Wednesday, July 1, 2009

What does it mean?

It's about my blood pressure. I've been dutiful and getting it checked at the firestation. I had to miss one last week because, well, the firemen weren't there. They were out fighting a fire. Good enough of a reason for me. Then Monday I didn't get to do it and I had a very stressful day so I figured it was ok to go on Tuesday instead.

So yesterday, I went to the chiropractor and afterwards, on the way to pick up the girls from daycare, stopped at the firestation right next door. I looked around outside and didn't see anyone. So I rang the doorbell. And was greeted by literally 8 attractive firemen. It was like they were bored and were racing to answer the door to see who was the first one there. But then they didn't leave. It must have been a slow day. So I had 6 people hanging out with me, including the guy who took my blood pressure the last time. First arm: 140/100. Second arm: 160/100. Not good at all. I had a headache, but thought it was just because of the rainy weather. Now I am wondering if the other headaches I've gotten on days with hard training were not electrolyte imbalance issues but blood pressure issues.

This morning, I skipped my lake swim because Mr. Darcy has been working rather late and the girls have seemed to be insisting that they want us to "stay all together" as they put it. Since Mr. Darcy wasn't home until even after I was asleep last night, I thought I would be a good Mommy and be home with everyone in the morning. So, I hit the pool this morning. Did 2000 m straight swim, felt a little bit slow today but I'm not sure why. It was a good swim and I focused on my form and tried to figure out if the guy in the lane next to me was someone I went to elementary school with the entire time I was swimming. The mystery remains unsolved because I swam longer than he did. Not that it was life altering one way or the other.

Then on the way home, I decided to stop at the fire station to have my blood pressure taken. 3 firemen this time, none nearly as attractive as the last group but still not bad! Only one stayed to take my blood pressure though and this time? 122/74 in one arm and 110/72 in the other. This makes no sense whatsoever. Especially since one of the guys last night said that the bottom number is really the one that you should worry the most about because that tells you whether the heart is having enough time to rest and recover after having to beat again. Yesterday was not all that stressful of a day compared to any other day. So how does one go from 100 to 74 in just mere hours? What does it all mean?

I started wondering if there might be a correlation to my high blood pressure and my exercise days. Yesterday was a 7 mile run. But the other days, which were not nearly as high were all swim days, including today. Not sure that this means anything either...

So I have a call into my doctor's office to find out exactly what it all means. I had planned to call anyway since I hadn't heard back about my cholesterol test yet, so I have a message for the nurse to call me back. At this point, I think I'd like to see a cardiologist so I can get to the bottom of it all. I'm even thinking that if I'm a cardiologist I would like to have me take a stress test. But wait, I'm not a cardiologist.... although it's very interesting stuff.

Anyway, I'll keep you all posted.

And now for an embarrassing story that I think is much to funny not to share. After my abysmal blood pressure reading yesterday, I went to pick the girls up from daycare. I looked in Angelfish's folder to see if there were any notes, artwork, etc. and I discover one of my pairs of underwear. (Luckily it was a newer, clean pair and not a pair of lingerie.) Instantly my mind flashes to the fact that I did some laundry and folded everything on the sofa, putting most of it away right away, except for some whites that I put away after the girls left for school on Tuesday. Ms. Angelfish evidently decided that she liked this particular pair of underpants and somehow smuggled them into daycare. When I was attempting to shove them into my pants pocket, Angelfish saw them and yanked them from my hands saying "I want that! It's pretty!" and proceeded to run around the room with them and then attempted to tie it around her neck like a bandanna. I was laughing hysterically (although embarrassed), as her teachers were laughing but trying not to laugh, and then finally got Angelfish to stand still. I whispered in her ear that those were Mommy's underpants and could I please have them back? To which Angelfish replied, "oh. sure. Here you go. Why you not wearing underpants?" I assured her that I had underpants on, but that she had a pair that I needed to take home. Topping it all off was Ladybug who exited the bathroom (which is in the daycare room) at just that very moment with her underpants down around her ankles and her dress hiked up so that I had to tell her to pull them up and put her dress down. Modest, we evidently are not!

They say laughter is good for the soul... let's hope it helps with blood pressure too!

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