Monday, August 2, 2010

August is Here

I cannot believe it is August already - other than the weather.  Temperatures in the 100s and heat indexes even higher. Wilting the moment you walk outdoors.  Temperature wise it seems like August has been here for weeks, but time wise I can't believe it is here.

This week will prove itself to be a nutty one I am sure.  I am in all honesty trying to figure out what to do workout wise.  I missed spin this morning because 1) Ladybug was up 5 times in the night, for no other reason than she claimed she "just couldn't sleep." 2) Mr. Darcy is sick - and was sick all weekend - so I was coaxing him into seeing the doctor and attempting (unsuccessfully I might add) that he should stay home from work today. Which meant I ended up having to take the kiddos to school instead of workout. and 3) I am having nerve pain down my leg.  Not sure where that came from, but there it is.  I stretched my back out this morning after coming home from daycare.  Today will not only be filled with laundry, but also with a full day of work... and if my nerve pain lets up a little I'm hoping to get the bike trainer out and do 45- 1 hour on it.  I miss my workouts.  And there's no pollen inside...

Tomorrow will be a bit crazy.  I'm going to do 1/2 an hour of yoga in the morning and will start work early because I have blood work at 8:45.  Then back to work, dentist appointment at 2 pm. Back to work, and then to a Junior League Committee "meeting" - HIP Happy Hour at 7pm with the committee to get to know each other and answer any questions anyone has about the committee. Then I have to pack.

Wednesday, my Mom is having her last reconstructive surgery from her breast cancer.  They have to put the finishing touches on the mastectomy side and then reduce the other side to match what they reconstructed.  It's supposed to be a little bit more intensive pain wise than the mastectomy itself, but without the drain (thank goodness... I handled it just fine but if you don't have to have a drain, all the better.).  So Wednesday morning I drive on over as soon as the kiddos and Mr. Darcy are out the door.  I'll use PTO for Wednesday, and then will work and help take care of Mom on Thursday and Friday.  Friday after work I'll drive home and hopefully make it before the girls' bedtime.

And this weekend, Mr. Darcy's parents will be spending the weekend with us.  They were supposed to come last weekend but with Mr. Darcy sporting a temperature ranging from 101.2 to 101.8 both Friday night and all day Saturday (it finally broke Saturday evening) and me quarantining him to our bedroom (I slept in the guest bedroom) they decided to postpone their trip until this coming weekend.  Not to mention that Mr. Darcy's Mom is suffering through a bad Diverticulitis flare up.

With all this whirling around, I realized two things on the ride home from dropping off the girls at school (where Ladybug greeted her teacher who had been on vacation last week with a big hug and "I missed you so very much!" which made us both smile).  One, I turn 35 this month. Sigh.  Two, I am going to consider this my "recovery period" and will just get back into the swing of things with my training.  I am signing up for the Y's Tri Team, so that will be good.  They start with the official start of the school year, so that will be at the end of this month too.  All will right itself.  I am just missing my rides and runs and swims but realistically know that I need to do what I can do and not kill myself... and perhaps missing the height of the heat and pollen season might not be such a bad thing for me this year.

Which reminds me... I have to go take my medicine for this dang sinus infection.  Off I go!


  1. Whoa! Reading all that made me TIRED! Hope you can get that trainer ride in today and as fi=or the rest of the week, let th chips fall where they may. I was just feeling a little anxious a while ago thinking that I can't believe I'm going to be 40 (where did the time go?) and that in 81 days, I'm doing 140.6. It just kinda all hit me today for some reason and it's freaking me out now. Sigh...onward and upward!

  2. You mean next week! We start next week!

  3. I can't lie. I almost had a moment reading all of that.
    You'll pull through as you always seem to do. :)