Tuesday, November 18, 2008

My goggles broke!

It was rather cold this morning and it was supposed to be a swim day. I love swim days, so I decided to wait until this afternoon in the hopes that the weather would be warm enough. The pool was still frigid when I got there this afternoon at a little after 2 pm, but I figured I walked 7 minutes to get there I might as well jump in... and then my goggles' strap broke. I tied the strap, tried to put them on again and they broke again (this time in 2 places) so I tied both of those places and tried one last time and the strap broke a 4th time. All this while I'd been standing in the really cold pool water up to my knees on the 2nd step into the pool, and well, my feet were numb. I decided this was a form a divine intervention that obviously meant I should not swim today (as my goggles are now completely useless and I need to go get new ones).

So, instead (no - I didn't just let myself off the hook for the day, although it was tempting due to my frustrations with the goggles), I did a 45 minute walk that included a 5 minute run. Only 5 minutes because I'm trying to let my shin splints completely heal up. Oh, and I found literature online that indicates my theory about high heels and shint splints is true. I found some extra stretches that should hopefully help too.

As for Ladybug's potty training we're zig zaging, it seems. She had only one accident yesterday at school but insisted on wearing pullups again this morning. I wish she would make up her mind. I read that this is more stressful for the parent than the child, and I believe it now!

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