Friday, May 14, 2010

Friday Plans Slightly Foibled!

It's Friday!  YAY!!  I am so glad that it is Friday.  This week has seemed to go by so slowly and yet so quickly at the same time. In so many ways, these little faces have kept me happy this week.  Of course, they've also given me some sources of frustration, but I think that's because I forget that they are not even 4 some days.  I have no idea how the school photographer got them to smile like this (or why Angelfish's hair is pulled back for that matter), but I'm thrilled with the results. 

When I look at these pictures, I have to say that they caught the Little Ladies personalities. Ladybug (on the left) has that straight forward and yet happy air about her, and Angelfish has that happy yet impish look like she knows something really funny that you don't or like she's about to tell you a joke.  Priceless.

What wasn't priceless was walking in my kitchen when the floors were wet, carrying my lunch on 2 plates (I didn't want my salad to get chili on it... I'm not that big of a glutton), slipping, falling and landing on my left hip.  Let's just say I'm glad I ingest a good bit of dairy bcause I went down hard.  So hard it brought memories to mind of my bike crash last summer.  I don't have a bruise that you can see on my leg/hip, but if you touch it or if I lay on my side, it hurts and I'm a little stiff walking around.  I do have a pretty nasty bruise on my arm.  As Mr. Darcy said this morning, "You've got a knot on your arm!"

So last night I only did 3 loads of laundry instead of 5, cooked dinner while watching Harry Potter with the little ladies, and got the girls to bed with the help of Mr. Darcy.  Although I fell asleep during their bedtime story on Angelfish's bed... and she woke me up so she could get in bed too. We packed for our trip this morning instead of last night because Mr. Darcy and I were both sleepy heads.
I woke up this with the full intent to do my 10 mile bike and 3 mile brick today.  But life had slightly other plans as Angelfish has a funky cough that this morning was really raspy and I had to put my head to her chest to tell if it was in her throat (it is) or her chest.  After much deliberation as to whether we should let her go to school or stay home (she was complaining that she didn't feel well but only could specify her cough and her tummy hurting), we decided to keep her home for the day.  So I started working early - while entertaining Angelfish and working it so I could work while squeezing in at least part of my workout in.  I did Day 3 of Week 3 of the Pushup Challenge.  Angelfish decided to climb under me during the max set, so I only did 33 because I didn't want to end up falling on her.  Then I got the 10 mile bike ride in on the trainer while working and watching "Mickey Mouse Clubhouse."  I'm going to pack my running gear in the hope I'll get the 3 miles in this evening at my in-laws.  Or maybe on Saturday morning...  My leg/hip was a little stiff at first on the bike, but about 10 minutes in it was fine.  Nothing like slipping on your own floor to make you feel silly.
I am pretty sure that Angelfish has allergies and this isn't a cold, although her teacher was out for almost a week with a cold.  She seems to be her usual spunky self (who ate her chili for dinner last night and was thrilled to have muffins for breakfast), but with a cough that is much looser now.  Life's little adventures always keep us hopping!
Mr. Darcy wants us to go see the last launch liftoff today, especially because it's the last one for Atlantis.  Luckily, (knock on wood) things have been slow this week at work so I can take advantage of it and leave work a little early today.  Mr. Darcy plans to get us this afternoon around 1:30, we'll go to the launch and then head to his parents.    It's the start of the weekend adventure... a little early.

I hope all of you have a wonderful adventure in store for your weekend too! 


  1. Have fun this weekend! Great pictures and school pictures at that. Even though they are twins, you can tell the difference and you described their characteristics in the pictures perfectly. They are both lovely little ladies!
    I snuck out of work early too...slow. So why not. I have plenty to do and a nap may be in order. Sorry about the spill you took. You are probably right about the dairy and strong bones. I swear by that too as i eat tons of dairy products with the Zone. I had a bike crash 2 years ago (2 weeks before Boston Marathon) and landed on my left hip. I thought i broke it. Nope! Just scraped up, bruised and bleeding but nothing broken. Glad you were able to exercise with minimal pain.

  2. Have an awesome weekend. Take care of that hip too!

  3. Great pictures of the girls. Let yourself recover from the spill - feel better.

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