Friday, January 16, 2009

Goodbye Dear Christmas Tree...

Ah, Friday. I hope this weekend will be less stressful than this morning. Mr. Darcy woke up early today to do some work before we got the girls up and somehow the task took longer than he thought and viola we were back to running late again. The girls were perky and cheery though when they got up because well, they got to sleep later than usual and we got them in bed on time last night too. Unfortunately, this meant they wanted to play while getting ready, and we were running so late that Mr. Darcy was coaxing them into eating their breakfast in the cafeteria at school and I had to promise them yogurt to eat when they got to school while they were eating cereal out of a bag after being put in the car. In our defense, it was Kashi Go Lean so they got plenty of protein (not to mention fiber)! I really hate these types of mornings because not only are we running behind, but Mr. Darcy is stressed (he had a meeting this morning that was already stressing him out as of last night) and thus a little short with everyone, which in turn makes me stressed, and the girls wondering why we are so stressed. The good news was though that they were in pretty good moods and were pretty accomodating (other than Angelfish wanting to be chased around the house instead of getting dressed).

So when I finally left for the gym, my stomach was tight and my neck (and emotions) were rather tense. But, I was running so late that I did not get to do all of my workout today. Only the swim... and that was shorter than I had hoped to do today. We take what we can get some days, especially with my inability not to be responsible. I cannot allow myself to be late to work, despite the fact that I worked 2.25 hours of overtime on Monday, 1.25 hours of overtime Tuesday, and 1.25 hours of overtime yesterday I can't seem to let myself be late. It's insane really... or is it just being reliable? And why do I have to be so reliable? It's like it's this thing I can't let go of. I've learned to cut myself a break with many other things in life, but with work it's something I just can't seem to do. I need to run away and join the circus or something... the girls and Mr. Darcy would have to come to though... it wouldn't be very fun without them.

Where was I? Oh yes, the gym. The pool was glorious today. I lapped the only other person swimming in the pool a couple of times. It felt great. And then I started thinking why do I care if I lap this guy who isn't even racing me? And that's when I knew it was that sneaky little competitor that loves the chase. I pretend not to want to win this sprint triathlon, but deep down I want to be that person to come in first... I'm just realistic that while I will do my best, that at this stage in my training it is less likely that I will be the winner. But I will try all the same... and if I have to settle for lapping the guy next to me in the gym pool I'll take that too. : ) I only got to do 3/4 of a mile, but I was pleased with my workout. I did some technique work as part of that otherwise I probably would have gotten in a full mile. But I like the technique work... it helps me pay attention to what I'm doing when I get tired and lets me go faster when I'm tired too. After the technique work I swam 1/2 a mile straight and then 200 m to cool down. I missed the bike portion of the morning, but it would have been on the stationary bike anyway so I might just take a bike ride for fun this weekend.

We're going to our first birthday party for a friend of the girls' from school this Saturday. It should be interesting and hopefully fun. Which reminds me, I need to get the young man a present before then! It's a bowling party (with bumpers and really small bowling balls), so this should be interesting. As it looks like from the pictures that the bowling balls are made of plastic this should be entertaining. Plus, I'm looking forward to meeting some of the other parents aside from the cursory hello or chat that you might have if you happen to pick up the kids at the same time. Of course, I've discovered that I'm referred to as "the mom with the twins" which is an accurate description... I'm just not sure how it's being used. Is it the "how does she handle twins?" or "that lady's crazy?" The truth be told, I dont' know how not to handle twins and I may be a little on the crazier side perhaps from the handling of twins! Tee hee. Anyway... if there's anything fun to report, I'll be sure to share.

Oh, and the title of my blog. I almost forgot. Mr. Darcy forgot to take the Christmas tree to the street last night (we were tired and both have been working alot - and feel blessed to have jobs to complain about working alot this week) and I saw the garbage truck drive by - they hadn't picked up our trash yet so I ran into the living room, unscrewed the tree from the stand (or so I thought) and grabbed the tree and carried it out through the garage through the street. It was surprisingly light actually... of course it's dead as can be (and now a billion pieces since the garbage men picked it up). When I got it to the street, I discovered the stand was still attached... so with 2 minutes to spare, I got the stand off and into the garage before the tree was taken by the garbage man... who made me look weak by picking the darn thing up with one hand! Good bye dear tree, you served us well and withstood the torture of small children pulling on your branches and a dog drinking your water. May you decompose fully in the landfill!

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