Monday, May 3, 2010

Today is another new start to an old problem

I went to the endocrinologist today.  I was hoping the scale would show I maybe lost a pound or 2, although I should have known it had not.  In being honest with myself, the past few weeks have not been the greatest of my eating habits.  We've been busy so we've eaten out a lot.  A. Lot.  As we know, eating out is not good for fat content, sodium content, and because even a salad can be a tricky devil with calories galore.  Not to mention that we've been eating sweets too.  I don't generally eat them, but the past few weeks we've eaten much more than we normally do.  I gained 4 pounds in 6 weeks.  So, instead of going by the deli on the way home, I came straight home and had my whole grain bread and deli meat, v-8 (I wasn't feeling a salad), an orange, a glass of milk, and 8 pieces of dark chocolate (that would be 2 oz, instead of 1 but .  I'm now out of the dark chocolate and will not be replacing it. 

The good news is my thyroid is in a much happier place as is my B12, so I stick to what I am doing.  The endocrinologist is going to see me in 3 months and will have me see the dietician in her office who runs marathons.  I could have seen her today but would have had to take 1/2 a day off from work to do it, instead of using my lunch hour.  So, it will be next time.

I literally am miserable about my weight and talked to the endocrinologist about it.  She told me that I may have a "slow metabolism" and that some people who have more than one endocrinology problem like I do end up with an unexplained "slow metabolism."  Thus, the chat with the dietician.  The doctor's idea was to possibly put me on a 1100 calorie diet that I then added calories expended during workouts on top of that since the other dietician said I was doing what she would suggest for me.  But, she wanted me to talk to the dietician in her office before doing anything like that.  The doctor said that I should focus on eating healthy, continuing to exercise like I do, and try not to worry about the weight.  Of course, the doctor is also about a size 2, so it's easier for her to say when it's not her body.

I am going to keep a record of my eating every day for the next 3 months, to the best of my ability.  I'm always honest so that's at least one good thing. And then, the poor dietician will not know what hit her because I'll be bringing her printouts of what I'm eating for those 3 months.

I'm thinking that after reading Racing Weight, and the fact that eating 50% carb in my diet and 25% fat doesn't seem to be doing it for me, that I'm going to try to eat my largest meal in the mornings and lower my carb intake as the day goes on so I end up with 50% carb primarily in the morning since that's when I do my training, 30% protein, and 20% fat.  I'm tempted to go 40% carb, 40% protein, 20% fat or try the "zone diet" plan of 40% carb, 30% protein and 30% fat.  All good fats of course.  I'm just worried that won't give me enough energy source for my training and too much fat if I do the zone method.  Of course, I seem to have an ample supply of fat to burn and I just have to train my body to burn it.

So, I am hoping to add in the Tri Power strength and core exercises during lunch break 3 days a week and Yoga the other two.  Of course, I really liked the yoga class at the Y on Friday but that's 3 days a week MWF, so I may stick to my Yoga with the Namaste series that I'm taping off Fit TV, which is pretty good. That way I can do it on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  Plus, I'm still doing the push up challenge and trying to get Mr. Darcy to do it too.  I did Day 1 of week 2 this morning and 30 minutes of yoga because I didn't have much time because of having to go to the doctor.  I plan to do some cycling tomorrow, I hope.

Oh and in some good news, I had to run after Ladybug who was riding her trike like a mad thing and refusing to stop this weekend.  I ran after her in sandals, down hill and had no pain.  Granted it was at most 3 minutes, but still.  No pain.  And I had done a 30 minute walk without pain and my pushups.  Yes in deed.

On the Annie front, she's not all that much better.  We took her back to the vet on Saturday because she seemed worse.  They did x-rays and found the poor thing was seriously constipated.  So we added laxatives to the mix, and the poor thing (I'm pretty sure) is still constipated despite pooping some large piles (well for a 12 pound dog anyway) this weekend. The doctor assures us that by the end of this week she should be better.  Let's hope.

And that is all I have for today.  I have errands with the girls after work today.  I'm hoping to get to the post office with my Mom's Mother's Day  present before they close. Maybe I'll go straight there after work and get the girls on the way home... I'll figure it out. 

Tomorrow I'm hoping to get a 20 miler in on the closed road and Yoga at lunch time.  We'll see how it goes!

Oh and a PS to whoever broke into Mr. Darcy's car to make a bigger mess than was already in there and steal his 1st generation iPOD.  1. Thank you very much for not causing damage to the car. It was the only reason why I think Mr. Darcy didn't completely melt down about the car being rummaged through like that. 2. You must really be hard up if you wanted that giant 1st generation iPOD that I'm pretty sure you can't sell on ebay for more than $40.  For that reason, I am glad we no longer have it.  3. You can darn well be sure that our house alarm is armed every night and each day.  It was before and now we triple check it.


  1. I feel your frustration w/the thyroid issue. It is such a tricky gland regardless if you are hypo or hyper. That's a wonderful plan that you have to follow up w/ the dietician/marathoner. At least she will have a good understanding of where you are coming from. Definitely bombard her with your eating log! You mentioned the Zone diet and that is pretty much how i have eaten for the last 12 years. I know all the zone books inside and out and swear by it. I've never had any problems with bonking and my performance has never suffered. If you have any questions about it, ask away.

  2. Yep, been on synthroid for ??? years. I can fall asleep fast enough and with a cranky thyroid, yep, any where, any time.

  3. Despite losing the IPod, I am glad to hear the car is ok.
    Do you know where/how you will track your food? I used to do - it's through the livestrong website. I love it because you can find information on pretty much any type of food. Good luck with that!