Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Weekend Adventures

I know this post is a bit out of order, but I realized I didn't say anything about the weekend in my last post after promising to tell of anything funny from the weekend in the previous post. So, here goes.

Saturday was a bit of a blur, really. I went to the gym and did my timed 400 m swim, 50 minute bike (11.5 miles go me!), and 20 minute run/walk, and then lots of stretching. Then I hit Target because, we needed a few items and one of those items was the birthday present for Holland's birthday party. Then lunch, an attempt at getting our children to nap that was wholly unsuccessful but that did result in them at least laying in their beds for a little bit - even if they were talking to one another most of the time and we found them hanging out in their room chatting it up when it was time to "get up." Then a wild dash at getting them dressed with Mr. Darcy and I switching roles... he was super stressed about our being late, and I thought we'd get there just fine what was a few minutes late?

The party was fun, but pretty funny too. It was a mini bowling party. There were small balls that were hard like bowling balls and then bowling pins and bumpers so the balls couldn't go in the gutters. The kids who were there were between the ages of 3 and 5. No one could bowl, and you would hear a horrible denting sort of sound everytime another child chucked the ball as hard as he or she could at the floor. Over and over and over. The older kids could knock down a pin or two somewhat consistently, the younger ones only when they got lucky. And yet, they LOVED it! They tried over and over and over to bowl. Angelfish only wanted to bowl with the turquoise ball, but would break her self imposed color selection for the pink when she really couldn't take it anymore. Ladybug on the other hand just wanted to grab the next ball that arrived and go again - even if the pins hadn't had time to reset yet. So, it was a bit of an adventure keeping control of the situation and also imposing the "you must let other children have a turn too"... but the entire thing was a hoot and we had a ton of fun with the girls and in talking to Holland's Mom and to Channing's Dad too.

Angelfish and Channing shared nuggets and fries very nicely, and now I think Angelfish has Channing's cold too. It's hard to figure out how to stop a child from sharing something when you don't want them to get sick but yet you can't quite explain to them why this is the one time they shouldn't share something with someone. Hopefully the cold will be short lived.

Mom and Dad also liked the party location... it had real bowling lanes and a pub at the back. We may just have to have one of our date nights there some time. : )

Sunday... hmm. Oh yes. I guess I had blocked it out of my mind for a minute there. We went to a church that we liked, but have reservations about merely because well, there are no other children in the congregation except for one or two that are not close in age to our girls. So, we'll try another next weekend. After church we went to Dillards so Mr. Darcy could exchange some shirts and ties he got at Christmas... the girls had been angels in church, but were hellions in the store. Time outs were given and even a spanking had to be resorted to at one point. But what can you expect from 2 1/2 year olds stuck in the men's department at a store for 3 (yes, 3 hours) while their Dad tried to figure out whether he wanted pants, a blazer, shirts, ties, or what. After finally settling on 3 pairs of dress pants, a dress shirt, 2 ties, and a thing of tie cleaner, we left the mall. I could almost hear Mendelsson's "Hallelujah Chorus" in my head as we left (or was that the sales people singing... I really can't be sure.). Then we got some ice cream because well, I needed some sort of treat after enduring all that. Once we got home, we watch some extreme sports on tv that looked like fun to try and then did some grocery shopping followed by breakfast for dinner. I also went for a drink with my friend Jen and had a wonderful time chatting.

MLK day, I drove over to Sarasota and spent it with my Dad. We hadn't had a father daughter day since I got married, so it was a nice change of pace. Mr. Darcy had to work so the girls went to school and I drove on over. It's not a bad drive and the day was beautiful. We had a nice day - we chatted with my mom on her lunch break from work, went to see my Grammy, had lunch, went to some bookstores, and chatted while sitting in the sun in the front yard of my parents house. Then I drove home and spent the evening with Mr. Darcy and the munchkins. Unfortunately, Ladybug had decided she was mad at me for some reason and told me, "I don't care about you." Yes, direct quote. It made me cry. But Angelfish at least came over and told me she loved me! Ladybug wanted nothing to do with me last night, but this morning she wanted to go to the gym and work out with me. : ) She gave me lots of kisses too. So, I guess she got over whatever it was...

And that is our weekend in a nutshell. Cliff notes style... but no quiz later!

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