Thursday, March 14, 2013

Thursday Run Day

Today I ran. I have to admit that I haven't run for 2 weeks. One week of evident exhaustion (I figured out I was staying up too late.) and one week of a snotty, disgusting head cold. Tuesday I overslept because Mr. Darcy set the alarm clock. I decided that after almost 16 years of marriage, perhaps I should take control of my own waking time. So I am now the proud owner of an alarm clock that is on my side of the room but across from the bed because 1. Once I'm up, I am Up. And 2. The plugs by the night stand were full. Been doing yoga the entire time even if I hadn't been running.

This morning I had forgotten to set the alarm clock, but somehow still woke up at 5:45. Decided that I must go on a run, and literally told myself. You HAVE to run today. So, I did. Having not run in 2 weeks and having sore hamstrings for some inexplicable reason (unless I've been sleep running), and it being cold out, I decided a 2 miler would be a good plan.

It was brisk out, but absolutely beautiful. Clear sky and every star in the in universe twinkling away. Awesome. My lungs were feeling the cold air, but not too bad. Stuck to the 2/1s, and I could have easily gone farther. My pace was 10:27 per mile, which I was happy with.

Today is my last "non busy" day before I start work! Yes, work! As of Monday, I will be the new Executive Director of a small nonprofit that mentors and tutors foster care children to improve educational performance and encourage obtaining a higher education degree, as well as providing the kids with life skills to lead successful lives as they age out of the foster care system. I am very excited and looking forward to this opportunity.

So... I am being lazy. After taking the little Ladies to School (who, btw asked why I run and do yoga today. I told them that I don't get PE and recess as an adult so to stay healthy and get my body moving I exercise. They told me I must be smart. I am just waiting for them to ask me why Mr. Darcy does not exercise....), I've emailed, played on FaceBook, looked at cars online (any suggestions for a family friendly sedan with good gas mileage are welcome... We're toying with the idea of trading in the mini van), looked at Pinterest. Yup, plain nothing. Next I will put in some laundry and watch a movie. I guess the laundry counts as work, but I don't want to have to do it this weekend.

Back to running news, I am contemplating signing up for the Disney Wine & Dine 1/2 Mary. It's November 9 and my training for the Goofy indicates that I will be doing a 8.5 mile walk that Friday (I don't even want to figure out how early I need to wake up to do that before work that day) and then a 20 miler that Saturday. So I'm thinking why not do the walk that Friday, get up Saturday and do an "easy" 7 mile run and then follow it that night with the Wine & Dine. In some ways that sounds crazy to me (like not being able to stay awake past 10 pm on a normal night, let alone run late at night), and in other ways it makes sense.

I also am now in search of a 10k. Never found the 5k that would work with the weekend I needed, so I figure I'll train for a 10k instead. That is next in the plan for training for Goofy.

What do you suggest?