Monday, August 16, 2010

Good News

My childhood allergist's office called and gave me 3 names of doctors they recommended... 2 were in the same practice.  So I called and I have an appointment next week!

Here's hoping that I can hang in there without exercise until then.  It's making me crazy, quite honestly.  What's wrong with a little run, bike, swim, or yoga? So what if it could potentially result in hives or anaphylactic shock?  I mean really!

Ladybug has announced that she will be a triathlete when she grows up and she'll "work at a school telling people what to do" in addition to being a Mommy."  Angelfish has declared she'll be an architect like Mr. Darcy and brought him home a picture she drew of a house.  It's her very 1st design, and Mr. Darcy is bringing it to work for his desk... when he told me about it, I thought he sounded teary eyed.

The sweetness of parenthood.  If only it didn't have to involve Ladybug being afraid of the dark because she says that "monsters, witches, mean cats, bad guys, werewolves, and Frankenstine" can come in her room at night - evidently they use the door, the window, and ooze through the walls and come up from the carpet.  The kid has a vivid imagination - I didn't even know she knew about Frankenstine or werewolves.

So I've invented the spray to get rid of them all - water with oregano, garlic and red pepper flakes.  She wanted fire but I was able to convince her that red pepper flakes are so spicy that it would be like fire in a bottle of water.  She has the water bottle and can spray at will.  Oh and I explained that beds come with invisible force fields to allow good kids to go in and out of their beds but to keep monsters, etc. out.

We'll see if it works.  We're also bribing her - stay in bed all night every day this week and she gets a goody out of the goody bag.  It worked to get her back on track with potty training after she decided she didn't want to go to the VPK class because she'd miss her teacher so she would just stop using the potty so they wouldn't let her move up.

Intelligent, creative children.  A blessing and a challenge.


  1. Bribery usually works!! Such a shame that Ladybug is afraid of the dark, it's difficult to convince kids that the shapes and shadows are just there when it's daytime too.

    CJ xx

  2. Your girls crack me up! I hope you can get the allergies cleared up soon. I have some crazy allergic reactions to certain over the counter pain meds. It took a while to figure out so in the meantime, I'd have to drive to the ER for an IV b/c I would break out in huge welts all over and my face looks like Will Smith's in Hitch after he ate joke, it was that bad.

  3. When I think I cant be surprised and giggle fater reading your blog for a long time, your girls bring something bigger and better for entertainment.

  4. You must be going crazy with allergy induced taper madess.

    Bribery works. I still bribe my 12 year old but the stakes are higher. Now she want pandora bracelets, ray ban sunglasses and the like.

    Good luck. Inventing the spray is brilliant.

  5. Love the spray mixture idea! Might need to give that one a shot with Holland. We got him a magic wand and say funny little spells for him, but the novelty of being a magic condition (his way of saying magician) seems to be ending.