Monday, June 29, 2009

Of Birthdays and Other Musings

I took Friday off from work and neglected my blog. It's been a busy several days, and most enjoyable ones at that!

Thursday morning my parents arrived. When we went to pick up the girls from daycare they went with me, and the girls were so HAPPY to see them. I have never seen Angelfish that excited in her entire 3 years on this planet. She turned pink, was completely uncoordinated, unable to speak, but grinning like she'd just won the best prize of her life. Nanna finally just had to pick her up and hug her. Ladybug ran up to her Popop and grabbed on to him with a squeal. I literally almost started crying I was so happy.

Friday was a PTO day, but it really was a work day. I woke early and did a 3 mile run, averaging 11.28 per mile. It's funny, I read someone else's blog who talked about averaging a little over 5 minutes a mile for 3 miles on a track. While envious of such speed, I'm still rather happy with my 11.28 average. Not fast but faster than I've been. After the run, I got Angelfish and Ladybug ready for school, they talked with Nanna and Poppop a bit (Ladybug asked Poppop if he would drive her to school... too cute.), and then into the car for their day at school. Then I went to the pool for my mile swim, back home and did errands with the padres. They are such troopers going everywhere with me. We finished the mad errands about 3:48 pm (yes, I remember the time), and then went to work on wrapping presents and putting together everything in an organized manner for Saturday's birthday party, including the favor bags. Then it was off to pick up the ladies from daycare, who promptly tried to convince us it was time to go for ice cream. A good ploy, but one that didn't work. We returned home and I started cooking for us all and Mr. Darcy's parents, who arrived around 6:15 just ahead of Mr. Darcy. Then a lovely evening was spent with all.

Saturday I had the best intentions of going on my 4 mile run. Mr. Darcy and I were sleeping on an air mattress to accomodate all of our house guests, and I had my cellphone set to act as my alarm clock. But I wasn't able to sleep and decided I would get up and get dressed to run and just go a little early. As I got up, poor Angelfish started yelling for her Mommy. I went in to see her and she was sweating and breathing heavy and clinging to me for dear life. She had some sort of nightmare and was not about to talk about it. So I loved on her instead of running. Some things (even with a Half Iron Man looming in September) are more important. She let up around 7:30 or so when her sister was up and playing, and when her Nanna and Poppop were up. Most of the house was up by 8:15 am, when my parents headed out on the morning errands with me to pick up and set up for the party.

The party was fun! Everyone who RSVP'd showed and the kiddies played in the fountain, on the playground, ate lots of fruit and chips, had cake, and played. At the end of the party, I asked Ladybug if she liked her party and she said "oh yes Mommy. I had lots of fun!" and gave me a big kiss on the cheek. Angelfish admitted she had a good time but insisted she was hot. When we got home they opened the presents from their party... these kids got some cool toys. Mommy and Mr. Darcy are particularly infatuated with the bubble makers. Completely awesome. The little ladies actually napped (all the excitement I think) that afternoon too.

Sunday we all slept in... 8 am! Completely unheard of in our house. Usually the now 3 year old twins are up and rearing to go by 7 am at the latest! Then around 11 am we did our family party where Angelfish and Ladybug got completely spoiled by their grandparents, and only very slightly by their parents. My favorite part though was the fact that with all the toys, they are completely enamored with the books they got. That's what they kept wanting. It makes this bibliophile quite happy! We had lunch and cupcakes, and played. Napped and went to the pool for a swim.

This morning even went rather swimmingly with the ladies. But my swim did not. I was ready to go, gear in the car, hugs and kisses to my parents who were leaving today, got in the car and the battery was completely and utterly dead. D-E-A-D, dead. 3 hours later, a new battery was purchased, the old battery removed, and the new one installed thanks to the hard work of my Dad, my Mom, and me. Who knew that changing the battery in a mini-van (my sexy ride) would be so difficult? What a mess. So, my lunch hour was taken up by battery land thereby ensuring that my ability to swim today (Mr. Darcy has a deadline and will be working late everyday this week until the office is closed on Friday.) was completely removed. I may move the swim to my originally planned "rest day" for Saturday... we'll just have to see.

But the Birthday girls were adorable and lots of fun, and the past several days have been such a joy that even an evil battery and missed swim (although I am jittery for not exercising now for 3 days - including today) can't ruin the fun we had for our girls 3rd birthday!! As soon as I can download some photos, I will post some!

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