Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The Angry Coughing Froggy Lady

That title is me.  I am coughing and when I do it hurts in my lungs.  I feel like I have an egg in my throat - even when I'm not coughing.  My chest feels heavy when I'm just sitting around, you know... breathing.  When I talk, I sound like a mess and am often interrupted by coughing while doing it.  Turns out my doctor's office is closed today.  The doctor and the PA (who are married) are out of town and have not left another doctor to see their patients in their absence.  Not sure I care for that, but I do love the PA.  If she were a doctor, she'd be the best doctor ever.... between her bedside manner and her knowledge and her ability to say I'm going to look into that for you, she rocks.  Anyway, I talked to the doctor on the phone because I put in a call since I had left a message and it appeared that the office was closed... they should have had something that said the office was closed until tomorrow not just the office is currently closed because that sounds like it's opening up today to me.  Anyway, I felt bad about bothering him when he was on vacation but I thought the office would be open or that the doctor on call would be a different doctor if the doctor was not in today.  But the pain and pressure are something that needs attention.  I don't mess with my lungs - my whole life I've been prone to bronchitis and have had some doozies of near pneumonia in my life, so I know what feels like I need to see a doctor and be on antibiotics... the throat thing is the part that I'm not sure about but the egg thing is not fun.  He told me that the office would be open tomorrow, he was out of town, but that they would work me in tomorrow and to call again in the morning and that there is a nasty bronchitis going around, get some mucinex DM and drink lots of fluids in the meantime. 

I then asked the question... can I be around people?  I'm supposed to be at an event tonight with about 15 small children and about 10-20 adults.  He said not to go. Stay home because I don't want to spread it around.  And that dear friends is why I am angry.  Not at the doctor but at the situation.

This whole getting sick thing is really inconveinent for me right now.  Today, this very day, is the very first session of our HIP Kids Club.  Seriously.  My Co-Chair, Assistant Co-Chairs and I have worked very hard getting this program together.  We've dealt with changes in administration at the center, dinners that cannot be provided the way we thought they would, hunting down speakers and food donors, and much more.  Our committee has been great in that they show up excited and ready to go.  This is our first week with the kids - we have 17 kids signed up, and I want to be there.  I want to meet them and talk with them and see "Our Kids" for the program.  I want to see how they react to our lady who is talking about the importance of breakfast - in a fun way - she's even doing a breakfast rap.  I want to see it and have fun.  I know there will be another session each month between now and May, but this is the FIRST one.  While I am tempted to go anyway, I won't unless my Co-Chair and Assistant Co-Chairs tell me to go because they want me there - germy and all - and I'll just keep my distance from everyone.... I don't want other people to get this.  It's not fun.  Mr. Darcy and Ladybug had this and both ended up on antibiotics, and now Angelfish and I have it.  I already told Angelfish that if her cough doesn't get better by Thursday, I'm taking her to the doctor on Friday.  But if it gets as bad as mine before then, I'm taking her immediately.

This week and next are just not a good time for me to be sick.  I have too much on tap. Tomorrow I have a networking event, so depending on whether the doctor says that I can go to that, I need to go.  I just sound terrible, so I'm not sure if that's the best plan.  Of course the doctor may tell me not to go to that too. Sigh.  Thursday is Open House at the girls' school.  Friday is a working lunch and a dinner party that evening (at our house no less).  Saturday I'm going to Tampa to spend girl time with Belle who is now settled in her new place (while Mr. Belle is on a guys weekend).  Sunday I have a meeting at 5 pm, and I have to pack because Monday and Tuesday I am in Pittsburgh for work, to return Tuesday night and head from the airport to our Junior League Council meeting.  Wednesday is a Junior League event in the evening followed by a UF Law Alumni Happy Hour on Thursday.  But Friday and after is much clearer sailing.  So, as you can see - I just don't have time for this.

And then of course there's my 1/2 MARY TRAINING!  My spirit is completely willing but this cold is getting in my way.  It's bad that when I talk it makes me cough, so I'm thinking that speed sets wouldn't have been a good idea this morning.  But I'm really getting annoyed.  Plus, the training always helps take the stress and the pounds away!

Let's hope this is better and fast!  Train hard so I can live vicariously!

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