Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The Verdict

I had a feeling this morning what the doctor was going to say.  I woke up knowing I had to take the car to get repaired and pick up the rental car since it's supposed to be in the shop until Friday (which I wonder why since my little dent is NOTHING compared to every other car I saw in the car yard today - there was one vehicle whose entire backend was in pieces on the ground behind it.  I couldn't help but look and wonder at whether everyone was okay in those other collisions.  Mine literally is just a pushed in corner with some missing paint on the left corner of my bumper and nothing else.).  I could barely talk and my cough sounded a bit like a barking dog, and worst of all my chest felt super heavy while just breathing.  The tell tale signs of bronchitis.

I got up and did what I needed to do, showing up in a Gold Chevy Impala whose engine is so quiet that I can't tell if it's on while I'm driving.  It's so quiet it's a little disconcerting.  It took some doing to get the car seats latched in... I had to enlist the help of the car rental employee checking the vehicle out to me.  But anyway, those two little things and I was wiped out.  I actually fell asleep waiting for the doctor to come in to see me, and I wasn't back there all that long.  Not the greatest.  Nor was it wonderful that almost each time he told me to take a deep breath I coughed hard afterwards.

So the verdict? Severe Bronchitis.  How this happens just from Sunday forward I have no idea.  But there it is.  And so I am working on my laptop in bed today as the doctor told me that I am to rest.  Working in bed is resting, right?  Well, it's as close as I'm getting because I teach a seminar on Tuesday and my paralegal is out on PTO for the rest of week as of 1/2 an hour from now.  No time to rest.  It's bad enough I'm missing 2 events this week and my friend Belle (who I do not blame at all for her decision) has opted out of our weekend visit because it would be a very bad time for her to be sick as well - lots going on at work and such.  But we'll reschedule and have lots of fun when we are both well.  But no training until I am feeling better either.  At this point, I'm determined to do the 1/2 Mary - even if I have to walk it!

But for now, I am drinking lots of hot mint tea, taking my Z-pack as prescribed, and the mucinex and Robitussin DM....


  1. Aaahh, not good. I hope you feel better soon so you can get ready to run the 1/2 mary.

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