Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Wind chill factor?

This morning I did a 33 minute bike ride. Not sure if I am just getting faster in general or if I was just so cold that I had to pedal faster, but I did my 40 minute route in only 33 minutes and well, since it was under 40 degrees and I was wearing biking shorts, 2 sport shirts (one long sleeve), and an insulated vest, and my legs were bright pink and a bit number. I think I may need to invest in a pair of long biking pants. It took 45 minutes for my legs to no longer look like they were pink. Frostbite in Florida? Not sure if that's possible, but I don't want to chance it.

As usual, my bike rides are very cathartic. I never come back home without an even cheerier disposition than when I left on the ride. Biking rocks! I got home as the girls and Mr. Darcy were leaving (he had a meeting at 9 pm at UCF so he didn't have to leave as earlier as usual because he didn't go into downtown first) and they were wearing sweaters with mittens. Mr. Darcy couldn't get them to wear their winter hats. Angelfish saw me getting off my bike and she asked "you go run now?" I told her no that I just finished with my bike ride and today was only a one sport day. With that, she ran into the garage and jumped on her little bike and rode it right down to the bottom of the drive where Mr. Darcy stopped her. She wanted to go for a ride! The only way we could get her into the car was to promise we could go on a ride later. So, I know what we'll be doing after work/school today!

On the potty training front, parts of the day are going well and others are not as much. Sometimes Ladybug is realizing she has to go almost right before she actually goes. So, it's still a start and she is showing promise. Her daycare teacher said that Ladybug is doing really well and that we all want it to happen overnight, but that it just doesn't go as fast as we want. And Ms. Anita is wonderful (not to mention that she has 5 children of her own), so I'm sure I just need to be more patient!

Tomorrow is a run day... so we shall hope for warmer weather!

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