Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Joining the Circus

Thank you all for your comments to my last post.  They made me smile.

Lately, that's sometimes how I've felt.  Like I was part of a crazy ol' circus.  Things will settle down and then more bumps in the road appear to get me going again.

The identity theft appears to have been more of a hassle and a bit frightening than anything.  No money has been taken or charged improperly at this point, and we think we're in the process of having the credit bureaus in line as well.  So that is good.  Knock on wood.

The allergies... well, I'm still waiting for that appointment next week.  Today was torture not to work out.  If I feel like this tomorrow morning, I may just have to break down and do a yoga video.  Just a half hour one.  Because I seriously am going through physical activity withdrawal... which makes me a little grumpy at times.  This is where I step into the Big Circus Tent

HIP Kids.  I love HIP Kids.  My co-chair and assistant co-chairs are awesome.  I feel like we're becoming friends and I really like chatting with them and seeing them.... which is a good thing because since June we've pretty much seen each other every week. No joke.  We are women on a mission and all quite capable of making things happen.  We've gotten our logo designed and approved by Marketing and Branding, and as of today will have our labels ordered for our food packs.  We've got a great committee of women who are all signed up to plan their event for the kids, and have their theme idea and are starting to plan.  We have a good speaker for our 1st Family Night.  We have our ducks in a row.  BUT then there are issues like the food bank telling us they can't help us at all with dinner for the Family Nights - so we're racing around trying to find a donor/someplace we can order in budget; and we had to push the 1st dinner Night back a month.  The center is changing directors and we're not sure how many kids we'll have for the 1st session... let alone if the new director will want to change anything, but we're hoping to meet with her soon... it's just the fear of the unknown in light of all our hardwork!  And then our good packs were supposed to start delivery on Aug. 27th. But the food bank emailed and said they delayed ordering the food in order to get a lower price so there is no food for us to pack - or distribute - oh and they can't get us in to pack our food until September 25.  So if there's no food packed, that means we miss not 1 but 3 food pack deliveries.  Not okay.  So we're trying to work it out with them pretty much as we speak.  This is the main event ring of my circus, but I do love it all the same.

Those are the main things.  The little things involve things that I love and keep me busy too.  Like trying to get more involved with the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society because I love Team in Training and it's mission but right now cannot add a TNT event to my plate.  And doctor's appointments.

Good news from the doctor's appointment... I've lost 12 pounds and the nutritionist told me that what I am doing is exactly what I need to do. She happens to be friends with 2 professional triathletes so that was cool to talk about.  I'm hoping that when I go back in 6 months to check on the ol' thyroid (which is still doing fine on the medicine) I'll be even smaller than I am now. 

And little Ladies.  Angelfish was a sad little girl yesterday.  She even broke into tears at daycare because she wanted her Mommy.  So I snuggled up with her and gave kissy monster kisses (I cover her face with little noisy kisses) and tickled her and chatted.  It makes me wonder if balance isn't quite being achieved between work, my extracurriculars, and family.  Although today she was a happy little imp dressed in a pink frilly skirt and shirt that is white with multicolor flowers, singing about muffins and coloring before leaving for school.  It could have just been the day. Funny how I'm always finding fault with myself first.

Yesterday Ladybug picked out my jewelry for the day - she actually did a good job.  Today she insisted that if I was to wear pants (she wanted me to wear a dress but I wore a suit dress Monday and a skirt outfit yesterday), that I had to wear a cute pair of white capris and a turquoise tunic top.  Kind of dressed up to sit in my house and work and do conference calls, but I'll look good for the mandatory VPK orientation meeting tonight.

That's right - they're starting VPK on Monday!  I can't believe that they are getting to be such big kids.  I definitely can see myself crying on the 1st day of Kindergarden - maybe even the 1st day of VPK.  My little ladies...

Life may be a circus right now, but its my circus and to be quite honest I wouldn't trade a minute of it - other than the identity theft stuff - for the world.


  1. They are so cute!!
    Nice to meet you. I am looking forward to reading more of your blog.

    I also have allergies, making me a slow, wheezing triathlete!! Hope yours get better soon.