Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Love is in the Air - or at least the Love Bugs are...

It is love bug season here in Orlando, and it's a rather cosmic infestation this year.  The girls' daycare is evidently extremely attractive to the love bugs, as one day the entire front of the building was covered in love bugs.  Over the weekend, they had even found their way into the girls' classrooms through a crack somewhere and the floor was covered with dead love bugs.

Now, I'm not sure about you all, but when you can't walk outside without getting love bugs on you it doesn't really induce me to want to run or bike.  Especially bike - I envision my face having those splattered love bugs all over it like my windshield does. Yuck.  And that goes double yuck when I think about the fact that those love bugs that are stuck together are in fact copulating. Double yuck.

Monday I took the girls to daycare, so that took up my morning workout time.  Tuesday I did an hour of yoga, and the 2nd half hour was a difficult third eye opening sequence with planks, side planks and more that left me super sweaty... and made my tricepts and my hamstrings a little sore.  I take it as a good thing.  This morning, I was stressing over some stuff that I can't talk about in the blog just yet, so I got up and sent a few emails and then went for a 2 mile run.  I did it in just a little under 20 minutes, which I was happy with.  It's my first run since the bronchitis and I only stopped coughing sometime around last Friday.  My lungs felt good, but my mind was all over the place.  I figured since I haven't really run, run in about 2 months (very pathetic to see that in writing) I would start with a good solid run for 2 miles.  I didn't wear a watch so I'm pretty sure my running stretches were longer than 5 minutes, especially since I hit the half mile mark before I walked a minute and then didn't walk again until after I hit the mile mark, or the 1.4 mile mark and then didn't walk until I got home.  All in all I was pleased.  Although I realized that I need to wear my watch and do the 5/1's because it's like a contract with myself - I know I am going to run for 5 and walk for 1.  When I run without my watch, my brain likes to try to say things to me like "you can stop here and then walk to there and then run." and sometimes its after just a silly little space of distance... and it wasn't just today, it's every time I don't run with a watch.  So my running watch will be my constant running companion from this point out.  It had rained yesterday, and evidently the love bugs don't like rain because I had a nice love bug free run. : )

Of course, love bug season has caused some interesting discussions around our house.  Ladybug has decided that she loves the love bugs.  As she tells me, "Mommy, I love the love bugs and they love me too."  She is very sensitive to all of God's creatures, including red ants and any other sort of bug.  She was a bit distraught one day though and asked me "Do love bugs suck all the love out of your heart when they land on you?"  I told her no, and asked where she heard that one.  From one of her little daycare friends who I happen to know that her parents just got divorced.  So I had to explain why they are called love bugs.  But, since I personally am not ready to have the S-E-X discussion with my 4 year olds (mainly because Mr. Darcy would  probably pass out), I left the fact that the bugs are copulating out of the discussion.  I told her that they are called love bugs because the ones that are attached to each other are like people who are in love - they always want to be together.  Then she asked "but what about the ones that aren't attached?"  I had to think quick, so I said "those are the ones still looking for their true love."  Other than saying she was sad for those love bugs because they were lonely, she was good with that.  You have to be a quick thinker with these kids...

We've also been working on manners, and it must be sinking in because this weekend Angelfish was having a difficult time saying "surprise" - she kept saying "urpise."  So I helped her by saying the word for her and really emphasizing the "sur" part of the word.  To which she responded, "Mommy? Is it "sirprise" and "m'am prise"?  Mr. Darcy and I had a nice laugh over that one and I of course explained that while it sounds similar it's two different things.

And that my friends, is all the news that is fit to print... for now!


  1. I have never come across a flying bug that I havent accidently inhaled on a trail run... lol

  2. Great post..I enjoyed reading..Nice..Keep it up!!!