Thursday, January 15, 2009

Run Baby Run and Swimming Blind

Alright, so I missed writing yesterday. It was a bit busy and I ran a bit late so I couldn't post before work started, worked through lunch, but left almost on time (15 minutes late) which was better than Monday and Tuesday. Monday I worked until 6:25 and Tuesday until 5:45, which is not good when you get off at 4:30 pm. But anyway.

Yesterday was a 30 minutes run that you were supposed to do your best with so you could see how far you could go in 30 minutes. But, my left leg is still giving me troubles so I did 30 minutes but I walked the 1st 5, alternated 3 min running and 1 walking, and then walked the last 5 minutes. Even doing that, I was able to do 2.68 miles in the 30 minutes. So that was encouraging!

Today was an interesting workout. It did a half hour on the stationary bike doing a hill program for 1/2 an hour and was able to bike 11.5 miles in that 1/2 hour. Whoo hoo! Right after that I went to do my swim, and here's the interesting part - I had to do it without my goggles and swim cap because I accidentally left them at home. I tried at first to swim with my eyes open under water but it hurt and my contacts didn't feel so great. So then I swam with my eyes closed and opened them at certain intervals when I breathed and discovered how hard it is to stay in a straight line while swimming with my eyes closed. I have no problems doing it when I wear my goggles, but I was bumping into lane ropes and everything! Swimmers who are blind are amazing to be able to do that. So, due to time constraints and goggle issues (not to mention the fact that my hair was making me crazy getting on my face, etc.) I only swam 1/2 a mile today. But I have big plans for tomorrow - I plan to swim at least 1 mile, possibly straight, and may even shoot for 1.5 miles in the pool and then a 15-20 minute bike ride.

It all depends on how long it takes Ladybug to get dressed in the morning. Today she was at least pleasant (for the most part), but she was a bit of a doozy. She insisted on eating her yogurt before going to the bathroom and getting dressed, and despite the fact that yesterday she did awesome with potty training (same pair of pants and underpants the entire day, including us going out to dinner at Fridays, and then playing at home before bed) at first insisted that she wanted to wear a pullup - until I guess I called her bluff and went to get one and then she decided that she would wear underpants and agreed to go potty. After she went potty, she was dancing around and I had to cajole her into getting dressed (although she was pretty cute singing and dancing around, I must say). Then when Mr. Darcy put on her jacket she insisted that he "no zip me up!" (It was 41 this morning and people are freaking out about how cold it is. The high will be 63 today, 57 tomorrow, and 61 on Saturday and tonight it will get down to around 32-34 and people are acting like it's the newest onset of the ice age around here. I'm tempted to go to Publix just to see if there's been a run on bread and milk...)

Angelfish on the other hand was Miss Happy. She wanted kisses from Mommy and then from Daddy and then came back to Mommy. She decided she didn't want to have much to do with the potty this morning and asked to wear a pullup, so that's what we did with her. Got her dressed, she picked out her yogurt, ate it, played with the toy laptop, and other than refusing to give me a kiss goodbye (but she said goodbye... she didn't want me to leave for the gym was the reason for the denial of a kiss) was in high spirits. Even when I was talking to her about using the potty, the child was watching herself make faces in the mirror as she talked to me. She was a hoot too... using this low "grumpy" voice and then this high sweet voice and then her regular nice voice with the different faces. If that child doesn't become an actress, I'll be surprised. She loves make believe, singing, dancing and wants to know why people/animals in stories do things the way they do.

Of course last night at dinner, they were talking about when they get bigger they were going to do x & y. So I asked Angelfish if she was going to be an artist when she grew up. Answer was no. "Palentologist?" "No" "Doctor?" and she said "Yes! Mommy, does your head hurt? do your shoulders hurt? Do your knees hurt? Then what's the matter!" (For those of you who do not watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, that was from the episode "Doctor Daisy" where Daisy pretends to be a doctor and asks every "patient" those questions.) Then Ladybug piped up and said she wanted to be a doctor too and then started talking about animals. So, I asked her "Do you want to be an animal doctor?" and she replied "No, Mommy. I want to be a girl doctor!" I love how kids can be so literal sometimes!!

Anywho... let's hope for shin splint relief and a quick morning routine tomorrow!