now I feel like I'm getting that sense of belonging again - I'm starting to make friends and get involved again.  I need the feeling of interconnectivity with my world.  And working from home makes that very, very, very difficult.  But now things feel better like I'm getting interconnected again.

And that makes me happy... and once I can start training again, life will be complete!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Joining the Circus

Thank you all for your comments to my last post.  They made me smile.

Lately, that's sometimes how I've felt.  Like I was part of a crazy ol' circus.  Things will settle down and then more bumps in the road appear to get me going again.

The identity theft appears to have been more of a hassle and a bit frightening than anything.  No money has been taken or charged improperly at this point, and we think we're in the process of having the credit bureaus in line as well.  So that is good.  Knock on wood.

The allergies... well, I'm still waiting for that appointment next week.  Today was torture not to work out.  If I feel like this tomorrow morning, I may just have to break down and do a yoga video.  Just a half hour one.  Because I seriously am going through physical activity withdrawal... which makes me a little grumpy at times.  This is where I step into the Big Circus Tent

HIP Kids.  I love HIP Kids.  My co-chair and assistant co-chairs are awesome.  I feel like we're becoming friends and I really like chatting with them and seeing them.... which is a good thing because since June we've pretty much seen each other every week. No joke.  We are women on a mission and all quite capable of making things happen.  We've gotten our logo designed and approved by Marketing and Branding, and as of today will have our labels ordered for our food packs.  We've got a great committee of women who are all signed up to plan their event for the kids, and have their theme idea and are starting to plan.  We have a good speaker for our 1st Family Night.  We have our ducks in a row.  BUT then there are issues like the food bank telling us they can't help us at all with dinner for the Family Nights - so we're racing around trying to find a donor/someplace we can order in budget; and we had to push the 1st dinner Night back a month.  The center is changing directors and we're not sure how many kids we'll have for the 1st session... let alone if the new director will want to change anything, but we're hoping to meet with her soon... it's just the fear of the unknown in light of all our hardwork!  And then our good packs were supposed to start delivery on Aug. 27th. But the food bank emailed and said they delayed ordering the food in order to get a lower price so there is no food for us to pack - or distribute - oh and they can't get us in to pack our food until September 25.  So if there's no food packed, that means we miss not 1 but 3 food pack deliveries.  Not okay.  So we're trying to work it out with them pretty much as we speak.  This is the main event ring of my circus, but I do love it all the same.

Those are the main things.  The little things involve things that I love and keep me busy too.  Like trying to get more involved with the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society because I love Team in Training and it's mission but right now cannot add a TNT event to my plate.  And doctor's appointments.

Good news from the doctor's appointment... I've lost 12 pounds and the nutritionist told me that what I am doing is exactly what I need to do. She happens to be friends with 2 professional triathletes so that was cool to talk about.  I'm hoping that when I go back in 6 months to check on the ol' thyroid (which is still doing fine on the medicine) I'll be even smaller than I am now. 

And little Ladies.  Angelfish was a sad little girl yesterday.  She even broke into tears at daycare because she wanted her Mommy.  So I snuggled up with her and gave kissy monster kisses (I cover her face with little noisy kisses) and tickled her and chatted.  It makes me wonder if balance isn't quite being achieved between work, my extracurriculars, and family.  Although today she was a happy little imp dressed in a pink frilly skirt and shirt that is white with multicolor flowers, singing about muffins and coloring before leaving for school.  It could have just been the day. Funny how I'm always finding fault with myself first.

Yesterday Ladybug picked out my jewelry for the day - she actually did a good job.  Today she insisted that if I was to wear pants (she wanted me to wear a dress but I wore a suit dress Monday and a skirt outfit yesterday), that I had to wear a cute pair of white capris and a turquoise tunic top.  Kind of dressed up to sit in my house and work and do conference calls, but I'll look good for the mandatory VPK orientation meeting tonight.

That's right - they're starting VPK on Monday!  I can't believe that they are getting to be such big kids.  I definitely can see myself crying on the 1st day of Kindergarden - maybe even the 1st day of VPK.  My little ladies...

Life may be a circus right now, but its my circus and to be quite honest I wouldn't trade a minute of it - other than the identity theft stuff - for the world.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Good News

My childhood allergist's office called and gave me 3 names of doctors they recommended... 2 were in the same practice.  So I called and I have an appointment next week!

Here's hoping that I can hang in there without exercise until then.  It's making me crazy, quite honestly.  What's wrong with a little run, bike, swim, or yoga? So what if it could potentially result in hives or anaphylactic shock?  I mean really!

Ladybug has announced that she will be a triathlete when she grows up and she'll "work at a school telling people what to do" in addition to being a Mommy."  Angelfish has declared she'll be an architect like Mr. Darcy and brought him home a picture she drew of a house.  It's her very 1st design, and Mr. Darcy is bringing it to work for his desk... when he told me about it, I thought he sounded teary eyed.

The sweetness of parenthood.  If only it didn't have to involve Ladybug being afraid of the dark because she says that "monsters, witches, mean cats, bad guys, werewolves, and Frankenstine" can come in her room at night - evidently they use the door, the window, and ooze through the walls and come up from the carpet.  The kid has a vivid imagination - I didn't even know she knew about Frankenstine or werewolves.

So I've invented the spray to get rid of them all - water with oregano, garlic and red pepper flakes.  She wanted fire but I was able to convince her that red pepper flakes are so spicy that it would be like fire in a bottle of water.  She has the water bottle and can spray at will.  Oh and I explained that beds come with invisible force fields to allow good kids to go in and out of their beds but to keep monsters, etc. out.

We'll see if it works.  We're also bribing her - stay in bed all night every day this week and she gets a goody out of the goody bag.  It worked to get her back on track with potty training after she decided she didn't want to go to the VPK class because she'd miss her teacher so she would just stop using the potty so they wouldn't let her move up.

Intelligent, creative children.  A blessing and a challenge.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Allergens and Me

So yesterday, I woke up.  I felt pretty good, but thought to myself.  "Let's not tempt fate.  Just do yoga today.  When all is well, then tomorrow we'll hit it hard."  Uh yeah.  30 minutes of yoga then after 10 minutes of sitting.  Red, itchy hives covered my cheeks.  Within 30 minutes, my entire face, down my neck and my chest.  I called the regular doctor who said "Why did you workout?"  I reminded him that he said I could if I didn't itch.  He said, "no more working out until you see your allergist." I said, "what allergist?" 

It turned out he meant to (but didn't) tell me to make a follow up with my allergist, of which I am/was without one because my old one (who I went to once) is in Atlanta, and my even older one (from when I was 16) is in my hometown where I haven't lived in quite a rather long time. The doctor refused to see me saying that the Solumedrol shot he gave me was still in my system and that I could take an Atarax every 6 hours (which would have put me at 1 pm).  He then told me to get in with the allergist to be seen.  I couldn't because well they're specialists who are completely booked up.

When you work from home and the only other "person" in the house is your dog, your face is covered in hives and your tongue is swelling but you're not having breathing problems, it's a little disconcerting to be told to just wait and see what happens, and if you need to just use your epi pen and then go to the ER.  I don't think it's a great idea to drive yourself to the ER after having given yourself a shot because you can still pass out.  I almost died when I was 16 from eating onions and shrimp and then going for a run, so I don't really like to "wait and see."  But that's what I did.

Mr. Darcy ended up coming home after I pretty much begged him to come home.  I couldn't declare it was an emergency, but I was also freaked out by the chance of it becoming an emergency.  He was willing if it was an emergency, but well I couldn't say it was an emergency because I wasn't keeling over, but still...

By the time he got home, it started subsiding.  So I felt a little bit bad, although I was annoyed that I had to beg to begin with.  But that's another story.  Then the doctor's office called and said, "do not work out again until you have your food allergy testing done, and we made you a doctor's appointment with a different allergist."

So this morning I went to the allergist they set up the appointment with.  I will not be going back there.  The doctor was fine, but there were no nurses - or if the woman who helped me was a nurse then she is a bit incompetent as I had to spell pretty much every medicine and medical issue I have for her.  And I had to explain what endometriosis was and what IVF was.  Not to mention that there were signs in the office related to getting allergy shots and having to just wait because they were given in between scheduled appointments.  And when they brought me back to weigh me, they walked me into the same room as 2 other people who were getting shots while I was in there.  And the floor was dirty.  I am not a neat freak by nature.  I don't care 99.7% of the time if something is a little bit dirty.  There are 3 exceptions: doctors offices, dentists offices and the grocery store.  While the doctor seemed to know what he was talking about, I wasn't comfortable.  I may be overly picky about doctors, but I've heard enough stories about (and had my own run in with) bad doctors to listen to my feelings of discomfort.

So I made an appointment for September 10th with the initial doctor they recommended but who I couldn't get an earlier appointment.  The problem?  I'm not supposed to exercise at ALL until I go to have my food allergies tested.  Why?  Because as you get older your allergies change, so while we think it's the onion flakes in the Mrs. Dash it allegedly could be something else.  The other thing the allergist told me today - I am not allowed to workout EVER without a buddy.  Realistically, this is not something that can happen.  I can't always have someone working out with me because it's just not practical.  And I don't necessarily want to wait until September 11th to be able to workout again (especially since I have a triathlon in Clermont scheduled for September 12th).

I'm contemplating going to my old doctor back in my home town if he has earlier availability.  My parents still go to him.  And I can't help but wonder if I can get in there earlier.  And I know his floors are clean.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Talk about Itchy!

Yesterday evening, I went to the Tri Club meeting.  I was in a BAD mood. I had discovered that the fraudulent address is showing up on my credit report now.  I was trying to be nice, but I wasn't doing overly well.  I had warned Training Buddy, and he even said, "Wow.  You ARE in a bad mood."  Despite my bad mood, I think I'll like the tri club once I get into going regularly.  They are a pretty serious group about workouts - Friday nights around 7:30 are their swims.  I am guessing that these folks don't have young children.  But that is okay.  I've already decided that I will go to the group workouts that I can (primarily the during the day Tuesday and Thursday workouts - a good way to use the lunch hour) and do other training on my own.

Then I came home and had meat loaf for dinner... that I used Mrs. Dash Italian Blend in... which turns out has onion flakes.

I had a night full of nightmares (very rare for me) and woke up head to toe bright red (like a had a really bad sunburn), itching like mad, hot all over, but when I scratched an itch it hurt. So logically, I took a shower thinking it could be topical and was in pain. The doctor thinks that I had the reaction to the onion flakes even though it's not typically how I react with onions and exercise. (Although I greatly prefer this type of reaction to the anaphylaxia that I usually end up with...)

The doctor said that sometimes you have a minor reaction when the amount of the allergen is small - and onion flakes is small. Got a lecture about not having an epi pen (along with a prescription for one), a shot of some sort in the bum, and then a prescription for the itching that the doctor referred to as "benedryl x 2"... I had to take a half hour nap!

Which of course means that since it's an food dependant EXERCISE induced allergy, that I am not allowed to workout today and can only workout tomorrow if I am not itching anymore... which meant I didn't get to workout with the Tri Club today. Ugh.  And I'm still itching.

Here's hoping for tomorrow.

Monday, August 9, 2010

The Opposite of Good with Positive Reminders

Would be BAD.  And that's kind of where I'm at right now.  Rather happy that I will have my 1st meeting with the Y's tri team this evening.  Informational 1st and then a small workout.  Not sure whether I'm going to be happy with the results of the workout as it's been 3 weeks since my last real workout (not counting yoga).  But so it goes.

I am writing this in a way to remind myself about the good stuff... my Mom is still doing good; my parents are healthy in general at the moment, Mr. Darcy and the little ladies are healthy, we have jobs and a roof over our head, and food in the pantry and refrigerator.

The bad.  Little frustrations all around, lack of outlet for stress, oh and someone stole Mr. Darcy's identity.  Yup.  Not sure if I mentioned that someone had changed the address on his credit card account, and we got that straightened out.  Mr. Darcy told me I was being over dramatic when I told him, they're coming and they're going to try to steal all our money.  Have I mentioned before that I have this annoying tendency of being right about things 95% of the time? (Possibly higher.)  Well, it's true.  And it's friggin' annoying. 

They went after the bank accounts.  But I have to give Bank of America props.  Big props.  They caught it.  And our money is still where it should be... in our pockets. Not some two bit, good for nothing punk who not only has the uncommon undecency to steal Mr. Darcy's information (to the point that they called and provided personal information in a positively scary way in order to do what they did) but even worse is using the address of a church as a front to their scheme.  Well, my theory is that God has a much bigger reach than I do (via the police of course - no vigilantism on my part), so if karma doesn't get them on earth they will have one heck of an after life.

But that's how I spent a good chunk of the end of last week and the weekend.  Dealing with things.  Police reports. Credit bureaus, etc.  As did Mr. Darcy.  We even filed stuff with the FTC and the Postal Inspector.  And on all documents, we want to prosecute if they ever catch the MoFo.  (Sorry, that's the best I can do for censoring today.)

So to say the least, I'm REALLY looking forward to getting back into working out.  I've missed my training regimen.  The angry side of me finds it almost an inspiration to try to get the FBI or some other type of government group to take me (if I'm not going to be too old - this 35 year old rule is really a little silly.  I do triathlons. I'm not too old.) so I can do financial fraud investigations.  Problem of uprooting the family every so many years is really the only deterrent at the moment.

But I am counting my blessings.  Things could have been worse.  The family is all safe and sound despite Mr. Darcy and I feeling a bit violated.  I can hope and pray that the person gets caught, although even with the cellphone number they tried to claim was our new phone number I am doubtful they'll get caught. 

My positive mind is a bit grey and cloudy.  Bring on the workouts!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Good News

Hello Bloggy Friends!  My Mom's surgery went super well yesterday.  She's not having much pain and at the follow up appointment this afternoon, they told her she looks great and is healing up already... and they removed the drain (yeah, they put one in yesterday afterall).  She's talking away, doing some upholstery knitting to make a shopping bag for a friend and is her usual self.  She's doing so good that I'm actually going to drive home after dinner tonight.... literally because they do not need me to do much of anything.  They are pretty much feeding me, letting me sleep and I've been working all day while sitting on the sofa with Mom.  So I decided to surprise the kiddies in the morning by waking them up, and to surprise Mr. Darcy in getting to see one another. YAY!

Another YAY is that the Y Tri Club starts with a "fun workout" not sure what that will entail and an informational meeting at 6:15 pm on Monday.  My sinus infection appears to be gone baby gone, and I'm looking forward to getting back in the swing of things.

I'm also excited because I'm getting involved with UF Law Alumni Council... which doesn't take up a ton of time but will benefit my alma mater and let me meet other Gator Lawyers in the area. Networking and a good cause, what more could a girl like me ask for! Tee hee.  I think I may be a compulsive "do gooder"...

But as a birthday gift to myself, my goal is to keep my evening calendar empty the entire week leading up to my actual birthday.  I do have something on the 24th, but it's the Jack Johnson concert for which I've had tickets to for MONTHS.  It's a bit of a treat for me, so I don't count that one as a meeting! Whoo hoo!

The only bad thing is the a/c in the mini-van went out on the way to the padres yesterday morning.  So it will be a rather warm drive home.  But I'm an endurance athlete.  I can endure anything for 2 1/2 hours, right? : )

See you all on the flip side!

Monday, August 2, 2010

August is Here

I cannot believe it is August already - other than the weather.  Temperatures in the 100s and heat indexes even higher. Wilting the moment you walk outdoors.  Temperature wise it seems like August has been here for weeks, but time wise I can't believe it is here.

This week will prove itself to be a nutty one I am sure.  I am in all honesty trying to figure out what to do workout wise.  I missed spin this morning because 1) Ladybug was up 5 times in the night, for no other reason than she claimed she "just couldn't sleep." 2) Mr. Darcy is sick - and was sick all weekend - so I was coaxing him into seeing the doctor and attempting (unsuccessfully I might add) that he should stay home from work today. Which meant I ended up having to take the kiddos to school instead of workout. and 3) I am having nerve pain down my leg.  Not sure where that came from, but there it is.  I stretched my back out this morning after coming home from daycare.  Today will not only be filled with laundry, but also with a full day of work... and if my nerve pain lets up a little I'm hoping to get the bike trainer out and do 45- 1 hour on it.  I miss my workouts.  And there's no pollen inside...

Tomorrow will be a bit crazy.  I'm going to do 1/2 an hour of yoga in the morning and will start work early because I have blood work at 8:45.  Then back to work, dentist appointment at 2 pm. Back to work, and then to a Junior League Committee "meeting" - HIP Happy Hour at 7pm with the committee to get to know each other and answer any questions anyone has about the committee. Then I have to pack.

Wednesday, my Mom is having her last reconstructive surgery from her breast cancer.  They have to put the finishing touches on the mastectomy side and then reduce the other side to match what they reconstructed.  It's supposed to be a little bit more intensive pain wise than the mastectomy itself, but without the drain (thank goodness... I handled it just fine but if you don't have to have a drain, all the better.).  So Wednesday morning I drive on over as soon as the kiddos and Mr. Darcy are out the door.  I'll use PTO for Wednesday, and then will work and help take care of Mom on Thursday and Friday.  Friday after work I'll drive home and hopefully make it before the girls' bedtime.

And this weekend, Mr. Darcy's parents will be spending the weekend with us.  They were supposed to come last weekend but with Mr. Darcy sporting a temperature ranging from 101.2 to 101.8 both Friday night and all day Saturday (it finally broke Saturday evening) and me quarantining him to our bedroom (I slept in the guest bedroom) they decided to postpone their trip until this coming weekend.  Not to mention that Mr. Darcy's Mom is suffering through a bad Diverticulitis flare up.

With all this whirling around, I realized two things on the ride home from dropping off the girls at school (where Ladybug greeted her teacher who had been on vacation last week with a big hug and "I missed you so very much!" which made us both smile).  One, I turn 35 this month. Sigh.  Two, I am going to consider this my "recovery period" and will just get back into the swing of things with my training.  I am signing up for the Y's Tri Team, so that will be good.  They start with the official start of the school year, so that will be at the end of this month too.  All will right itself.  I am just missing my rides and runs and swims but realistically know that I need to do what I can do and not kill myself... and perhaps missing the height of the heat and pollen season might not be such a bad thing for me this year.

Which reminds me... I have to go take my medicine for this dang sinus infection.  Off I go!