Thursday, January 8, 2009

Swim and bike... my favorite combo!

After enduring another morning of Ladybug's grumpy awakenings and switching between which parent she tells to go away, and finally getting her happy and dressed I hit the gym. (Angelfish by the way is a good morning person... she woke up this morning and said "clock says time to get up!" - we have a clock that we've marked with the time to go to bed, nap time and wake up time in their room - and then gave me a big kiss, told me she didn't want to go pee on the potty this morning and wanted a pull up, got dressed and ate her breakfast all with a smile on her face and giving out kisses to her Mommy and Daddy. I'm a morning person too... we'll just leave it at that as to where Ladybug gets her morning wake up style from : ) )

Surprisingly there weren't as many new faces at the gym as I thought there would be... my other workouts have been in the neighborhood this week, so this is the first day in the gym for training. A few new people, but not a crowd. A new guy in the pool who swims loudly which means he needs to work on his stroke because he's not quite cutting through the water, but I digress. But other than that it was a normal day. I did the bike at the gym and may wake up early and bike in the neighborhood tomorrow. 30 minutes on a stationary bike is boring but it's fun on a regular bike. We'll just have to see if I can get out of bed early enough tomorrow. Tomorrow is a bike swim day (today was swim bike... not much of a difference but just where the focus should be on the 1st sport mentioned). I swam about 3/4 of a mile and did some stroke work during it. In 30 minutes on level 5 today I did just a smidge over 7 miles. I am definitely getting faster! YAY!

I'm also getting smaller... I put on a pair of pants that I haven't worn in a few weeks and they're a little big. YAY! Now, let's hope that when I take my cholesterol test toward the end of the month that those numbers are down too...

Anywho. Let's hope my quickness is inherent in the Gator Nation today because it's the BCS tonight! GOOOOO GATORS! FIRST AND TEN, FIRST AND TEN, GO GATORS GO!

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