Thursday, July 29, 2010

Crazy Times

Thanks for all your comments on my last post!  It's been a crazy week, and I think the inability to run or bike this week has helped add to my craziness.  The other day I had so much energy in the evening that I ended up straightening the entire house, including my office, and then filed and painted my nails.  By 10:30 pm (which it is rare for me to see on a clock), Mr. Darcy was already sound asleep and I was making myself lay down in bed to coax myself to sleep.  Of course, it could be the sudafed too... luckily I'm only taking one dose in the morning...

Tuesday was "breakfast" with the Mayor.  It was a wonderful meeting.  He was really interested in our HIP Kids Program, and I got to say a few words about what we were doing and the sessions we had planned so far.  He was happy to say that it really fit with his vision of what that area needs and that we also were adding a nutrition component which was something they didn't really have the ability to address as readily... and then he said they were going to look into whether the Community Garden had any plots available and if it did, he was going to have them set aside for the HIP Kids Program. Oh Yeah!  The discussion was wonderful, but the breakfast (I ate before hand thank goodness) was a plate with muffins on it and a break room type set up for coffee.  They should have said it was a Meet and Greet or a Morning Chat, not a breakfast.  I had an idea of well, breakfast, eating and then chatting because they said "Come have breakfast with the Mayor."  But that was the only "drawback" and it was very minor.  Afterwards we had our group take a picture with the Mayor for their records and ours.  I have to say, it was the highlight of the day.

Yesterday was crazy in general.  At 10:30 I was given a research project that had to be done by the end of the day, and that was a bit like finding a needle in a haystack - and the haystack happened to be state and federal cases for 10 states.  I really enjoy reading cases and case law and doing research, but this was a bit much.  I had one search with 200 cases resulting, another with 181 results, and another with 36.  I had to laugh because the 36 were ones that I had already seen in my 1st 2 searches (and luckily there were duplicates in those too).  How many cases did I find that were at least close to on point (there weren't a lot that were 100% on point because the question was definitely a needle) out of all of those? 11.  I finished at 6:27 right before I was supposed to have my Junior League chairs over for our meeting at 7 pm.  Mr. Darcy was kind enough to pick up the kids and attempt to take them to gymnastics (which was not going on because it was the 5th week in the month), then went to the store and picked up food for dinner.  He forgot that I asked him to pick up fruit, cheese and crackers too, so he headed back for the cheese and crackers while I showered (luckily I had done yoga that morning and didn't sweat TOO much) and got ready.  I cut up the fruit we had in the house and made a little fruit platter.  Then it was meeting time, which went well.  I really like the ladies who are part of the committee leadership with me.  Then we got the kids in bed and I pretty much fell asleep while watching TV with Mr. Darcy.

Today is hopefully going to be a slower paced day.  I took the girls to school this morning.  Ladybug was cracking me up... she wanted to have "cereal squares" (Quaker Oats Oatmeal Squares cereal) in a bag.  But she originally wanted to eat them with a spoon.  I told her she could but that it might be a little difficult for her... so she decided to use chopsticks.  Yup.  Chopsticks.  She ate her cereal out of the bag by picking up one or two squares at a time with the chopsticks, and even handed a few to Angelfish on the way to school.  Those kids are a hoot!  And I've having lunch with a friend.  And working. And hopefully resting so I can get back to my exercising!!

Yoga in the morning.  I'm hoping to get the kids and Mr. Darcy out of the house early enough that I can do an hour's worth.  Fingers crossed... What workouts are you all doing? (So I can live vicariously...)

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  1. no spin class? I was going to give it a go again tomorrow.