Friday, May 28, 2010

It's Friday!

First, thank you all for your comments to yesterday's post.  I really appreciate them! I realize that I am doing the best that I can, and really there is nothing more than you can do than your best.  So I'm sticking to my combo zone-paleo eating, and while this week's workouts have not been up to par with what I normally I have told Mr. Darcy that no matter what time he drags himself out of bed, I will from now on be leaving for my workouts no later than 7:15 am each morning.  I am not going to keep slacking on my workouts because he stays up too late playing Xbox to get up on time and thus get out of the house in time for me to get my workouts in.  I've let it go for a couple of weeks now, but now I am putting my foot down.

Today they didn't leave until 7:45 on Mr. Darcy's car clock which turned out to be 7:50 am on the house clock.  That meant that despite being all decked out in my cycling clothes and wanting to jump on the bike, I was going to have to skip the bike and do either a quick run or a yoga video.  And since for whatever reason I woke up itchy all over (not sure if there was something in the wine or the new cheeses I tried last night), I decided not to take a chance on the run because I have food dependant exercise induced anaphylaxia.... (yet another wild and crazy thing) which means if I've eaten a food that I'm allergic too and then exercise within 24 hours of eating it, when I stop exercising (not during thank goodness, but as soon as you stop) I go into anaphylactic shock.  The only thing new in my day yesterday was the cheeses and the wines.  I've never been allergic to either before, but the overall body itching (including between fingers and toes) may be a hint that I shouldn't push things.  I don't like visits to the ER, especially since if my reaction started I would probably have to run there because while driving I would potentially pass out and die, and take others out with me.  And since I haven't had a reaction in a very long time (I don't eat onions or shrimp because they are my known reactors and I rarely eat shellfish as a just in case), I don't have an epi-pen because my last one expired and I don't have an allergist here to get a new one.  I know I need to get one just in case.

But then I got a call from Mr. Darcy telling me that he invited 2 friends to go with us to Disney for the Girls' Birthday.  I am really excited about it because it is Holland (Angelfish's almost husband it would seem) and Connor, who the girls love and their parents (and Holland's sister who is super cute) who Mr. Darcy and I really enjoy talking to.  They're able to go!  So I called Disney right away and asked if they could expand our lunch reservation at the Crystal Palace from 4 adults and 2 children, to 8 adults and 5 children.  Amazingly, they were able to do it.  AND the really nice Disney guy told me that somewhere the original reservation was done wrong and it didn't show the girls' birthday (or that they were children), so he set it up so that Pooh and his friends will do a birthday parade for the girls!  He also I am so stinking excited about how happy this will make them that I almost cried.  But that took up the time I had to do yoga.

So my morning isn't going quite as planned.  But that's how it goes.  My cousin is supposed to be arriving at some point today, but when he's arriving and how long he and his wife are staying appears to be a mystery at this point in time.  Let's hope it's not while I'm at lunch with my Junior League Committee or during the performance review I'm doing for my paralegal this afternoon! Mr. Darcy has agreed that he needs to go bike shopping this weekend, so I'll be ogling bikes at some point this weekend too.  And if we can find a sitter, we will go to dinner with our friends M&C at a Spanish tapas restaurant Saturday night.  They just got back from Spain and still have a hankering for the food. : )  We may have a playdate with Holland's family this weekend too. But best of all, as the little ladies put it "we're staying all together" this weekend!

Enjoy the 3 Day weekend.  I'm still plotting to get on my bike somehow!!


  1. Sorry you didn't get your workout in this morning but I'm glad all worked out for Disney. We are going there for my daughter's 5th bday at the end of June - so fun! Enjoy your "together" weekend!

  2. If I wasnt racing this weekend I would be totally jealous of you looking at bikes (i am still totally jealous of you looking at bikes)

  3. Pooh and a birthday parade @ disney, race cars, new bike...You sure I can't send you my present list too?

    I'm just back from the bike store and I showed restraint and only spent $11 on a water bottle holder. I still don't trust myself to wander around the bike side of the store though.

  4. Have a fantastic weekend together!