Thursday, June 11, 2009

Work in Progress

Today is a work in progress. I'm tired, but happy. Diligently working, yet not feeling like I'm getting enough done.

Yesterday Mr. Darcy met with some folks that he's helping them design their house and the girls and I decided to go with him. They were meeting at a restaurant and we all needed to eat. When it came to the point for the meeting, I came up with the idea to walk around the corner to the bookstore with the girls so that they could talk. The little ladies were so excited by the prospect of the bookstore they listened, held my hand and were well behaved in the book store. We read about 20 books before Mr. Darcy showed up and I got to look around a little bit. I ended up with 2 travel books for our trip to Seattle (not to mention a suggestion for a gift for my birthday entitled "500 places to take your children before they grow up..." adventures geared toward raising your children in the wonder of the world!) and some titles off the by 2 get 1 free table.

I thought of my dear friend Angela while I was perusing the books. I'm kind of a picky reader. I picked up at least 10 books and read the backs of them, they sounded interesting, so I opened them randomly to read a few pages and if they weren't well written enough, I put them back down and started over. Luckily there were none that I felt the need to write the publisher and ask how they could print such cr@p when I have extremely talented writer friends who get rejection letters. Angela was known to red pen corrections into books before getting too fed up to finish the book. But, I was able (out of a 2 tables full of books) to find 3 to read. One of which I'm not quite sure if it will be that good, but I heard my name being shouted across the store because I needed to return to help with Angelfish while Ladybug tried to make it to the potty with Mr. Darcy. So, fingers crossed.

I didn't get to start reading last night though because we didn't get home until after 9 pm and not only did the girls need to go to bed, but I had to straighten up a little (clean but unfolded laundry and toys) so the cleaning ladies could do what I pay them for today. Not to mention I was tired myself.

This morning I was awoken at 2:50 am by breathing... okay, more like sighing. I opened my eyes to see Ladybug staring at me. I asked if she was okay and she said "pee pee, Mommy." She had already gone in her pajamas, but I helped her change and go the rest of the way in the potty. It turned out to be her 2nd accident of the night - I evidently slept through her first venture into our bedroom and Mr. Darcy woke up. So we discussed that we were going to use pullups for night time, not because she was in trouble but because she was having a hard time at night even though she's doing a great job when she's awake. Ladybug thought it a good idea too. Then she decided she needed to sleep in our bed. After 1/2 an hour, I asked Mr. Darcy if he would mind carrying Ladybug back to her room. I thought she was asleep, and I can't seem to pick her up and carry her back to her room without waking her but Mr. Darcy can do it. But she was still awake and informed us both "I'm going to sleep in my bed." Climbed out of bed and asked for Daddy to walk her back to her room. Two minutes later, Mr. Darcy was back and asleep.

About 5 minutes later, Angelfish was calling "Mommy?" So I wandered over to her room and she met me at the door, "Is it daytime, Mommy? Is it time to get up?" I told her no, it was the middle of the night and time for sleep. Somehow I ended up laying down with her in her bed until she fell sound asleep. By this time it was 4:50 am. I slept pretty hard until 5:30 am when the alarm went off.

I got out of bed with a stiff lower back and stretched and thought, this morning's ride will be interesting. Interesting it was, but in a good way. I did a 30 minute warm up, 2x10 minute intervals in HR Zone 3 followed by 5 min recoveries, and then a 30 minute cool down. During my intervals, I was blazing! I was going 20.7 miles per hour at one point, up hill and for a sustained distance of at least 1 minute. I was ranging from 17 mph up to 21 mph. (Granted the 21.3 mph was down hill, but it wasn't that big of a hill.) I felt like I was on fire... in a good way. I even had to put myself into the large gear shaft just to get my HR up into Zone 3. I just need to keep at it. How awesome would it be to average 20 mph in a tri? I have a bit of a way to go to get there, but that would rock. I'd love to be able to do that by the time I do the 70.3... 56 miles in less than 3 hours would be incredible!

I had to laugh at Mr. Darcy when I spoke to him on the phone as he drove out of town for a meeting on a possible project that he's super excited about. I told him how fast I was going on the bike and he said, "You're going fast! You need to be careful. I'm going to have to worry about you going so fast." Granted, a crash at 20 mph would not be pretty, but the whole point is to go fast!

After my ride, it was work time and one little project after another. Then a quick shower so I didn't smell, plus I couldn't bring myself to go to the hairdresser for a cut with sweaty, salty hair. Off to the hair dresser, starving. A really cute cut, and then off to the deli because at this point I felt like falling over I was so hungry. The best sandwich I have had a in a great long while. Whole grain bread that almost tasted like it came right out of the oven, smoked turkey piled high, with hummus, tomatoes, sprouts, and lettuce all super fresh. What more could a girl ask for?

When I got home the cleaning ladies were working away and the lawn man came to mow and edge. A beautiful house and a beautiful yard. Work waiting for me in my office that I went to straight away.

A call from Mr. Darcy saying he was asked to stay for a 2nd meeting, this one at 4 pm. So he wouldn't be home until 7 and my realizing that he was miscalculating his drive home and he wouldn't be home until 8. This week has been a doozy with all of his evening meetings - Monday was his fraternity alumni association, Tuesday was volleyball, Wednesday was his house project meeting, and tonight a late night at the office. I know he's tired and I miss having our normal evening routine with the girls. But that is how it is some weeks.

Then an email about the when and where for the infomercial I'm to be in for work. Fighting with the online trip planner to get it all worked out. Why offer someone flights that aren't available and not even tell them which of the flights it is that is not available to be booked? Rather frustrating, but I finally figured it out. Not sure why I can't fly direct from Orlando to Charlotte but that I can get a direct flight back. Silliness, I say. Of course, it probably all has to do with the system we're required to use. I can always find better deals and better flights on my own, but have to go through the company system. Then to the hotel booking. It's all settled, so in early July I'll become a "star" (hahaha).

I'm left wondering what this evening will be like since Mr. Darcy said Ladybug was rather moody this morning (my theory is a lack of sleep). I'm hoping we'll be able to have a fun time... perhaps read the new books we bought for bed time. I guess we'll just have to wait and see!

Tomorrow is my 8 mile run and an appointment with the chiropractor. I'm hoping to do my run as directed: negative splits for the 2 halves of the run. Heck, based on Tuesday, I'm just hoping I'll be able to run!

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