Monday, November 17, 2008

Weekend workouts and Monday morning...

Hi everyone. Sorry for the weekend hiatus on postings... it was a busy (but fun) weekend that did not entail getting a chance to be on the computer. Saturday morning I got up with the chickens (not really, but it sure seemed like it... it was more like 6:30 am), both girls and Mr. Darcy were still sleeping, and jumped on the bike. I decided that since I'll be racing on open roads that perhaps I should venture out of our subdivision. So, I eased into it. I did the 1st 1.5 miles in the neighborhood starting with the usual loop and then turned right instead of left at the exit of the subdivision and I was off! I went past the high school (Timbercreek), past the shopping center with Starbucks, ColdStone and Little Anthony's and went into a subdivision called Bella Vida. I did the big loop of the outer portion of their subdivision (probably 2 miles), and then back out to Avalon Parkway (or whatever it's called). Had to stop at the traffic light and darn if my right foot didn't pop out of the binding even though I didn't think I turned my foot at all. I REALLY need to figure out how to tighten that binding. I'll be out there with the hex wrench later today. The light turned green right after my right foot popped out. So I had to peddle with my feet not clipped in. But as I got myself out of the intersection and into the bike lane, I was able to pop my feet back in with no problems. Then I continued back into the subdivision and went down to the village area (where the shops are), rode by the Village Green where they were setting up the Farmer's Market for the day. It's kind of fun to observe that kind of thing while riding by - like a little vinette of someone's morning. Then the normal loop to get home. A nice 40 minute ride.

When I got home, the girls were having breakfast at the table and Mr. Darcy was looking disheveled while making coffee. I chatted with the girls and they informed me that I looked cold even though I was hot and sweaty. I told them I was hot and Angelfish offered me some ice. I love how their minds work.... they're so imaginative and creative at this age. Then Mommy got ready to go shopping with her friend Jen and Daddy got the girls ready to go to the park with Nick, Alex and Colin. Unfortunately, the girls refused to nap so when Mommy got home Mr. Darcy was at his wits end. He had 1/2 an hour of alone time and then we went to Kim's house for their neighborhood barbeque and so Bill could talk with Kim and Sean about the house they want to build.

Sunday, it was 50 degrees when I got up to swim and run. I was exhausted so I decided that I would make Sunday my off day and do the run (the required piece) on Monday. I went back to bed and didn't wake up until 8 am when the little ladies woke us. It was great! We had breakfast and played and watched a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse episode, after which the girls asked if we could go to Mickey's house. So, we decided to pile in the car and go to Animal Kingdom. We had a blast! The weather was cool (high of 67) and compared to other times of the year the park was relatively empty. We got some great pictures of the girls! Mr. Darcy rode the Mount Everest rollercoaster and loved it - we tried to keep an eye for him and take a picture, but we're not positive it was him that we took a picture of! Evidently, though, our mistake was that we didn't take the girls on the safari ride. We took them out on the train to the conservation station where they pet goats, a tortoise and a Malaysian rodent (with subsequent hand washing, of course), but that evidently was not enough. On our way out of the park (which was precipitated by a flurry of pushing, kicking and pulling of hair by the two people riding in the stroller), Ladybug informed us that she wanted to see a tiger, a bear, and giraffe and didn't want to leave until she did. Unfortunately, we had to explain that even in Animal Kingdom they didn't have tigers and bears, but Mr. Darcy mentioned they might have some lazy lions. So then we had the chant from both Angelfish and Ladybug to see the lazy lions. Somehow we distracted them and the ride home was spent with Ladybug and Angelfish making up stories (very creative ones at that) and songs for the ride home.

This morning (Monday) was colder than yesterday morning, so no swimming. I couldn't bring myself to do a cold pool this morning. BUT, the good news is that I decided to put my legs to the test and see how my shins were doing. I walked 5 minutes, ran 10 and walked another 5. I think I will keep to walking for the rest of this week, but am pleased to report that the pain after stopping was just a twinge and very short lived. It's amazing how easy it is to run when it's colder, by the way.

On the potty training front, Ladybug didn't want to wear underpants (only pull ups) all weekend and after Friday night (which btw on Friday she had no accidents at school and the 1 she had at home was because she was just a little too late in getting to the potty but she recognized she needed to go while we were playing and stopped to try to get there), she didn't even want to use the potty. This morning she asked to wear pullups not underwear. So I feel like we're going backward instead of forward after all our progress on Friday. Perhaps we will get potty trained eventually.

Oh, and all you Gator fans will be happy to know that whenever Angelfish & Ladybug saw an alligator at Animal Kingdom I would ask "what do we say when we see a Gator?" and they would respond "Go Gators!" (and Ladybug would even do the Gator chomp with her arms)... Little Gators in training! Happy Monday!

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