Thursday, January 22, 2009

Phone Calls to the New President and More Training

So the night of inauguration day, Mr. Darcy kept trying to show the girls "our new President, Barack Obama" every time his picture showed up on the news. And after the news was over, we went to play "in the kitchen" (which was really the girls' toy kitchen). And as we were playing, Ladybug picked up the toy phone and this was what she said...

"hello? Oh, Hi Barack Obama!"
"What? Yes. I'm making pot pie and I have 3 eggs."
"Yes, you can have some my pot pie, Barack Obama!"
"Well, I don't know. I just have this, Barack Obama!"
(Long Pause)
"Ok. That's ok with me. You go to sleep now, Barack Obama, ok?"
2 1/2 and Ladybug's already making pot pie and talking to the President of the United States! I'm somewhat surprised she didn't ask about Mickey Mouse!

As for training, yesterday I swam a glorious mile. It was awesome. I wasn't having a real "tear it up day" but I was cutting through the water really nicely and my form was good. I broke it up so it wasn't straight, but then I only rest about 1 minute between each set anyway. I did a 100 warm up, 300 drill, 400 swim, 400 swim, 300 drill and 100 cool down. I love the pool. Swimming is so tranquil... even when trying to swim fast!

Today, it was around 24 degrees when I got up, so I opted to go to the gym for my workout. I did 25 minutes on the stationary bike (please warm up so I can ride my bike! I miss my bike!) and did 8 miles, and then went to the treadmill and did 20 minutes... only 1.3 miles in that time, but I am still trying to be nice to my legs so I'll be able to run the 2 miles in the triathlon next sunday... yes, my sprint triathlon (not the Team in Training one) is next Sunday. Woo Hoo! I'm excited and nervous all at once. I think my left leg is almost over the shin splints but now my right leg is being a little funny but it's not shin splints... it's more near my achilles tendon, but not the tendon, just the muscle around it down toward my foot. I'm hoping to find time to go to the chiropractor and see if that helps it all out.

Anywho. Old lady aches and pains aside, it was a good workout and I'm looking forward to hitting the pool and the bike again tomorrow morning! Pot Pie for everyone - especially Barack Obama!

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