Tuesday, June 2, 2009

The Craziest Thing is...

The craziest thing is that out of today's training session, the 3 mile run at the end was enjoyable. In all of my strangest realities, a run was not something I would ever have described as enjoyable. Yet, today, I had a nice time and enjoyed myself as I took in the scenery. The correct response to this normally would be what I said to Ladybug the other day when she declared that she liked carrots and proceeded to eat all of her carrots, "who are you and what have you done with the real you?" But it is true, the evolution of my running appears to be nearing completion in that I am actually enjoying my runs lately. Of course, they've all been 3-4 mile runs as of late so we'll probably have to reassess after Friday's 7 miler. But I have a feeling, I'm going to have enjoyed it more than I used to.

Of course, I had just spent 20 miles on the trainer attempting to stay in aero as long as possible and I had to use my road bike because the seat is loose on the tri-bike. (I have to take it in to get the seat repositioned and tightened so it does not move.) First, I must admit that I hate the trainer. Staring at the grill of the fireplace screen while pedaling away is not my idea of a good time. I love to ride outside. The scenery, the wind in my face, paying attention to all that is around me to prevent harm to my person, it all keeps you in the moment and enjoying it. The trainer could put you to sleep if you let it. But, I finished my 20 miles staying in aero as much as possible, which was probably about 3/4 of it because I didn't stay in aero for the 1st 15 minutes as I warmed up or when I drank or ate some nutrition, or when fast forwarding through commercials in "What Not to Wear." This weekend was the most enjoyable bike ride of my short cycling career and today (perhaps because Saturday was so wonderful) was the most boring.

But that is life, as they say. Poor Mr. Darcy has a headcold and is feeling rather poorly. Moping about a bit, grumpier than usual, with a cough and a stuffy head. I want him to feel better, but I don't want to catch it either. So let's keep our fingers crossed. I had hoped we'd get started on painting the rest of the kitchen and breakfast nook in the evenings after the girls are in bed, but with him feeling so poorly I'd rather he rest and feel better soon.

Other than that, life is somewhat quiet at the moment. Knock on wood and all that. A moment's peace is not such a terrible thing!

Oh, and I have come to the decision that I want to start carrying a camera with me wherever I go... which should be interesting since I don't really "go" that many places on a daily basis. I do my training - usually in the neighborhood or the usual training spots (Lucky's Lake, the airport bike loop, Lake Highland HS, the neighborhood, LA Fitness, etc.) - and work from the house, and pick the girls up from daycare. There is little moving about really, but on a regular basis I have had those moments when I said to myself, "I wish I had a camera just now." So I will have to find our camera and continuously have it on my person.

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