Friday, July 24, 2009

It's Almost Time to Go Cruisin'

Yes, there will be a week long hiatus in blogland of Going the Distance. Monday Mr. Darcy and I will embark on a cruise to the Bahamas without the little ladies. I am excited, nervous, and stressed. There is so much to do before you can actually go on a vacation.

So far the house is cleaned, but I still need to do grocery shopping since the ladies will be home with their grandparents getting spoiled rotten.... much like a pepper I discovered in the fridge this morning. I hope the girls will smell better, though. But the rest of my list is almost laughable it is so long, and somehow I have to find the time to get it done. Not to mention remembering this morning while getting my 2000m swim in that we need to do a temporary power of attorney so that if someone say splits their head open or something (ahem, Angelfish) that the grandparents can actually get them medical care. Luckily, I'm a lawyer of the kind who used to write such things so I drafted one. Now the trick is to get both Mr. Darcy and I in front of a notary at the same time to get it signed.

The items on my list that probably wont' get done are the ones that pertain to what would be nice for me, like the manicure and pedicure that I put on the list. I'm in very big need of the mani pedi, but compared with say the laundry or packing for the trip or doing dishes, I'm pretty certain that is relegated to the bottom of the to do list, even if it is listed as 8 out of 25.

The first thing I did on the list was get my bloodwork done. It pays to get up early and make it to the lab 15 minutes early. I was 5th in line and the 6th one they took back for the actually drawing of blood. Of course it helps that I'm stressed because I woke myself up wiggling my toes right before the alarm went off. Yup. You read that right. Wiggling my toes. When I am really stressed about something (even if I don't know that I'm stressed on a conscious level), I wiggle my toes in my sleep. And when it's really bad, I wake myself up because I am wiggling my toes.

I'm not sure what it is that I'm so stressed about. The 25 item to do list and what seems little time to do it in? Possibly. I think it has to do more with the cardiology stuff and whether I have issues that I've given to my kiddies, especially little Ms. Angelfish whose bloodwork at her 3 year old check up showed she had cholesterol of 192 (mine is 194 at this point, which is decent for me but high for a 3 year old). That and the fact that my kids gave me a hard time about bed time this week and I've been feeling like a big meanie and a not so good Mommy. I thank all of you for your encouraging words about how I'm doing what I'm supposed to do as a Mommy, and while I know you're right, I don't like being a grump with them - even if it is for their own good. I won't have rotten children, so I know I'll keep doing what I'm doing, but it would be so nice if we could just get through this phase.

So, yes, wiggling toes got me going this morning. The sad part is that I had so much to do today that the swim was just an item to tick off and not the enjoyable session it usually is. I realized that I prefer swimming long distances in a lake when I was half way through the 2000m straight swim and getting bored with counting. I wish I could have swum at Lucky's today - 2 full crossings, which is only 4, as opposed to the 80 lengths of the pool. Yup. I've been converted to an open water swimmer, provided I don't have 150 other people jumping in with me. I'm still not quite comfortable with that, but hey, I've only been doing this for less than a year. I'll probably get there.

Work was busy and now it's off to attempt to conquer my list. See you when I get back!

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