Monday, June 8, 2009

Getting a Move on Monday

At about 4:45 am I heard a thump and a cry. I jumped out of bed and ran into the girls' bedroom only to find both girls in bed asleep. Unfortunately for me, this was the start to my morning because while I tried my darnedest to fall back asleep I kept thinking of all of the things I needed to do, wanted to do, etc. The thing foremost in my mind is the girls' birthday party. We printed up the invitations last night and due to a feeling that we should invite everyone in each of the girls' classes and some neighbors and family ended up with a rather large guest list. Yet I have this need not to go overboard and really want to have a party that both Angelfish and Ladybug will have fun at, and that we will enjoy too. So the large number of invitees was really bugging me - especially when I realized what a large number was involved. They are turning 3, not hitting some life long milestone where all acquaintances, colleagues, friends and family should be invited. This does not need to be a blow out of millennial proportions. It just needs to be a small, fun celebration of their being 3 and being loved.

As of this morning Mr. Darcy and I agreed that we would invite all of the children in Ladybug's class but only a handful of the children in Angelfish's class. You see, as twins we had them separated into different classes at the day care because they listen better and because for awhile Angelfish was letting Ladybug do the talking for her and not developing her verbal skills nearly as well. The problem is that Angelfish was put in a class where they rotated some children out into Ladybug's class because they were older and refilled the class with younger children. So, Angelfish's friends are in Ladybug's class (Ladybug was put into a class with slightly older children) and a few of Ladybug's class have moved into a young 3 year old room. As of August, Angelfish is being moved into a 3 year old room with older 3 year-olds and Ladybug will be in with the 3 year-olds that are right where she should be based on birthday.

I have problems with this system of doing everything by birthdays. Our children are pretty darn bright and have large vocabularies, remember things from months prior, and can explain how things work to you. Other children around their age often cannot. Age is irrelevant when it comes to intelligence, although there is something to be said for emotional maturity as well.

Anyway, before I get too far onto my soap box, the gist really is just that we decided that because Angelfish doesn't really know many of the children in her class all that well because they are new to the class, we only would invite the ones that she plays with the most. Hopefully we haven't offended any small children along the way. I never want to leave anyone out (having been left out a time or two as a child myself), but there is a place where I do have to draw the line on the number of people being invited to the birthday party of two 3 year-olds.

This is what I was thinking about from 4:45 am on. Then I woke the munchkins and helped cajole Ladybug into getting ready while Mr. Darcy took the easier Angelfish to the potty and got her dressed. Turns out Angelfish was the one who fell out of bed. I asked if someone did and she said, "I did, but I Okay." I told her I came in to check on her but she was already back in bed and asleep and she gave me a kiss on the cheek which put a smile on my face. Ladybug wanted to sleep more but she had peed while sleeping so I had to wrangle her out of bed and her clothes. She snuggled with me a bit and then after the promise that she could pick out her underpants if she went potty, she was on her way. A little ornery, especially when we told her she wasn't wearing a dress today, but at least on her way. Ladybug had me promise we would spend the evening together before I let fr my run , which makes me happy too. I love when she wants to be with her Mommy!

My 4 mile run was a good one. A little challenging as my left leg was in excruciating pain for a good bit of the last part of the 1st mile and then all of the 2nd mile and a small part of the 3rd mile. Not sure what it's about. It's not the same place that usually hurts - the inside along my shin bone. Instead, it's coming from my arch up to the side of my ankle around the back of my leg and then up the outside of my shin. And it's not pleasant in the slightest. I also had to laugh at myself because I forgot to turn my HR monitor on until the end of the 1st mile when I was beginning to start my 6 minute run followed by 2 minutes hard run and then 1 minute recovery that would repeat for the entire 2nd and 3rd miles (and I think the last 2 minutes hard were actually in part of mile 4, but oh well). I looked down and saw the time on my watch not my HR. I just laughed at myself and started the HR. It was at 144 as soon as I got it on. The funny part about the pain was that it would go away when I ran the 2 minutes hard run and then slowly come back during the next 6 minute run. Then at the end of the 3rd mile it almost completely went away. But, with all that the 3 miles that I did use the HR monitor for and my stretching at the end (and the time I stopped to stretch my leg because of the pain) took me 35 minutes and 12 seconds. I would say that the stretching was about 4-5 of those minutes, so about a 10 minute mile, which included my cool down mile. Not bad for a day of running in excruciating pain.

After I get off work, I'm going straight to the gym for my 1800 m swim. Mr. Darcy is picking up the girls and then we trade so he can go to his evening fraternity meeting. Ladybug was hoping for a dip in the pool if she keeps her underpants dry and clean, but because Mr. Darcy has his meeting and I have to get in my swim I could only promise her a bike ride and an episode of "The Backyardigans." She seemed OK with that, so here's hoping for dry underpants all around.

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