Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Trainer Tuesday

Ah yes, today was a trainer Tuesday. I can't quite say that I enjoyed it. I put my tri bike on the trainer for the 1st time hoping that it would not be as tortuous as it is on the road bike. While it was still a little easier, the trainer is still not my thing. I couldn't get going very fast on it either. It's amazing how I can be on the trainer pedaling at a 90 cadence but having to be in a super easy gear that would be too easy for the road, but for whatever reason the other gears are too hard. I'm certain that I have something set too hard on the trainer, but for the life of me I can't figure it out.

Anyway. I did a 15 minute warm up in aero at essentially an 86 cadence. Then the evil 1 legged drills. The first 2 minutes of the first one wasn't that bad. And then. It got really hard. By the end of the 5 minutes, my leg was screaming at me. I could feel the tendon near my hip. My lower abs were none to happy either. But, I did it. Then I switched legs. And this is when Angelfish woke up and wandered into the room in her pajamas, climbed up onto the ottoman that I was using to rest my left leg and gave me a big hug and stayed there. So, I had added resistance. Mr. Darcy eventually arrived after helping Ladybug and shooed Angelfish into the other room. Ladybug chatted with me for a few minutes while I pedaled. Then I switched legs and Angelfish wandered back into the room and this time hugged the right leg as it rested. We chatted while I pedaled, and my HR monitor started beeping at me because amazingly even though I couldn't get my one legged pedalling higher than 45-55 cadence, my HR was under 120.
Angelfish said: (with her hand cupped to her ear) "what's that beeping?"
Mommy: "My heart rate monitor. It's telling me my heart rate is too slow so I need to pedal faster."
Angelfish: "Pedal faster Mommy, pedal faster!"
Mommy: "I would if I could, honey."
Angelfish: "You need to eat your workout food?"
Mommy: "not right now, sweetie."
Angelfish: "Can I eat it?"
Mommy: "No, but you can have yogurt for breakfast."
Angelfish: (as she wandered off because Mr. Darcy removed her from my leg) "I'm hugging my Mommy!"

So, I'm wondering... do I get credit for extra resistance??

Today I head to the chiropractor for a follow up appointment... he mentioned something about a medically necessary massage, but I'm not sure if that was for this appointment or not. My back is not nearly as clicky as it was, but I do have a click here or there sometimes. It is unfortunately, as stiff as it was. Of course, I have been bad about remembering to do the 10 minute hot compress. But I've been good about my stretches and I have a feeling the stretches are more important than the hot compress. I just want to be ready to go for my early morning 4 mile run tomorrow (and the 2000 m swim later that day too).

Which reminds me, I did my 2200 m swim in about 1 hour and 15 minutes yesterday. I figure that's pretty good since I had to wait 2 minutes between each 500 m interval. I had to thank the aquarobics instructor though because I was running behind schedule (where the heck did my goggles and swim cap go to? I have to find them because the goggles I'm using are not nearly as good and the other swim cap ripped when I went to put it on yesterday...) and 6 pm is their scheduled class time. They shared the pool (I got in the far lane and they took down all of the other lane ropes and took over the rest of the pool) for a few minutes of their class. It was a little odd to be swimming by people running in the water - some even had shoes on - but it got the job done! Back to the pool tomorrow... but hopefully I'll finish before they begin again!

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