Wednesday, June 17, 2009

An Early Morning Run, A Crash, A Conference Call, Sushi, A Conspiracy and Wonderment

I know, long title, but really wanted to make sure I covered it all.

Early Morning Run
In an attempt to be home in time to help with the munchkins this morning and be able to make my 8 am conference call, I woke early. Very early. So early that when I was FINISHING, the sun was just coming up. I started running at 5:42 am. I'm sure there are people in the military or wherever to whom this is "late" but for me? Very early.

Amazingly though, all went well with the run. I have proven I possess good diagnostic skills in that the chiropractic adjustments have, so far, made that awful pain in my arch up the outside of my shin disappear. Even the chiropractor said he wasn't sure they were related and then added "unless it goes away with your adjustments," and for all runs since the first adjustment I have been crazy horrific pain free. Wahoo! Now, if only some how the adjustments could make me run faster too.

My overall pace for the 4 mile run was just around 11.5 minutes, which actually isn't so terrible since my 1st mile was a warm up mile and I actually reigned myself in a little because I knew that miles 2 & 3 were supposed to be done while in Zone 3 on the HR monitor (and don't think at certain points that I wasn't wondering what sound my watch would make if I hit the supposed "max" HR). And then I ran miles 2 & 3 in Zone 3, and then had to walk about 1/4 of a mile to get my heart rate to fall from 175 down to 145. Then I resumed running but had to run very slowly, like a snail, to keep in Zone 2 for my "cool down" mile. I don't know that I was fast by most people's standards, but I felt like I was running fast for mile 2 & 3.

When I walked in my front door, Angelfish was wandering around the living room like she was looking for someone. I asked her if she just woke up and she looked at me like "where'd you come from?" and then said "I woke up. Where is everyone? Is it wake up time yet?" I told her it was morning, everyone was still sleeping and she could wake up if she was ready, to which she responded. "I ready." Her red hair was a mess of curls in the back and what I like to call her "Wild Child Hair." She was such a ham, and we had a great rest of our morning together.

Until we were interrupted by...

A Crash.
I was chatting with Angelfish and about to get the in shower when I hear a huge crash. Like something went through a wall. I screamed for Mr. Darcy to see where he was and did he hear it. He answered he was on his way. We both sprinted for the girls' room and Angelfish was running with me.

Mr. Darcy got there first and had pulled Ladybug out from under the chest of drawers. I of course grabbed her up and was checking her head to toe and loving on her in a milisecond. As I said to Ladybug a little bit later, her guardian angel was working overtime this morning. Ladybug decided she was going to get dressed and that she was going to get a pair of underpants, which at the time were housed in her top drawer (and have subsequently been moved to the drawer 2nd to the bottom). To do this she decided to CLIMB the chest of drawers, which promptly fell over on her. Thankfully, the rocking chair - that my father bought my mother when she was pregnant with me and that they gave to me when I was pregnant with the girls (and yes, I point this out because I'm pretty sure that there were some grandparents' spirits helping Ladybug's guardian angel) - was in the way and stopped the chest of drawers from crushing our dear Ladybug. In fact, she walked away with only a scratch on her back from where one of the drawers fell out and scratched her. Merely startled.

She cried and cried but we knew she was fine when she stopped, I pushed on her scratched up area and asked if it hurt, and she responded, "no. it doesn't hurt." She only started to cry again when she saw that a ceramic frog that she painted when she was 2 broke in the fall. "I told her I was just glad that the froggie broke and that my Ladybug didn't break." We, of course, discussed that this was the reason that Mommy and Daddy tell the girls not to climb on the furntiure.

Followed by a Conference Call
Once everyone was deemed to be all in one piece, dressed, fed and out the door, I had a conference call. This monthly conference call is one that I actually enjoy. I'm a corporate lawyer by trade and I'm on the LLC and Partnership Committee of the Georgia Bar. (Yes, I'm in Florida but I am admitted to practice in both.) The people on the committee are nice and we talk about the theory behind corporate law and the practicalities of things. Well, I drafted a mark up of what I'd like to do to the Georgia limited partnership law a while back and we're going through it comment by comment. What I love is that I'm probably the youngest "usual suspect" on the committee, and I'm pretty sure they think I'm a little crazy in my ideas because I want to move things from one place to another, etc., while most of them are of the "let's make the least amount of changes possible so we don't create waves." So I love our discussions and especially today's. We got onto how laws get amended but not uniformly and it creates messes so that everyone is doing something but no one can really find where it is that you can do it even though Georgia corporate lawyers everywhere will tell you that you can. Esoteric, non-germaine, nerdy (on my part for loving the discussion) but fun.

and later, Sushi.
After the call and when lunch rolled around, I had sushi. I met Mr. Darcy after a meeting he had for a project, mailed our Father's Day presents (using priority mail since Father's Day is Sunday after all) in a flurry of my standing in line packing up the packages while Mr. Darcy found the proper mailers one at a time, and then had sushi. Mr. Darcy is not a sushi fan but he suggested it so I wasn't going to turn him down. Especially since it is my favorite sushi place (so far). I ordered only one roll and was hungry still. I guess all this training makes you a bit hungry. In fact, I am hungry now and I still have an hour until snack time. So I guess I'll have to have a mini-snack in a few minutes. Mr. Darcy ordered a lunch special that had chicken, california rolls, rice, tempura, soup, and something else that I can't quite remember. So the poor man had to hand over some of his chicken and his california roll because I was still hungry. But I loved the sushi! YUM!

Convinced of A Conspiracy
I'm quite convinced that there is some conspiracy behind this "Blog of Note" business that Blogger does. I read several wonder blogs (please see "Blogs I Love") and hardly any of them have been deemed a blog of note. While I will not cast dispersions on the Blogs of Note selected (especially since one of them happens to be one I find rather amusing and found because it was, well, a blog of note), I wonder how this works. Mabel's House definitely deserves to be a blog of note and it has thus far been overlooked, as do others on my Blogs I Love list. And with the number of blogs in the blogosphere, I'm quite convinced that not everyone will have their chance to become a blog of note. Where do I complain, etc.? I'm convinced it's a conspiracy... unless of course, they determine that mine is a blog of note. (Tee hee.)

All the while with a Sense of Wonderment
Someone sent me an email today that reminded me of how good I have it in life. It was one of those chain mail things, but it was a good reminder all the same. I always find it funny how you encounter people and things right when you need to. Here I've been feeling like I'm not where I need to be in my life, that I'm not doing enough to better the world, that I've missed my calling and that it's too late to go back to fix it, and that the world is falling apart. Between yesterday and today, I have chatted with someone who told me how wonderful life was every day you have to wake up and have a job, a roof over your head, a person to go through life with, and a way to raise your children, and you have your health. Then I get an email telling me the same thing. And I have a dream where I'm walking along and I realize that everything is going to be ok and that life really is good. So, in my crazy schedule today, I have a sense of wonderment in that I think someone, somewhere is trying to tell me something. That something is that life is pretty darn good the way I have it.

Oh, and Il-Galea I keep wondering how your tri went today!! Please post! I have a swim right after work today, but I'll be checking back!

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