Thursday, June 18, 2009

Cycling, Allergies, Doctors and Lunch

I guess that's what you can call what I did this morning. I woke with a very stiff back (and realized I forgot to do my lower back stretches after my swim last night) and it continued to be stiff throughout my 30 mile bike this morning. I felt it the moment I got on the bike - the tightness. So I did a 90 cadence during my warmup thinking it would loosen things up (it usually does). I made it up the "giant" hill that doesn't seem as giant as it once did, although still large and then started the official part of the "airport loop." Of course, we were apprehensive because there was a police officer pulling drivers over left and right... we were riding at about 6 am without bike lights on. No one wants a ticket for not riding with a bike light (or even worse, failing to stop at a stop sign on your bike). Luckily, he was just targeting speeders.

I was not a speeder today. It was a bit disappointing on the speed side of things. I averaged about 15.5 mph because my back just didnt' want me to pedal faster in higher gears. Very frustrating. But about 24 miles into the ride my back loosened up and I started doing great. 18 mph, 18.8 mph, 19 mph, 20.3 mph. I was climbing and then I had to turn around and head the other direction... smack dab into a terrible head wind that came out of nowhere. 16 mph, 15.5 mph, 15 mph. It was killing me - and my back was tightening up again too. So, I took it easy the rest of the ride, up over the hill, and through the toll booth (well, the side with the bike route), and to the stop light. I started through the intersection and was approaching the stop light and notice I'm doing 17 mph, and then 18 mph. I think my back was happy to be headed back to the car and let me go fast again... too bad it was only about 3 miles from the car!

I know this is gross, but I just have to share. My allergies are awful at the moment. I can literally feel my sinuses swelling as I type. My post-nasal drip is nasty, but even worse was how my nose was running while I was biking today. I need to wash my bike gloves for the mere reason that they are, quite literally, covered in snot. At one point, I even had a snot bubble form out of my nose while I was riding. Fully disgusting. Luckily, I am already married and need not worry about trying to attract male cyclists.

Which is why when I went to the doctor today so that they could deem me worthy of a refill on my medication, that I told the doctor I didnt' care if my blood pressure was 136/80 (which it was) because I needed my allergy medication. I told her I have been known to have white coat syndrome (completely true). I even told her the bike ride story. After listening and then peering into my nose and exclaiming "my goodness those are bad allergies," she agreed to the prescription. She gave me the refill but only for 1 month, and is making me come into her office (it's right down the street) 3 times a week for the next 2 weeks to have my blood pressure taken and written down on the form she gave me. 3 times a week for the next 2 weeks? I have no idea how I will fit that into my schedule, but if I have to do it to get my allergy medicine I'll have to find a way. She says she just doesn't want me to stroke out, especially not in the middle of a triathlon. I guess that's a good enough reason, but it's just such a hassle!

So after driving to the pharmacy to drop off my allergy prescription, and realizing I had not eaten at 11 am and it was now 1:45 pm and since Mr. Darcy emailed to say he would have to work rather late today, I decided to treat myself to a nice lunch from Davis Bakery (take away of course). An "Empowered Turkey" sandwich and an apricot square to go. The "Empowered Turkey" sandwich has to be a sandwich from the gods. I get it on whole wheat, which is freshly baked that very day and possibly a sin to even taste because it is so delicious. Hold the onions (yet another allergy of mine), but yes to everything else - hummus, sprouts, tomatoes, and cucumbers, pepper and a smidge of sea salt. I'm not sure what it is about this sandwich because I've tried to recreate it (without their bread), but it is not recreateable by anyone but them. Delicious really isn't strong enough of a word to describe it, but heavenly. And they gave me a sample of triple chocolate cake as a "side." Sinful, and fully worth every calorie and fat gram it surely contained.

Ah yes. Nothing like a delicious sandwich to wipe away a doctors visit, a stiff back, and a somewhat disappointing bike ride. I'm still savoring every bite.


  1. Reading this makes me wish we lived closer together so we could mean train together! :)

    oh and marrying HC! HAHAHAHAH Thanks for the giggle. If it does happen you will be in the wedding,that way it will add something to the story! :)

  2. Me too! And, I look lovely in a bridesmaid dres. HAHAHA!