Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Wednesday is run day - at least today.

The neighbors probably think I'm nuts... either that or they think I've started a New Year's Resolution. Today was a 1/2 hour run and walk day and I did not want to deal with going to the gym (which would have been 1/2 an hour roundtrip at the very least) just to do 1/2 an hour on the treadmill. Not sure if that's lazy or just a wise choice of time, but either way, it is what it is. BUT, I'm still trying to finally get rid of that evil shin splint in my left leg that seems to be hanging on a bit still. So, I needed to run on something soft and spongy - like the grass in the park right up the street from the house. But this park is not a big park at all... it's not even quite the size of the grass part of the inside of a track. Just a spot of grass big enough for 9 holes of frisbee golf where the holes are 100' apart and then a little extra grass on the outsides. It's a place that you generally only see Mr. Darcy and I running the girls around to tire them out with the frisbee on a Saturday or people taking their dogs for the dog's daily constitutional. No one actually runs in it or picnics in it (although I rather like the idea of that one)... except me. I've done my interval training there a few times, and now... a 5 min walk warm up, a 20 minute run (well, I alternate 3 mins running and 1 min walking for 20 minutes to keep my legs happy), and a 5 min walk down. Every neighbor that brought their dog out said hello, but several looked at me like I was on mars... why is she running in circles around this little park in the grass? Everyone else who runs in the neighborhood runs on the road or on the sidewalk. Yes, it is true. I'm the Girl who Runs in Circles. But, admittedly, I liked it better than the treadmill because at least the scenery changed a little - sure I know exactly what color house I'll be at on that circle when I hit the 2 1/2 minute mark, but at least it's not the same picture or tv set that I see at the gym.

Anyway, tomorrow is a swim cycle day. So, I'll be at the gym and probably grousing about having to do my cycle training for the day on a stationary bike. I should be grateful that I can do it at all, but I must say I do love my bike even if I have been coveting the road bike that some guy in my neighborhood has been riding by my window each day around 1:20 pm. It's sleek, has great aerobars, thin tires, and looks really light weight as he zooms past. But, I'd rather put the money in the girls college fund or our retirement funds (or so I keep telling myself!).

Oh, and my Teams in Training trainer gave me a new exercise to do to stretch out my lower calves to help get rid of the pains I've been getting down near my achilles tendons. She says it will probably help with the shin splints too... yay!

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