Tuesday, June 30, 2009

As Promised...

Heart rate monitor and watch - check. Road ID (in case of crazy drivers) - check. Camelback - check. Gels in camelback - check. Cellphone (which I never remember and am always thinking what if something happens?) - check.

I run. I remember it's supposed to be an easy paced run (which it turned out I remembered wrong, it was just supposed to be an even paced run - oh well) so I've decided to keep my HR in zone 2. I'm doing great. I'm coming up on about the 2.5 mile mark where there is a lake and the sun is rising and there is a beautiful white heron standing at the edge of the lake looking at me. I get excited. This is gorgeous and just the reason I bought my lovely new camera to take pictures... with... it... as the the excitement slipped away and I remembered that the lovely new camera is sitting on the bar, next to where my camelback had been sitting. The camera only made it that far. So, yet another picture only taken by my minds eye.

The run went well. My easy paced run was 13.02, which is better than the over 15 minute per mile pace it used to be, and even better was that I felt darn good at the end. Like I might even have been able to go a good bit further.

Even better? I made it home in time to see the girls for a few minutes before they headed off to school with Daddy. I drank a little Gatorade while we talked and Ladybug demanded I give her some. I told her no. She began to fake cry and whine, and then pointed at me with her adorable little finger and shook it at me while saying, "You. Need. To. Share." So I explained that it wasn't healthy to drink Gatorade when you hadn't been running or biking real hard and that I could only share things that wouldn't make her sick. She instantly stopped. Looked at me and said, "So when I'm old enough to run in the street and I go running and running and running, then I can have some?" To which I responded, "yes." Angelfish wanted to hug me and for me to hold her even though she complained that I was sweaty. She asked me if I was going to take a shower because my hair was all wet but it was sweaty. I promised that I would, and that was enough to satisfy her. But she didn't want any sweaty kisses from Mommy before she left because Mommy was too sweaty. She told me she loved me though, and that's really all that matters!

So back to the promise. Here are some pictures that I took with my lovely new camera this weekend. They are of my lovely ladies, and I think show a good bit of their personalities as well.

Ladybug and Angelfish and their loot.

An attempt at a nice picture, with a silly Angelfish

Ladybug hanging out
Make that Princess Angelfish
Princess Ladybug
The bathing beauties.

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