Monday, August 9, 2010

The Opposite of Good with Positive Reminders

Would be BAD.  And that's kind of where I'm at right now.  Rather happy that I will have my 1st meeting with the Y's tri team this evening.  Informational 1st and then a small workout.  Not sure whether I'm going to be happy with the results of the workout as it's been 3 weeks since my last real workout (not counting yoga).  But so it goes.

I am writing this in a way to remind myself about the good stuff... my Mom is still doing good; my parents are healthy in general at the moment, Mr. Darcy and the little ladies are healthy, we have jobs and a roof over our head, and food in the pantry and refrigerator.

The bad.  Little frustrations all around, lack of outlet for stress, oh and someone stole Mr. Darcy's identity.  Yup.  Not sure if I mentioned that someone had changed the address on his credit card account, and we got that straightened out.  Mr. Darcy told me I was being over dramatic when I told him, they're coming and they're going to try to steal all our money.  Have I mentioned before that I have this annoying tendency of being right about things 95% of the time? (Possibly higher.)  Well, it's true.  And it's friggin' annoying. 

They went after the bank accounts.  But I have to give Bank of America props.  Big props.  They caught it.  And our money is still where it should be... in our pockets. Not some two bit, good for nothing punk who not only has the uncommon undecency to steal Mr. Darcy's information (to the point that they called and provided personal information in a positively scary way in order to do what they did) but even worse is using the address of a church as a front to their scheme.  Well, my theory is that God has a much bigger reach than I do (via the police of course - no vigilantism on my part), so if karma doesn't get them on earth they will have one heck of an after life.

But that's how I spent a good chunk of the end of last week and the weekend.  Dealing with things.  Police reports. Credit bureaus, etc.  As did Mr. Darcy.  We even filed stuff with the FTC and the Postal Inspector.  And on all documents, we want to prosecute if they ever catch the MoFo.  (Sorry, that's the best I can do for censoring today.)

So to say the least, I'm REALLY looking forward to getting back into working out.  I've missed my training regimen.  The angry side of me finds it almost an inspiration to try to get the FBI or some other type of government group to take me (if I'm not going to be too old - this 35 year old rule is really a little silly.  I do triathlons. I'm not too old.) so I can do financial fraud investigations.  Problem of uprooting the family every so many years is really the only deterrent at the moment.

But I am counting my blessings.  Things could have been worse.  The family is all safe and sound despite Mr. Darcy and I feeling a bit violated.  I can hope and pray that the person gets caught, although even with the cellphone number they tried to claim was our new phone number I am doubtful they'll get caught. 

My positive mind is a bit grey and cloudy.  Bring on the workouts!

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  1. That really sucks. No one should have to go through that.