Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Love is in the Air - or at least the Love Bugs are...

It is love bug season here in Orlando, and it's a rather cosmic infestation this year.  The girls' daycare is evidently extremely attractive to the love bugs, as one day the entire front of the building was covered in love bugs.  Over the weekend, they had even found their way into the girls' classrooms through a crack somewhere and the floor was covered with dead love bugs.

Now, I'm not sure about you all, but when you can't walk outside without getting love bugs on you it doesn't really induce me to want to run or bike.  Especially bike - I envision my face having those splattered love bugs all over it like my windshield does. Yuck.  And that goes double yuck when I think about the fact that those love bugs that are stuck together are in fact copulating. Double yuck.

Monday I took the girls to daycare, so that took up my morning workout time.  Tuesday I did an hour of yoga, and the 2nd half hour was a difficult third eye opening sequence with planks, side planks and more that left me super sweaty... and made my tricepts and my hamstrings a little sore.  I take it as a good thing.  This morning, I was stressing over some stuff that I can't talk about in the blog just yet, so I got up and sent a few emails and then went for a 2 mile run.  I did it in just a little under 20 minutes, which I was happy with.  It's my first run since the bronchitis and I only stopped coughing sometime around last Friday.  My lungs felt good, but my mind was all over the place.  I figured since I haven't really run, run in about 2 months (very pathetic to see that in writing) I would start with a good solid run for 2 miles.  I didn't wear a watch so I'm pretty sure my running stretches were longer than 5 minutes, especially since I hit the half mile mark before I walked a minute and then didn't walk again until after I hit the mile mark, or the 1.4 mile mark and then didn't walk until I got home.  All in all I was pleased.  Although I realized that I need to wear my watch and do the 5/1's because it's like a contract with myself - I know I am going to run for 5 and walk for 1.  When I run without my watch, my brain likes to try to say things to me like "you can stop here and then walk to there and then run." and sometimes its after just a silly little space of distance... and it wasn't just today, it's every time I don't run with a watch.  So my running watch will be my constant running companion from this point out.  It had rained yesterday, and evidently the love bugs don't like rain because I had a nice love bug free run. : )

Of course, love bug season has caused some interesting discussions around our house.  Ladybug has decided that she loves the love bugs.  As she tells me, "Mommy, I love the love bugs and they love me too."  She is very sensitive to all of God's creatures, including red ants and any other sort of bug.  She was a bit distraught one day though and asked me "Do love bugs suck all the love out of your heart when they land on you?"  I told her no, and asked where she heard that one.  From one of her little daycare friends who I happen to know that her parents just got divorced.  So I had to explain why they are called love bugs.  But, since I personally am not ready to have the S-E-X discussion with my 4 year olds (mainly because Mr. Darcy would  probably pass out), I left the fact that the bugs are copulating out of the discussion.  I told her that they are called love bugs because the ones that are attached to each other are like people who are in love - they always want to be together.  Then she asked "but what about the ones that aren't attached?"  I had to think quick, so I said "those are the ones still looking for their true love."  Other than saying she was sad for those love bugs because they were lonely, she was good with that.  You have to be a quick thinker with these kids...

We've also been working on manners, and it must be sinking in because this weekend Angelfish was having a difficult time saying "surprise" - she kept saying "urpise."  So I helped her by saying the word for her and really emphasizing the "sur" part of the word.  To which she responded, "Mommy? Is it "sirprise" and "m'am prise"?  Mr. Darcy and I had a nice laugh over that one and I of course explained that while it sounds similar it's two different things.

And that my friends, is all the news that is fit to print... for now!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The Verdict

I had a feeling this morning what the doctor was going to say.  I woke up knowing I had to take the car to get repaired and pick up the rental car since it's supposed to be in the shop until Friday (which I wonder why since my little dent is NOTHING compared to every other car I saw in the car yard today - there was one vehicle whose entire backend was in pieces on the ground behind it.  I couldn't help but look and wonder at whether everyone was okay in those other collisions.  Mine literally is just a pushed in corner with some missing paint on the left corner of my bumper and nothing else.).  I could barely talk and my cough sounded a bit like a barking dog, and worst of all my chest felt super heavy while just breathing.  The tell tale signs of bronchitis.

I got up and did what I needed to do, showing up in a Gold Chevy Impala whose engine is so quiet that I can't tell if it's on while I'm driving.  It's so quiet it's a little disconcerting.  It took some doing to get the car seats latched in... I had to enlist the help of the car rental employee checking the vehicle out to me.  But anyway, those two little things and I was wiped out.  I actually fell asleep waiting for the doctor to come in to see me, and I wasn't back there all that long.  Not the greatest.  Nor was it wonderful that almost each time he told me to take a deep breath I coughed hard afterwards.

So the verdict? Severe Bronchitis.  How this happens just from Sunday forward I have no idea.  But there it is.  And so I am working on my laptop in bed today as the doctor told me that I am to rest.  Working in bed is resting, right?  Well, it's as close as I'm getting because I teach a seminar on Tuesday and my paralegal is out on PTO for the rest of week as of 1/2 an hour from now.  No time to rest.  It's bad enough I'm missing 2 events this week and my friend Belle (who I do not blame at all for her decision) has opted out of our weekend visit because it would be a very bad time for her to be sick as well - lots going on at work and such.  But we'll reschedule and have lots of fun when we are both well.  But no training until I am feeling better either.  At this point, I'm determined to do the 1/2 Mary - even if I have to walk it!

But for now, I am drinking lots of hot mint tea, taking my Z-pack as prescribed, and the mucinex and Robitussin DM....

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The Angry Coughing Froggy Lady

That title is me.  I am coughing and when I do it hurts in my lungs.  I feel like I have an egg in my throat - even when I'm not coughing.  My chest feels heavy when I'm just sitting around, you know... breathing.  When I talk, I sound like a mess and am often interrupted by coughing while doing it.  Turns out my doctor's office is closed today.  The doctor and the PA (who are married) are out of town and have not left another doctor to see their patients in their absence.  Not sure I care for that, but I do love the PA.  If she were a doctor, she'd be the best doctor ever.... between her bedside manner and her knowledge and her ability to say I'm going to look into that for you, she rocks.  Anyway, I talked to the doctor on the phone because I put in a call since I had left a message and it appeared that the office was closed... they should have had something that said the office was closed until tomorrow not just the office is currently closed because that sounds like it's opening up today to me.  Anyway, I felt bad about bothering him when he was on vacation but I thought the office would be open or that the doctor on call would be a different doctor if the doctor was not in today.  But the pain and pressure are something that needs attention.  I don't mess with my lungs - my whole life I've been prone to bronchitis and have had some doozies of near pneumonia in my life, so I know what feels like I need to see a doctor and be on antibiotics... the throat thing is the part that I'm not sure about but the egg thing is not fun.  He told me that the office would be open tomorrow, he was out of town, but that they would work me in tomorrow and to call again in the morning and that there is a nasty bronchitis going around, get some mucinex DM and drink lots of fluids in the meantime. 

I then asked the question... can I be around people?  I'm supposed to be at an event tonight with about 15 small children and about 10-20 adults.  He said not to go. Stay home because I don't want to spread it around.  And that dear friends is why I am angry.  Not at the doctor but at the situation.

This whole getting sick thing is really inconveinent for me right now.  Today, this very day, is the very first session of our HIP Kids Club.  Seriously.  My Co-Chair, Assistant Co-Chairs and I have worked very hard getting this program together.  We've dealt with changes in administration at the center, dinners that cannot be provided the way we thought they would, hunting down speakers and food donors, and much more.  Our committee has been great in that they show up excited and ready to go.  This is our first week with the kids - we have 17 kids signed up, and I want to be there.  I want to meet them and talk with them and see "Our Kids" for the program.  I want to see how they react to our lady who is talking about the importance of breakfast - in a fun way - she's even doing a breakfast rap.  I want to see it and have fun.  I know there will be another session each month between now and May, but this is the FIRST one.  While I am tempted to go anyway, I won't unless my Co-Chair and Assistant Co-Chairs tell me to go because they want me there - germy and all - and I'll just keep my distance from everyone.... I don't want other people to get this.  It's not fun.  Mr. Darcy and Ladybug had this and both ended up on antibiotics, and now Angelfish and I have it.  I already told Angelfish that if her cough doesn't get better by Thursday, I'm taking her to the doctor on Friday.  But if it gets as bad as mine before then, I'm taking her immediately.

This week and next are just not a good time for me to be sick.  I have too much on tap. Tomorrow I have a networking event, so depending on whether the doctor says that I can go to that, I need to go.  I just sound terrible, so I'm not sure if that's the best plan.  Of course the doctor may tell me not to go to that too. Sigh.  Thursday is Open House at the girls' school.  Friday is a working lunch and a dinner party that evening (at our house no less).  Saturday I'm going to Tampa to spend girl time with Belle who is now settled in her new place (while Mr. Belle is on a guys weekend).  Sunday I have a meeting at 5 pm, and I have to pack because Monday and Tuesday I am in Pittsburgh for work, to return Tuesday night and head from the airport to our Junior League Council meeting.  Wednesday is a Junior League event in the evening followed by a UF Law Alumni Happy Hour on Thursday.  But Friday and after is much clearer sailing.  So, as you can see - I just don't have time for this.

And then of course there's my 1/2 MARY TRAINING!  My spirit is completely willing but this cold is getting in my way.  It's bad that when I talk it makes me cough, so I'm thinking that speed sets wouldn't have been a good idea this morning.  But I'm really getting annoyed.  Plus, the training always helps take the stress and the pounds away!

Let's hope this is better and fast!  Train hard so I can live vicariously!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Monday... Already?

What is that wierd hacking noise you ask? Only some odd cold that I have.  It's odd because I had a runny nose for a few hours and felt tired, and then woke up in the middle of the night after Ladybug kicked me on the hip bone and all of a sudden started hacking.  Which, in combination with my cardiology appointment this morning, cancelled this morning's workout... that hacking session where I tried not to pee my pants while hacking up the giant green glob convinced me that I should take the day off.

But we had a nice weekend... not much running got done, but there's always this week. I am optimistic.  Last week I got my 45 minute run in and my yoga, so that was good.  Friday I drove up to Gainesville and socialized first with law students and then with law alumni and some professors from UF Law.  By the end of the night my feet were killing me from my heels.  I need a pair that have a shorter heel.  I've deemed it so.  Saturday I was up early for our law council meetings and then wandered off with my friend Lauren and my lovely Mr. Darcy who turned 36 this weekend to the football game.  We won, but it wasn't pretty and it certainly wasn't looking good the first half.  Second half it was like they realized they could play football afterall.  And it was HOT.  So hot that I sweated clear through my clothes by the end of the 1st quarter.  Drank 4 bottles of water and did NOT have to pee until hours later, and poured water on my head only to have it evaporate before it even left the top of my head.  It reminded me of triathlon!

After that we caught up with friends of Mr. Darcy's (Mr. Darcy had spent Saturday morning with them... I have to admit I was surprised at their sobriety - I expected intoxication) for a little bit.  It was good to see the old guys Mr. Darcy hung out with in college.  Then we were off in search of food.  Ended up with a greasy burger and fries that for some odd reason tasted amazingly good.  Felt awful afterwards, but great while eating it.

Then we drove separately to Mr. Darcy's parents and saw the girls.  It was so wonderful to spend some time with the little ladies.  At bed time, I was so tired that I fell asleep with them in the guest room.  That Ladybug though, she's a bed hog.  And she kicked me 1st in the hip and then the knee.  I decided to save my joints and get up and that, dear friends is when the hacking began.  Not fair.

After birthday cake and party time for our niece and Mr. Darcy (4 and 36 respectively) we headed on home.  I drove the girls while they watched "Sleeping Beauty" followed by "Kung Fu Panda."  Along the way Angelfish told me I was "the most stupendous Mommy ever" and Ladybug figured out a way to wrap a beaded necklace around her hands so tightly that I had to pull over to untangle them - it was like she had on handcuffs.  If she didn't look so worried, I would have laughed my butt off right then and there.

Finally home, we skipped bath time and went straight to bed... okay, well, the girls went straight to their playroom and colored and we figured out ways to get them into their pajamas and then straight to bed.  This morning we all tried to pry ourselves out of bed, and I discovered Mr. Darcy failed to tell me that Ladybug had homework (yes, VPK homework) due this morning.  We decorated our fabric swatch with glitter and drawings in marker.  Not sure if that's what the teacher was looking for in "decorate this fabric swatch with your child and return"or not, but that's what we did.  Ladybug had her own ideas and didn't want my help anyway, although I successfully suggested a flower as part of her artwork.  Then it was off to the cardiologist.

When I got to see the doctor, he asked me what I had been doing differently.  I told him I hadn't really been running or anything in the past month or so but that I had cut out processed food from my diet as much as possible.  I thought he was going to tell me something bad, but he said that my VAP test was awesome.  My cholesterol was down to 113 and my particles were now large and buoyant again, and he was happy that my weight had gone down a bit too.  Go ZONE!  So I am charged with keeping it up, although he suggested I also go back to my exercising.  I told him that was the plan since I have a 1/2 Mary in November.  And then I coughed my lungs out.

Delta also messed with me today - moved my flights to visit my friend in New Hamshire to the point that it was ridiculous.  At 1st they told me that I would have to take crazy flights that would make me only be there for about 1 1/2 days out of what was supposed to be a 3 day visit when we 1st scheduled it.  Then they said that if I didn't like what they could give me they would give me my money back.  I asked if they could just change the flights for me to add another day and they said I'd have to pay change fees and all of that.  I hung up and said I'd call back.  I found flights that were cheaper than what I paid for but adding a day, so I called and told them to refund my flight, they sent me to another person who did what they should have done all along.  The last person waived the flight change fee because it was Delta's fault, and then refunded the $79 that was more than the flight they moved me to, and booked me on the new flight with a seat assignment.  So I went from being annoyed to being happy all in one fell swoop.

Our 1st HIP Kids event is tommorrow.  I'm pretty happy about that... although we still don't have an exact number for the group yet.  It's supposed to be around 15, but the director of the facility could only tell the other Co-Chair that parents have been signing their children up and that she'd have to figure out the exact number for us because she didn't know.  As long as kids are signing up... I had a nightmare a week or so ago that we had everything perfectly planned, but no children to attend.  In the dream there were reporters and all sorts of craziness too.  I doubt that will happen, but it's nice to have your subconscious soothed as well.

Tomorrow is supposed to be a speed set.  I plan to do it unless the hacking gets worse.... or I get a fever.  I am hoping neither of those occur.  This girl needs to run!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

A Nutty Few Days... but then What's New!

We had a nice Labor Day weekend.  I even bought some suits (work ones, not tri ones), or so I thought.  I did 5 miles with a friend too.  YAY! 

Tuesday morning I went to do some routine bloodwork - checking to see if my cholesterol went back to happy bouncy cholesterol instead of the crunchy kind thanks to my thyroid.  I decided I would stop by the tailor with my new suits.  Turns out my lovely suits could not be altered.  I'm not sure if I ever told you all that I'm built like a swimmer - or a line backer depending on your perspective - and always have been.  I have very broad shoulders.  Even back before the twins when I was a size 4/6, I always had to get at least an 8 in the suit jacket and then have it tailored in.  Many times what fits in my body does NOT fit in the shoulders - the end of my shoulder usually ends up 1 inch past the seam where the sleeve begins.  Well, to get the suit jacket to fit, I had to have a certain size which also made it 1 size too big in the waist, etc.  But they were pieced in such a way that you couldn't shorten the sleeves OR take in the back, waist or chest.  Okay, well, you could but it would cost almost as much as the jacket did to begin with.  So I found out I had no suits after all and would have to take them back.

So I hatched the plan to work the day and then use my lunch at the end of the day to have a little more time to shop.  Mr. Darcy would pick up the ladies.  I discovered that a scaly patch of skin I had found 2 months ago was still there, and got an appointment with a determatologist for today (yay for whoever cancelled)!  My Mom had basal cell carcinoma when I was younger, so I don't play games with these things.  Then  I set about my business and around 11:30, I get a call from daycare.

Angelfish fell while playing on the playground equipment (there's a bridge that connects two parts of the play area - she was running, tripped and fell) and split her chin right open.  Two years ago she did something similar while running on tile at daycare.  But this time, when I got there and saw it, I was pretty sure she split it right down to the fat layer.  I rushed her to the urgent care center only to be told that I could "have an appointment for 3 pm" that day.  When I asked why they were trying to make an appointment because wasn't it an urgent care center? They told me that they did appointments now.  I told them that was crazy because if I wanted to wait for an appointment or for 3 hours to have my daughter who was bleeding seen, I'd go to the ER or call her pediatrician. I'm still perplexed as to how it's an urgent care center if they're giving out appointments.  It would have been one thing if they had told me that there was an estimated 3 hour wait (which I asked and they said not necessarily but this is how they're doing things), but to give me an appointment? 

Anyway.  So I called her pediatrician and found out that they could squeeze us in at 12:20.  It was 11:47.  I was a woman on a mission, and we got there by 12:15.  The pediatrician's office is across town.  Angelfish  is a complete trouper.  She told me she cried at first when her boo boo happened, but the school told me that she stopped after a minute or so and asked if she could have a bandaid so she could keep playing!  She didn't cry when I looked at it, and only when I asked if she was doing okay while we were in the car did she say that her chin hurt - it was throbbing.  The only time she wimpered was when the doctor was looking at it and she thought she might get a shot!  The kid is tough.  Her pain tolerance is a little scary, actually.

Mr. Darcy took his lunch hour to bring us some lunch because Angelfish hadn't gotten to eat because she was hurt.  He hung out with us and then went back to work after the appointment was over.  Then due to Angelfish's incessant interest in her newly glued chin and the seri strips on top, I took the rest of the day off.

Angelfish and I played ball for a little and then went shopping.  Along the way we were talking and singing and having a grand ol' time when all of a sudden I see a police car with flashing lights behind me.  I glance down and low and behold I am driving 60 in a 45.  I had no clue I was driving so fast and there was no one around us for miles on the road.  I pull over with that feeling like you just want to vomit.  But I was driving that fast, and I believe in the consequences of our actions so I was ready for the ticket.  The police officer was a very nice man.  I apologized to him and told him that I had been talking and singing with my daughter and did not even realize I was speeding until I saw his lights and then looked down at my spedometer.  And he asked me, "So m'am.  When you glanced down at your dash, how fast were you going?"  I told him that I wasn't going to lie to him, I was doing 60.  He said that was exactly what he clocked me at.  Told me that the fines for speeding recently went up in our county and that my ticket would be $404.  I almost burst into tears, but I didn't.  I don't believe in the boo hooing.  But I could tell that he realized that I was exasperated by the price and overwhelmed.  He asked me how my driving record was.  I told him it was good, but was honest and said that I had a warning for speeding several months ago because my aunt had died, I wasn't paying attention to my speed and didn't realize that the speed wasn't 65 anymore but was 55 in the spot I was at, and while I realized that didn't really substantiate my statement that I don't speed regularly I wasn't going to lie to him either.  He took my driver's license and disappeared into his car.  For what seemed like an eternity later, he came back.  He asked me how old my daughter was - I told him she was 4 and we weren't having a very good day because she split her chin open earlier and we were off to walk around the mall since I had taken the rest of the day off of work to be with her.  He then did a very, very nice thing and told me that he was going to make my day better because he was not going to give me a ticket.  He told me I really needed to pay attention to my speed, and sent me on my way.  I really wanted to throw up about the whole thing, that his kindness was astounding to me.

We made it to the shops, where Angelfish exclaimed at how beautiful the mall was.  It really is, if you stop to look at it.  She was amazing - she colored and talked to me, and even told me what she thought of what I tried on.  We rode every escalator, elevator and took all the stairs we came to in the mall, but it was fun to shop with her.  I ended up returning my suits and not finding anything else - the other things I liked on also had issues with being able to be tailored.  So I'm without a skirt suit for the Law Alumni Council meetings, but I'll wear a pant suit and survive I'm sure.  I've been reading how pant suits are a no-no for female attorneys so, I really didn't want to wear one but it was that or a suit dress, and I think the pant suit will work out better - don't want to be taken for the secretary instead (which is what the book I'm reading says happens when you don't wear a jacket over a dress). But I will survive.

We made it home in time for dinner with Mr. Darcy and Ladybug.  Turns out that Holland was so worried about Angelfish that he knocked on Mr. Darcy's window as they were leaving daycare to find out how she was. Very cute!  After all of that excitement I was a bit tired, so once we got the girls in bed, I fell asleep too.

This morning I headed off to the dermatologist... I had a head to toe skin inspection, and the doctor asked me "With your fair skin and light eyes, you stay out of the sun right?" To which I answered, well I'm a triathlete so no... but I use a lot of sunscreen.  To which I got the response - I'm surprised you don't have a lot more skin damage.  And that scaly spot? They think it's a patch of extra dry skin and gave me a cream to use on it.  If it goes away, all is well.  If after a month it is still there and still scaly, I go in for a biopsy.  So I'm voting for the cream to make things go away. Evidently as "we age" spots like this can occur.  I loved how it was related to age, and was extra glad that I made sure to do my strength work this morning so that didn't stress me out as much as it would have otherwise.

I've got a 45 minute run on tap for tomorrow, which I am looking forward to.  The stress of the past few days seems to make that run all the more desirable.  Along with a margarita.  But I'm resisting the margarita and placing all my hopes into the run instead.  Much healthier option.  Plus, I won't have to clean the blender.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

2 Miles and a Plan!

This morning, I ran 2.1 miles (to be exact).  I have to admit that I did the short run because well, I was a little bit scared.  I know it's silly - the allergist said I'm fine and all that.  But it was like recurring nightmares of back when I was 16 and almost died.  So I decided 1st day on the open road (and yes, I'm still running by myself because this whole trying to have someone to workout when I'm able in my crazy schedule ends up with me not working out and last night I decided it was enough), I would go 2 miles.  I didn't wear a heart rate monitor or a watch.  I simply noted the time when I left and when I got back. 

During my run, I thought that perhaps my asthma was acting up (which I think it was).  But it eventually seemed to subside - I had to think hard about my breathing and slowing it and all, but it worked.  I ran for longish distances (it was 2 miles after all) and then walked a little and ran.  I figured it was close approximation of my 5/1s.

The nice surprise was to return home and discover I had run the 2 miles in 21:38. Beautiful!  Around a 10:19 pace.  You can't shake a stick at it for being out of things for about a month!

So then I turned my attention to an email I got reminding me about the Women's 1/2 Marathon in St. Pete that I'm registered to run in.  And I put together my plan for the next 11 weeks. Oh yeah.  I may not end up being super fast (or even beat my time from earlier this year), but I'm gonna get her done!  I've got one day with yoga, 2 days with cycling, 3 days of running on the calendar.  Yup, I know.  There's no swimming on it.  I decided that for the rest of the year I'm focusing on the run primarily and some cycling.  There's some strength training in there too.  Besides, Mr. Darcy is no where close to using our Y membership and he's finally admitted it, so we will be keeping the $55 per month in our pockets from now on.  And the $37 from the LA Fitness got scrapped too because I only use it for the pool 1-2 times a week.  I may get myself out to Lucky's on some of those bike days if I miss it too much.  But for now, I'm going to focus on the 1/2 Mary.  And in January I'm going to see about those triathlons again.

But in a way this is my version of cutting myself a break.  I've missed my training a ton in the past month.  But I'm also running around between networking and Junior League and my dayjob. And something has to give.  I love Mr. Darcy and the Liliputians  (Great name for a rock band if anyone is looking for one.)  so I'm not going to cut into more time with them than I already am.  I'm still eating healthy as can be and sticking to my zone paleo eating - although I falter every once in awhile but it's usually only once in the week at most and I attempt to balance it.

Funny thing is that I haven't been that hungry since I wasn't working out.  Today I've been ravenous - 2 miles running must have kick started things.  So I'm drinking a bunch of water and sticking to the zone. : )

I'm excited abotu my training plan.  I'm going to do yoga tomorrow for an hour and then run on Saturday for 4 miles.... hopefully with my friend J who is doing the race with me.  She and I figured that at the very least we'll finish and get that cool medal!  And if I end up beating my earlier race, great!