Friday, June 5, 2009

The Weekend in Review

So after a crazy start to the day yesterday, things turned out just fine. I made time to get the nutrition I needed at Track Shack and they happened to be having a half off sale on one type of shot blocs I use and got the other boxes of gels and blocs for 10% off. I also remembered to buy 3 more pairs of my favorite socks. I only have 3 pairs currently and am constantly washing them, so I thought I'd do myself a favor. Then I met Mr. Darcy for lunch at a place called Bellisimo in the Thorton Park area. Great food and a cute little atmosphere too. I had gnocchi with spinach and sausage. Completely out of this world.

Then it was back to work, and I had to work a late to make up for the extra time I took for lunch. Mr. Darcy was able to leave relatively on time and picked up the little ladies on the way home. We dressed for the pool and headed out - 2 little ladies with dry underpants for the day wahoo! We had a lovely time at the pool, but when it was time to leave the girls melted down because they didn't want to go. Drama ensued but eventually we had everyone in dry clothes, no longer screaming or crying and had a lovely dinner at Lil' Anthony's.

Saturday I was up at 6:30 am (sleeping in for me) and I headed off to LA Fitness for my brick. It was a relatively easy one from the standpoint that the swim was 1600 meters and then a 45 minute "run" keeping my HR under 135, which of course meant almost all 45 minutes being a rather brisk walk (this time on the treadmill). Then it was back home. We attempted a go at the Winter Park Farmer's Market but just as we arrived the skies looked like they were going to open up and were pitch black. So we headed over to Costco instead and got the little ladies passport photos taken, bought a new tv for Mr. Darcy, and had some lunch. Then it was a few small errands (during which the girls napped in the car), dinner out, the grocery shopping, and then wrestling the children into bed.

Sunday we planned to go to church, but that never quite materialized. Both Mr. Darcy and Ladybug slept in. (Mr. Darcy sleeping much later than the Ladybug.) I normally would not hesitate to wake Mr. Darcy, but Ladybug is a different matter. On the weekends Angelfish and Ladybug like to make the most of their time with Mommy and Daddy and tend to wake earlier than they do during the work week (much to our chagrin... the thought of sleeping in until 9 am is but a dream). So if she needed her sleep, she needed her sleep. Angelfish and I used the time to make french toast, read a book or two, color, clean the house, and bake banana bread. Then around the time Ladybug awoke "The Backyardigans" was demanded and since I needed to do at least 4 loads of laundry and straighten our frightfully messy kitchen and living room, I gave in. Mr. Darcy awoke to my hussling and bussling.

Eventually we made it out to do a few errands - discovering one place that we drove half an hour to get to was closed on Sunday, but then had lunch and ended up buying a lamp we had thought about buying when we first got our furniture. It looks quite lovely in the foyer with the foyer table and the new painting we purchased for that very spot on Saturday. I love it when a plan comes together. Now if only we can get the formal dining straightened out, the family room finished, and the painting done, we'll be on a roll. HAHAHA.

Then I cooked dinner, making enough for leftovers for tomorrow. Monday leftovers are wonderful, if you ask me. This week will be quite the busy one. My training schedule is pretty tough this week, plus Mr. Darcy not only has 2 deadlines at work but a meeting for a social group he is in and a volleyball game. Perhaps the kitchen will get taped up for painting this week... one can dream.

Now it's off to stuff envelopes for Angelfish and Ladybugs' upcoming 3rd birthday party. It's difficult to believe that they will be 3 in just a few short weeks. I swear that I will blink and they'll be off graduating high school.

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  1. 1600 meters is a long way! I remember being able to swim for ever when I was young, not anymore!

    CJ xx