Monday, January 26, 2009

My love for a piece of metal...

Yes, it's definitely official. I've know that this was true, it has been said a few times in this blog, but perhaps not fully declared in its entirety.... I AM IN LOVE WITH MY BIKE. It is not the top of the line in the world of bikes... it's not even a road bike, just a lowly hybrid Trek 3100 (road and mountain bike), but then, I'm no super model or elite athlete either. So, perhaps it is just that we are perfect for one another. It has been weeks since I last rode my bike because the mornings were too cold or I had a swim bike combo that just made no sense to swim at the gym and come home and ride (especially since I start work at 8:30 am each morning). It was almost like meeting an old friend after a long sojourn... a little bit of anxious excitement, a wonder of what if we have nothing to talk about after all this time? But, just like meeting a true friend after awhile, it was like picking up right where we left off. I felt taller on the bike - probably because I wasn't in the position where my right in front of my face was all the gagetry of the stationary bike and because the bike actually fits me. I'm in between settings at the gym and have to go to the lower one for height. The first minute felt odd and then pure bliss took over. 7 miles of lovely riding and a desire to keep biking and only looking at my watch twice in 30 minutes just to gage whether I had time to keep going or did I need to take an alternate route... never once out of boredom. And at the end of the ride as I unclipped from the pedals, a sense that I could have ridden 3 times as long and been perfectly happy. Blissful love for a lovely piece of metal.

If only the potty training front could be as blissful... we'll start with Angelfish as Ladybug's story will take a bit longer. Angelfish is using the potty when she feels like it (which is much of how Angelfish addresses big milestones in development... I think I've mentioned before in my blog that she refused to crawl and hated being on her belly but then one day decided to walk and within a week she was walking without holding on to anything for rather long distances), which amazingly was Saturday when we went to Disney. She would tell me that she needed to pee, we'd go to the bathroom (even waiting in line once or twice) and her pullup would be dry and she'd pee in the potty! Then Sunday she refused to go to the potty, only wanted to wear pullups and announced after the fact that she'd gone. This morning though she went pee on the potty and wanted to wear underpants to school. One of these days she's just going to make her mind up and be fully potty trained. I just hope it's before college.

Ladybug. Yes, our dear Ladybug gets her own paragraph. Saturday she was like rock star for the large part of the day... she wore the same pair of underpants without accident if you told her to go, she'd go. If she had to go, she told you and went. And then. She was not listening and running like a mad thing in the crowd at Disney. We told her if she did it once more we were going home. She did, and we were leaving. Ladybug completely had a melt down from Cinderella's castle all the way back to the entrance to the park. (We apologize to all those who had to endure her crying on the Monorail ride back to the entrance.) Screaming "I don't want to go home!" and wailing... she may have actually gnashed her teeth once or twice too. We get out and Mr. Darcy takes Ladybug and I take Angelfish to the bathrooms. Angelfish does awesome and empties her entire bladder into the potty. Ladybug too empties her bladder, but not into the potty. She started to pee a little on Mr. Darcy. He got her to stop and took her to the potty where she refused to go and refused to listen. Mr. Darcy scolded her for not listening and she got even more upset and peed all over his pants, all over her pants and socks, and all over the bathroom floor. Being a good Dad, he merely cleaned her up, cleaned up the bathroom floor, and did his best to clean himself up. He put her in new clothes and then refused to talk about the experience for several hours other than to say "she peed on me and I don't want to talk about it." But this morning, she was a champ. Marched in, peed on the potty and excitedly put on her Snow White underpants. (Oh, we met Snow White at Disney Saturday... so they were even more exciting now that they know one another!)

After our adventures at Disney, Mr. Darcy and I went on a date while the girls played with the babysitter. We had a good quantity of beer. It was necessary. And then we tried to bowl... I say tried to because when we found out that we would have to wait 1 hour and pay $45 plus shoe rentals for 1 hour of bowling, we went to see if there was anything playing at the movies. There was, but not until around 10 pm and we were tired enough that we'd simply fall asleep if we waited that long. So, we ate ice cream and went home. Wild and exciting times! But, it was nice to have some peace and quiet for a few hours and be able to chat!

Oh, and Saturday morning, the workout went well... 500 swim, 11 mile bike, and 10 minute run/walk. At the end I felt I could definitely do more, so things are looking up for this weekend's sprint triathlon... my first! YAY! My new triathlon bag arrived Friday afternoon and it was heavenly to use at the gym. Not sure that it can hold all it boasts it can, but we'll find out on Sunday! The"big day" is on Sunday, this week's workouts will be lighter than normal, but I hope to be able to officially call myself a "triathlete" on my personal "Superbowl Sunday!"

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