Thursday, July 16, 2009

Life is Good, Busy, and Sweaty

Yes, all that applies to my life at the moment.

Life is Good.
I went to the chiropractor yesterday and he told me he wants me to have an MRI of my back because he thinks that I may have a swollen disk. A swollen disk would explain why I have recurrent nerve pain when I run despite the adjustments and treatments (water massage bed, nerve stimulation, and from time to time decompression... I have to say I love the water massage and the decompression, which I jokingly call "the rack" to the lady that is the decompression technician). This did not make me happy one bit, especially when he told me that the "cure" to a swollen disk is to stop running. I told him I would think about it because 1) it was expensive and 2) I didn't want to hear that I needed to stop running as a definitive answer, but I also don't want to permanently damage myself. What I wanted to do was cry and I felt a little panicky. I think he sensed this and told me I didn't have to make a decision right then and that we could keep doing the treatments because it would help the situation but just not cure it. He also told me that I could still do my triathlon on Sunday and that he's not saying that I can't run. He's just saying he wants to investigate the situation further and that I currently will not do any permanent damage to myself with my training.

So why is life good? Well, Mr. Darcy has concerns about the cost of the MRI so I (at present) plan to be blissfully ignorant. I will keep going to the chiropractor and doing my stretches, and have promised the doctor to ice my back 10 minutes each day. And after talking to my Coach, she said that if worst came to worst, I'd just have to walk the runs. So in the end, I do not have to give up what I love. I may go to a sports doctor to see what they say about the whole thing too.

The girls and I also got to see the space shuttle lift off last night from our front yard, and then had a nice time watching it on TV since our neighbors DVR'd it and invited us in for a few minutes.

And, I read a blog of a person named NieNie (see my blog list... I don't know how to do the links yet) who is absolutely amazing. She survived a plane crash with her husband because her husband went back into the crashed planed (that was on fire) to save her and she (and he) suffered multiple burns over a large portion of her body, including her face. Her most recent post made me realize even more that I have a good life... and so does she.

Life is Busy.
Where to begin? Training, of course takes time. I have a seminar to teach next week, and craziness surrounding that seminar. Mr. Darcy has a deadline next Friday, of which he informed me that he will be working extremely late nights next week. I have a hair appointment at noon today, packet pickup tomorrow (not to mention getting a new seat installed on my bike and a tune up for Sunday's race). This Saturday is Mr. Darcy's 1st Tri, and Sunday is my 2nd Olympic Distance Tri. We're also excited because my friend Angela's sister, Anna, is going to visit us this weekend too. Angela's husband and his parents and niece and nephew are to be in town at Disney this weekend and we're to meet with them for dinner one night. Next week I have a dentist appointment, seminar to teach, cardiologist appointment, chiropractor appointment, evening conference call, and I have to get ready for our cruise. Mr. Darcy's parents will be watching the girls while we are on our cruise, and they'll be arriving sometime next weekend as well. SO, as I said, Life is Busy (with a capital B).

Life is Sweaty.
It's hot. Florida is hot as all get out. And muggy. Did I mention muggy? It was already in the 80's when I got to bike this morning... and muggy. Sweat pours off of you like you're showering in it. It gives new meaning to the bike and run... even the swim. The water in the lake for this weekend is predicted to be in the 80s. Hot. Water. Better than cold. I'd rather sweat during the swim than shiver during it. Training makes you sweat, and Florida makes you drenched with it.

I'll eventually get used to the heat. It just might take a few years... and then I'll be wearing wool coats when it's 50 degrees.

But, most importantly, life is good.

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