Friday, February 8, 2013

Shorter Ramblings..

1. I try to stay apolitical in my postings, but today I found 2 things in the paper particularly shocking that I feel the need There are only 2 African American members in the US Senate and this is a "record." This blows my mind that a representative democracy still does not fully reflect its people, although it is better than 0. And second, Dempsey wants to fund arming the Syrian rebels. Everyone seems to forget that we make bad mistakes in funding rebels - anyone remember that during the Cold War the US funded a band of rebels called the Taliban who were fighting the Russians in Afghanistan?

Ok. I am off my soap box.

2. There are not enough hours in the day to do everything I want. Of course, I want to do a lot of things. Perhaps that's the issue.

3. I am looking forward to next week's Junior Leagues of Florida's State Public Affairs Committee Convention in Tallahassee. I'll be introducing a speaker, talking to legislators about healthy food access, human trafficking and literacy. Especially about healthy food access. And I'll be updating the group on our work and AJLI's work in healthy food access.

4. Then I return in time for Ladybug's crown 1 & 2. She told me at dinner last night that she is looking forward to being able to eat on both sides of her mouth like everyone else.

5. This morning's yoga kicked my booty. Tight hamstrings make life interesting. I am hopeful that one day I will be able to do down dog so that when my legs are straight my heels actually touch the floor.

6. Having a girls' weekend with Angelfish and Ladybug. Should be fun!

7. Any suggestions for a 5k on 3/30 or 2/23? Needs to be in driving distance from Orlando.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

My crazy life...

So the girls got back to school from their flu. Life seemed to be settling down, but I was playing catch up at the same time. And lo and behold, life thought I needed some excitement. This excitement is not for the faint of heart either. But I was/am sticking to the workouts although this week is a little wonky.

I took Ladybug to get sealants out on her molars - they didn't develop fully, shaped ok but enamel is wacky and she has a good bit of pain with two of them. To the point that she eats only on one side of her mouth, although she never told us this until very recently. But she tells the dentist at least at her check ups. Two sealants completed easily. Two not completed due to excruciating pain that I have never seen in person (outside of the movies) in my life. Worse even than when Mr. Darcy ended up in the hospital with (to this day) completely unexplained abdominal pain - he got to enjoy dye studies, and scopes. I do not want to relive it, but lets just say that the dentist felt like she was torturing Ladybug and deemed crowns to be necessary because that amount of pain could not be tempered by sealant (that we would have to numb her to get done). Traumatic, probably more so for me than Ladybug at this point.

Next day, I take the kids to choir and then go to drinks with friends. I call Mr. Darcy to let him know I'm on the way home and can tell things are not good. turns out Angelfish decided to run between aisles at Lowes - you know, under the shelving - and close lined herself on wire that scratched the heck out of her neck to the point Mr. Darcy thought she had internal bleeding and took her to an urgent care, which made them wait for hours to tell him that they thought she was ok but "didn't really have the right equipment to be sure." He took her home, they were eating dinner when I got there. It was bad but she said it was not hurting and she could swallow etc. She goes to the bathroom and comes back to the table with a look that tells you she's deliberating something. mr. Darcy asks her what's wrong and she tells us she just went poop and that there are WORMS in her poop and she's not feeling good about this. She talks more about what they looked like and I realize she has pin worms (no, we're not dirty. Kids just get them, like lice. And it's not amazing to me since she puts random stuff in her mouth) I tell her we'll make an appointment for the doctor in the morning and all will be ok.

And then Ladybug pipes up..."Mommy? I have to tell you something. What Angelfish has? I have it too. I've had them for a FEW WEEKS." I did not handle it as I should have. I yelled at her for not telling me because how can I help her if she doesn't tell me. I apologized later for my reaction and told her that I wanted her to be able to tell me anything but if she was afraid of me getting mad to at least tell Mr. Darcy. So mystery solved on Angelfish getting it because Ladybug had been helping wiggle her loose tooth. ladybug got it from licking her hands when they were dirty. she has since stopped this behavior, but it was this thing she was doing. Not sure why but it seems to have stopped now.

But I confirmed they had worms based on their description and Angelfish could not handle the fact that she had worms living in her behind. Ballistic mental reactions and an insistence she had to go to the bathroom every two minutes and carrying on about worms. So I started lying to her saying that she pooped them all out and they were gone. She wasn't buying it, but we got the, into bed. And 20 minutes or so later she's up screaming that her neck hurts. Mr. Darcy ran her down to the brand spanking new children's hospital relatively near our house and their ER. They were in and out. Neck was fine, Tylenol for skin hurting. Oh and Angelfish starts ranting about the worms. So they dosed her with meds.

When we called the pediatrician's office the next day, we found out we all had to take meds - just in case. Mr. Darcy and I and the kids were all examining our stool for the next day or so.

Then Angelfish lost her tooth. The tooth fairy visited. We had a nice weekend (even went to a nature preserve and the beach), and knock on wood life returned to normal. I kept up my training schedule through it all.

And then this week, I have been completely unmotivated. I did my yoga Monday. Tuesday I could not bring myself to run. So I walked the kids to school and ran home. 2 very uninspired miles. Yesterday, Yoga for athletes. Good stuff. Today, I forced myself to run. And once I was moving, it was ok. I told myself I was doing good just by moving and didn't worry about how long it took or how far I went. Ended up doing 2.5 miles average mile pace? 11:36! Did a total of 3.2 miles including 5 minute warm up and 10 minute cool down. Then I walked the kids to school 2 more miles, which I am counting as my Saturday "run" because Mr. Darcy is out of town until Monday and that's how I have to roll with things. Unless I am possessed to skip yoga and run again tomorrow.

My walk to school with the girls was the best mile I have ever done in my life. Those girls are amazing. We did our usual racing (they pick a distance and we you might guess, I sometimes cannot bring myself to let them win every race) and then thy decided we needed to play a game. They made it up... The rules: no stepping on cracks because they're lasers; no stepping on gum spots or bird poop because that's toxic bird poop; avoid water from sprinklers because its acid; but if we're in the sun then we have rainbow power and can do any of the above without getting hurt. Oh, and while not required, it is encouraged to ballet leap over the cracks. It was so much fun! I will treasure it always.

On the way back, I decided I need to sign up for a 5k. It dawned on me that I'm not overly motivated to run because I have nothing pressing me. The Goofy challenge is not until January 2014. So if I focus on 5k training and have a 5k race on tap, perhaps I'll have better motivation. So stay tuned.