Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Ode to a Warm Pool

warm pool, warm pool
I have dreamt in waking moments
toes numb and in a vision of mist
of you - a warm pool
and thanks to $35 a month at LA Fitness,
you are all mine!

Yes, I broke down and got a gym membership so that I can swim. The pool was awesome! Highly chlorinated and warm. I swam a mile and wanted to do more but, alas, I had to go to work. They even had a bathing suit spinner so my suit wasn't sopping wet in my bag as I drove home. I love it! I'll have to leave earlier in the mornings to get there and back, but I think it will do me some good. I may need to start training for running on the treadmill too in order to avoid more shin splints. I'm going to ask my Teams in Training coach her opinion. I'll miss being outdoors as much, but I will not be giving up my outdoor cycling never fear!

But, yes the highlight of the day will most likely be the swim! How I missed my long swims (and lapping the guys swimming in the pool with me - they were in other lanes, though)!

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