Monday, January 5, 2009

Monday, it is!

Today is definitely a Monday. Not just any Monday but the Monday return to work after a long weekend off for the New Year. And despite waking with an upset stomach (most likely due to the junk food I ate at Disney yesterday, which to my shame includes fried chicken nuggets and french fries - I told Mr. Darcy to surprise me with lunch while I saved us a table... not the smartest move on my part - ice cream and yes, even a funnel cake), I didn't let it keep me down. I didn't go to the gym though (I figure it's probably stuff full of extra people today anyway), but instead I did the interval training that I would have done on the treadmill in the park just up the street from our house (nice, spongy grass) and added another 20 minute walk onto it to try to make up a little bit for not swimming at the gym in addition to the interval training. Perhaps if the morning goes well tomorrow, I'll get the pool in then.

I kind of like interval training. I did 7 minutes alternating 1 minute run and 1 minute walk and then 6 sets of a 20 second sprint and then walking back to where I started the sprint. It's kind of nice to see how far I've come from the last time I did these intervals. I may not be a lot smaller yet in size (although I've dropped one size), but I am definitely in better shape than I was!

Yesterday we had a lot of fun at Disney. We went with the girls and our friend Bryan who was visiting. The girls had fun with Mr. Bryan who is 6'5" and a rather muscular 280. So, as you can tell he is a big guy. On the tea cups, he spun them so fast with just one hand that poor Ladybug(who has the beginnings of a headcold coming on I think) did not want to ride them again. Angelfish on the other hand LOVED it. In fact, she wanted to ride them again and go faster. So they did, except Ladybug and I played while the boys and Angelfish went on the ride. At one point, Bryan thought that Angelfish was crying and took one of his hands off the wheel and Angelfish grabbed his hand and put it back on... it turned out she was laughing and screaming in glee. Later in the day she asked if she and Mr. Bryan could "ride cups and go faster." : ) Ladybug liked watching the fire works with Mr. Bryan - he was nice and tall so she had a great view. We all had a good time and got a bit of sun... of course, since we stayed for the fireworks, that made getting up this morning all the harder.

But tomorrow is Tuesday so it will be a little easier and a little closer to the National Championship Game! And as the girls said when they saw the alligators at Sea World this past Friday "Go Gators!"

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