Friday, January 30, 2009

A Rainy Friday...

I'm back from NYC. Had a wonderful time with Diana, Lenny & Meri at dinner! It was hard to leave we were having such a nice time... but it was a school night after all. The seminar I taught went well also. On the feedback sheets there were primarily 5's which is the highest you can get on our ranking system, which always makes me happy - especially since I was teaching the seminar to other attorneys in NYC. I even had a partner from a firm give me a personal hand shake and tell me that I did an excellent job. : )

Upon arriving back in Orlando, I discovered that the cold front that was supposed to have moved through the state and been gone by triathlon day only was just arriving. So this morning and last night have been rather rainy. A high for today of 60 which is not bad, but the problem is that the day started at 57. Luckily for my workout it was a swim day anyway, so I was off to the gym. I asked the girls what Mommy does for a living (primarily because I discovered last week on a car ride home that they thought I work at the gym) Ladybug told me that I go to the gym and then I play. But Angelfish remembered our conversation from last week (and last night) and said, "Mommy, you attoney" (which is how she says attorney). So, hopefully it will sink in... too bad I don't get to play for a living. Like everyone else, I have to squeeze it in while I can.

I have to say that while I like my work trips when they are successful, the best part is always returning home and seeing the little faces of my girls and that of my hubby. I enjoyed snuggling and the hugs and kisses, and having the girls insist on sitting on my lap while I try to eat dinner. The smell of their hair and their sweet little smiles and voices. True joy and contentment right there!

The triathlon swiftly approaches... Sunday will be here before I know it. Team in Training kicks off on Saturday morning too. Not to mention the packing, laundry and dishes that need to be done before then! (Plus a full day of work today!) So, I better go... when I get back I'll be an official triathlete! YAY!

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