Monday, June 15, 2009

The end of my blog.

This is the last post in my blog. Thank you for those of you who have been reading. I have ben told that no one wants to read about what I am going through in my daily life when it is not happy and light. Thus, there will be no more blog and I will keep all such daily struggles to myself.

Thanks again to all my readers.


  1. Tell who ever said that to you to SHOVE it. Or let me tell them. Life isn't happy and light, trust me I know this all to well.

    Please don't let anyone stop you from blogging. I love reading your blog, it lets me know I don't always have to like my training. And sometimes I need to read about your bad run to know that it is ok that I had a shitty run.

    And these people that are telling you not to blog better being training for an IronMan too, otherwise they don't have a leg to stand on. If you stop, they win....please don't let them win!

  2. Oh sweet Kate, I know I should not lurk here as I do, but I love your blog. I love knowing that you bike swom and run for my Angie. I love having you to inspire me to go out and do my own training walks. It makes me want to cry that someone would tell you not to blog, or to tri. Be true to YOURSELF and everything will fall into place. John was not exaclty accepting when I decided to walk 60 miles and leave him to himself for three days, and countless days and hours while I trained. But slowly he saw how important this is to me, and now he even considers the idea of joining me someday. I hope hope hope someday you too will walk with me. (you know it's not too late for this year =D I can help you with the fundraising!) I just hope you don't put down your blog, I would miss it very very much. All my love,