Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Some Things Defy Explanation

like my morning. At 4:30 am I heard yelling from the girls' bedroom, so I hopped sleepily, groggily out of bed and ran to their room. Opening the door, the smell was unmistakable. Pee. Lots of pee. Both Angelfish (which is a rare occurrence) and Ladybug had completely emptied their bladders in their sleep. Angelfish was the one who was yelling. It's unusual for her not to be able to hold her bladder the entire evening. And then I remembered. When the girls were giving us a hard time going to bed, they claimed they needed to use the potty. Thinking it was mere subterfuge, Mr. Darcy told them that if they still needed to go potty in 10 minutes he would let them. But they fell asleep... and evidently were telling the truth. But why they always cry for Mommy is inexplicable thing #1. (Although I have to say I'd be sad if they started calling for Mr. Darcy all the time.)

So, after getting all children into new pajamas, having them use the potty, stripping their beds and remaking them with clean sheets, and starting the load of pee pee laundry, I returned to bed.

Inexplicable thing #2. My back itself is not necessarily bothering me, but I know something is not quite right with it because I have what I can only describe as nerve pain that shoots across my right quad and sometimes wraps around the bottom of my knee, and when it's bad (like it is today) the bottom of my right heel also hurts when I walk. Unfortunately for me, the chiropractor is on vacation this week. I am trying to ignore it the best I can. This translated to sleeping on my back with my knees bent and a pillow folded in half under them for support. It helped me sleep until the alarm went off at 5:30. It's the oddest manifestation of a back problem I've had to date.

Up again, this time drinking water and trying not to think about food. My stomach was hungry and clearly did not understand why I was not feeding it as I packed my gym bag and dressed in my swim suit. Or as I drove to the gym. I cannot help it if the doctor ordered 12 hour fasting before my "full lipid panel and liver function" (aka cholesterol) blood work. To make myself feel better, I packed a cliff bar, my recovery drink, and a peach for right after my blood work. All it did was make my stomach growl at me more.

Once I hit the pool though, my stomach forgot all about it. My body is inexplicably like that. (Inexplicable thing #3.) If I have to go to the bathroom and one is not available, or if I am hungry, and I start exercising those urges go right away and don't return until I am finished with the workout. Odd, but true. Anyway, I stretched out and then hit the pool. A 2,000 m swim. Straight. No stopping. It was awesome! I think I am somehow programmed to swim a certain way from all of my years of competitive swimming as a child because without intending to, I noticed that each set of 8 lengths of the pool I progressively got faster and then in my last lap I almost sprinted to the end. I just let it happen and it was like observing someone else but from inside their head.

When I was done, I stood up and looked at the clock. 40 minutes and 27 seconds after I started my 2,000 m, I was done. This seemed too quick. I double checked my math - twice. 2000 is 20 x 100m, which is 4 lengths in each 100 m, so 80 lengths, divided by swim number 8, is 10 continuous sets of 8 lengths each. That's right. I mentally recounted. As I swam my sets each and every time I said 1st 1, 2nd 1, 3rd 1, and so on every time I finished a set of 8 lengths. Didn't skip any numbers. Each set had 8 lengths, didn't skip any counting. I was just fast today. It put a huge smile on my face as I got out of the pool. 40 minutes and 27 seconds! It seems impossible... but evidently it's right! (Inexplicable thing #4.)

Then it was on to get my blood work done. As I drove, my stomach seemed to remember that I had a recovery drink, cliff bar, and peach waiting for me. I was forced to turn the radio up and ignore the calls of my stomach. And then I had to sit and wait for my appointment. I had banked on my swim taking 50 minutes not 40 minutes, so I was a bit early as I hit traffic just right as well. My stomach rebelled, but luckily I got Francisco my favorite of the "vampires" at the lab. He has never bruised me or missed my vein when he takes my blood. I was thrilled to see him. We chatted and he said "come back soon." I laughed and said that I must be coming in too regularly as it is (every 3 months since I moved here trying to convince my doctor not to put me on cholesterol medicine, plus one other time for my thyroid blood work), but I know I'll be back for a repeat of my thyroid blood work in August. I just hope to get Francisco again!

As I was leaving, Mr. Darcy called. Evidently the girls were a handful this morning and he had forgotten their towels (the only thing I didn't put with their swimsuits before leaving for the gym this morning - it's water day at school so they get to play in the sprinklers). So I headed home while chatting with Mr. Darcy about our difficult to get ready in the morning children, one in particular, but I'm not naming names today (you can probably guess based on past posts). Then I got the towels and headed to daycare, which is right next to the fire station.

I figured, I'm right here, I'll just have my blood pressure taken. The doctor said to have it done when I felt relaxed and this is as relaxed as I'm probably going to feel today. I wandered next door, chatted a moment with the fire fighter. The next thing I know there are 3 fire fighters in the room with me. They were all attractive, although one was about my Dad's age, which is something that also defies explanation. (Inexplicable thing #5) I have not yet met a fire fighter who is unattractive. Is that a job requirement? Not only do you have to be willing to save the lives of others while putting yourself in harms way, but you also have to be an attractive person. Sure the one that was old enough to be my Dad was the least attractive of the 3, but it was because he was older not because he had not at one time been attractive and young and for a man his age he was attractive. But attractiveness aside, 3 fire fighters for 1 blood pressure check seemed excessive.

Then I realized that they thought I might have wanted my blood pressure taken because I might be having an emergency event. Once I explained I needed the blood pressure taken because it had been somewhat high and my doctor was trying to track it a little, the Dad said "we're OK" and 1 fire fighter left the room. The Dad and the guy taking my blood pressure were left. The first time it was 150/90. WHAT? I couldn't believe it. I can't remember my blood pressure ever being that high. They let me sit there, talking about my triathlon training and how the Dad's wife has done a couple and wants to do more, and then they took it again and it was 142/86. Better but still high. Completely inexplicable (#6).

I chatted some more about training, drinking water, nutrition, cholesterol and blood pressure with the Dad and then wandered on my way with a promise to be back on Friday and promised that if I had blurred vision, was seeing stars or spots, or having chest pains I would give them a call. I've never had any of those problems, and I doubt I'll have any in the near future.

The last inexplicable thing (#7) is the failure to RSVP. First, I want to say that I completely understand forgetting to RSVP on time (within 2 or 3 days) and that RSVP'ing is not always the 1st thing on your to do list, especially when it is to RSVP to a child's party. But to completely fail to RSVP is absolutely ridiculous and down right rude, in my opinion. Now, I got call from a Mom this morning apologizing and telling me that time got away from her but that they'd still like to come to the party if it wasn't too late. Perfectly acceptable. But not to RSVP at all? It's got to be in my top 5 pet peeves. If you don't RSVP, you cannot expect me to feed you or to provide you with a party favor. While I will be happy you joined us, I will also be annoyed with your lack of manners. I can't help myself. I throw a good party, but I can only throw good parties when I know who is coming so I can plan accordingly. Oh, and it's customary to RSVP even for a "NO" unless "regrets only" are stated.

We still haven't heard from 16 invitees, which is a lot of cake, chicken nuggets, drinks, and party favors to be short. Plus, I was gracious enough to invite you and proper manners would require that you give me the favor of a reply (aka Répondez S'il Vous Plaît, which is RSVP "please reply"). It's as though I ask you a question and you stare and me and then walk away. Pure rudeness. But I will get off my soapbox in the hopes that I am not driving my blood pressure higher.

If you're wondering what my other top 5 pet peeves are, here they are (with no commentary and in no particular order): 1. Lying. 2. Rudeness. 3. Being ugly/mean to others. 4. Leaving no toilet paper for the next user (also tied with leaving no gas in the car for the next driver). 5. Not RSVP'ing! Perhaps these should be listed as inexplicable things #8 as they cause me to rant, which I am not normally inclined to do.

But the good news is that I am alive and kicking for yet another day! Enjoy your day!

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