Wednesday, November 12, 2008

I'm back and so is the hot weather...

So it's been a couple of days... sorry for the hiatus. Saturday I did not work out because I headed to the airport for my morning flight to Atlanta where I was for training... I'm a Regional Director of Recruitment for the Southeast for Alpha Xi Delta (my sorority) and I had to find out what I was supposed to be doing. It's going to be fun and challenging, but a good bit of work. The weather was cold compared to Florida, but beautiful fall foliage and chilly evenings are what Fall is all about. Sunday morning I walked with my friend Nealy for 45 minutes (it was chilly... my hands were a little numb at first) and had plans to hit the pool at the hotel at some point, until I found out that the outdoor pool was not heated. Temperatures in the 50s and an unheated pool just didn't work for me (despite the fact I've probably done it on a brisk morning here), especially when I could have lunch with my friend Nazrina instead! Monday was my normal day off from the workouts (last Monday I worked out to make this past Saturday my day off) and unfortunately I didn't get to workout yesterday because Mr. Bill was in Richmond with work and our refrigerator was on the fritz again so between getting that fixed, getting the girls to school, working all day, restocking the refrigerator, and being with the girls in the evening - no workout.

But this morning, I had a nice 40 minute bike ride and did about 10 - 11 miles. The weather is so warm here it was in the mid-60s while biking this morning and the high is supposed to be around 81 today. But, it made for a good ride (although I was sweaty by the end of it). Nothing eventful on the ride other than being successful at stopping without accidentally unclipping both of my feet from the pedals (until I started going again - I need to figure out how to tighten the clip in pedal part so it's not so easy - biking without using your feet is a bit of a problem). Someday I'll get it. I'm getting there as it is and loving every minute. I also practiced taking the turns at faster speeds... I stopped breaking into the turn weeks ago and have been leaning in to the turns, but now I'm trying to do it faster. Lance Armstrong I am not, but maybe someday (but female of course... Lancita perhaps?)!

I think tomorrow will involve the pool...

On the potty training front (yes, the pool water made me think of it), Ladybug is doing rather well although it's a little perplexing. She's wearing her underpants all day at school (with only 1 accident each day so far), but she refuses to go potty at home. It makes no sense to me, but I know it is common among the toddler set. I figure that this week I will let her wear the pull ups in the evenings at home and then next week we'll start with the underpants (and perhaps plastic sheeting for the sofa - just joking!) in the evenings too. Baby steps. Now if only Angelfish would get on the band wagon too. She wants to wear underpants but only over her pullup!

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