Friday, November 7, 2008

A bright sunny day...

So with the change in time has come brighter mornings for working out. This morning I hit the pool and swam just under a mile and then biked for 25 minutes. While I set out a little later than some other mornings, I was startled while swimming to realize that I wasn't watching the sunrise as I breathed during laps... instead the sun was bright and up over head. It was a nice change of pace! Of course, that means that it's darker earlier (i.e. when I get the girls from daycare around 4:30 it's already getting darker), but it was rather cheery especially after yesterdays news. Plus it wasn't nearly as chilly for the bike portion of my morning workout. I must say I love my newly improved bike. I feel like I can ride for miles!

Last night we went to dinner with the girls and tried a new (to us anyway) pizza place called Little Anthony's. It is the best pizza we have had since we left Atlanta and the prices were reasonable too! So, we finally have found that family pizza joint here in Orlando. On the way to dinner Ladybug and Angelfish were whining for juice. Angelfish piped down after 5 times of our telling her that she could have her juice when we got to the restaurant, but Ladybug continued. I finally (after the 20th time of hearing it) told her that I heard her and I understood that she wanted her juice and I promised that I would not forget that she wanted her juice and that as soon as we got to the restaurant Mommy would be certain to give her the juice, but that Mommy would much prefer it if she did not keep repeating it. The best part was Ladybug's response, which was "Ok. Mommy in charge." And then Angelfish of course had to stick up for Daddy, as though his authority had been impuned and said "Daddy in charge too." Mr. Darcy and I laughed and said that both Mommy and Daddy were in charge... to which Angelfish replied "I in charge too." I asked her if she was in charge of Angelfish land and she said with a big smile "YES!" and then I asked Ladybug if she were in charge of Ladybug land and she said "OH YES!" and we all had a good chuckle.

Ladybug will be starting uncharted territory this coming Monday... her daycare has asked us if (with our permission) Ladybug can start wearing "big girl underwear" instead of pullups because they really think she is ready because she does such a great job of going potty at school. So this evening she and Mommy (and Daddy and Angelfish if they want to go) are going to buy her some big girl underwear. As Elmo on Elmo's Potty Time says, "Hurrah for underpants!" I'll keep you posted on, I'm sure (and I'm certain it's exactly what you want to know about - triathlon and potty training all rolled into one... but that's life in our household at the moment!!).

Happy Friday!

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