Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Shin Splint Stink!

Oh, yes. My shin splints have not gone away in my left leg. I think they were on the mend and then I did that run last week... they probably weren't healed all the way and I made it worse. Today I was supposed to run, but walked instead for 45 minutes. I stretched beforehand paying particular attention to my calf muscles. During the walk, no pain. At end when I stretched again, I had to close my eyes because of the pain. I forced myself to stretch anyway, took a hot shower, took 2 advil and put an analgesic patch on the spot where it hurts. I really was wanting to run in the 5K on Thursday so I could eat without guilt and get a good gage of where my running is at these days. (I guess I like running more than I think I do because even on my walks lately, my body has wanted to break into a jog at the very least and I have to reign myself in.) All I have to say is that Shin Splints Stink! But, I am bound and determined that this leg will heal and I will be able to run in my triathlon February 1st. Come h@ll or high water!

Ladybug did awesome yesterday with her potty training. She is still refusing to pee on the potty first thing in the morning at home, but once she gets underpants on at school she was a champ! She came home in the same clothing and underpants that she had on all day and only had one small accident at home right before bedtime! Go LADYBUG!

I'm really looking forward to Thanksgiving. Unfortunately, the padres on both sides decided to stay home, but we have some fun plans for our little family. Thanksgiving morning is the 5K Turkey Trot down at Lake Eola. Bill and the girls are planning to be my cheering section (When Angelfish sees me in workout clothes and running shoes - she knows the difference between my running shoes and my biking shoes - says "You go running."), and then afterwards are going to see if the girls will run in the Tot Trot (it's only 100 yards for 2 year olds). Then we'll come back home and cook Thanksgiving dinner (turkey, cranberry sauce - not from a can, green beans, glazed carrots, sweet potato pie, rolls, and pecan pie), watch the Macy's Day parade on TV, and eat! The next day we'll get our Christmas tree and decorate it and the house for Christmas while listening to Christmas music and drinking cocoa and eating cookies. We may head over to UCF for their Holiday Light show and whatever Christmas movie is playing too. At some point we'll try to get pictures for our Christmas card - either on our own (I have some ideas) or somewhere else. It will be nice to have 4 days together!

I'm trying to find an inexpensive club with a heated pool at the moment so I can try to resume my swimming... the quest never ends! Hasta Luego!

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