Sunday, November 30, 2008

The joys of Thanksgiving...

Hi, all!

I hope you had a wonderful thanksgiving full of turkey, sweet potato pie, glazed carrots, green beans, cranberry sauce, rolls, stuffing (if you didn't forget to cook it like I did), pumpkin pie and pecan pie - and lots of family and friends! We had a good thanksgiving too. We ate all of the above (except for the pumpkin and pecan pies) and then while the girls and Mr. Darcy napped, I went on an hour long bike ride. It was awesome! I combined two of my loops and added a little bit too and did around 12 miles. I think I could have gone farther in that time frame, but I was pretty full when I left! Later we took a 2nd bike ride and I pulled the girls behind me... that ride was about 4 miles long. And then we went and had pie with our good friends the Englert/Maira's! (Oh, and I skipped the Turkey Trot 5K at Lake Eola since my shin splints wouldn't let me run and it was going to be around 38 that morning, I didnt' want to drag Mr. Darcy and girls out in the cold to watch me walk... so we all slept in!)

Friday I did another bike ride - this one my usual 40 minute route. Saturday I hit the pool and swam a mile. This morning I woke up, and did a 30 minute bike to be followed by a 20 minute walk, except I never made the 20 minute walk because well, I took a turn a bit too fast toward the end of my ride and ended up having a little accident. I am completely fine other than a bruise forming on my left leg and being shooken up. The bikes brakes are acting wierd and there's a mark on the pedal from it's interaction with the road. I must say that I think my guardian angel was acting overtime for me... it could have easily been a lot worse. So, I have to take the bike into the shop. After trying to figure out the bike on my own, I decided to skip the walk. Unfortunately, though, I ate about 1/2 a dozen cookies or so for breakfast (left over from our Christmas tree trimming)... yes, I'm someone who eats under stress. The good news is that the cookies are pretty much gone now so I'll be back to healthier eating by tomorrow. : ) Let's just hope the bike isn't going to need a big fix.

Anyway. I am thankful for the time with my family and friends... and for escaping my little accident unscathed! Happy December (tomorrow anyway)!

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