Friday, June 19, 2009

Swim? What Swim?

This morning started off with a plan. Mr. Darcy has a golfing event for the AIA with a contractor today (I know the trials and tribulations of an architect... sigh.), so I needed to get the girls ready and take the girls' to daycare. Then I planned to hit the pool, swim my 1500m recovery swim nice and easy, and head to work (hopefully on time). I have an appointment with the chiropractor this afternoon during my lunch hour (which I'll be taking rather late in the day as the appointment is not until 4 pm - the only thing available other than 9 am), so the plan needs to be adhered to due to the picking up of the girls from daycare as Mr. Darcy also has a deadline at work today in addition to his golf tournament (which he worked to get things pretty much put together until almost 11 pm last night). So the plan, to say the least, needed to be strictly adhered to.

Amazingly, I was out the door with the girls by 7:15 am. I say amazingly because Ladybug threw a bit of a tantrum this morning over clothes wasting a good bit of time. Even Angelfish said to me "My sister is not listening. But that is okay." I had a nice little laugh to myself over that one, but told Angelfish that Ladybug is learning to listen. Sometimes we all have a hard time listening and we just have to learn how to listen the first time. Angelfish was a bit of a little sprite this morning. I was fixing a bowl of cereal, fully expecting to be the only person awake at 5:55 am. (I slept in a little.) I got the cereal out of the pantry, turned around and about jumped out of my skin because Angelfish was standing right there. The child is quiet as a church mouse when she wants to be. I tried to get her to say, "I'm stealthy." But, she wasn't having it this morning. She just wanted me to hold her and let her snuggle with me while I got ready. So I did most things one armed until Mr. Darcy was getting dressed and Angelfish decided she wanted to see her Daddy (probably knowing full well she'd get to pretend shave - which she did with wonderful peals of laughter : ) ).

Then the drama with Ladybug and her getting ready. First she didnt' want to get out of bed, so I told her I would give her a few moments more and that when I came back she'd need to get out of bed, use the potty and get dressed. When I returned, she was already up sans underpants or pajama bottoms (she had an accident in her sleep) and dancing half naked in the play room. She is absolutely adorable when she's in a good mood and she was hysterical doing her little dance moves.

Finally, all were dressed, happy and in the car. I got them in the car by singing an old 80's song "Get out of my dreams and in to my car..." Not sure the name, but those were the lyrics I remembered. They thought Mommy was quite funny and piled into the car and their car seats rather nicely.

Half way out of the subdivision I couldn't remember if I closed the garage door. When I asked the girls if Mommy had closed it, Ladybug said "no" and Angelfish said "yes." So, back I went (visions of my lovely Aerodite being carried off by some passerby) and discovered I had closed the garage door. YAY! Back on the road chatting with the girls.

At daycare I put on their shoes and they went in pretty nicely. Kisses and hugs were given, building blocks discussed, more kisses and hugs and out I went. I came out to discover I had left one of the mini-van doors open. Luckily, there was nothing missing (including the car).

So on to the gym. I'm a little behind schedule, but figured I could still manage it. I get a great parking spot at the gym (some mornings you have to search a bit), get out with my gear, walk in the front door and see a sign "Pool Closed 6/19 for Maintenance." I asked the nice man at the front desk, is today the 19th? He said yes. We chatted about the pool situation. Seems that something happened and they have to shock the pool but they only decided this yesterday afternoon. He said the pool will hopefully reopen sometime after 1 pm today... which of course doesn't work with my lunch for chiropractor schedule or the picking girls up for daycare because of Mr. Darcy's deadline schedule and with Father's Day being on Sunday I can't just switch my workout days this week. Ah well, at least I tried.

The plan was executed, but no swim was achieved. When the fates conspire against your swim, you just have to say "Swim? What Swim?"


  1. I would have been so mad to get to the gym after all the hard work of getting the kids ready and then not swim? handled it amazingly well

  2. Oooh, I think I'd be inclined to put my feet up instead and pretend I'd been swimming!

    CJ xx