Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Stomach Issues, A Morning Run, and Birthday Wishes

Stomach Issues
I didn't end up working out yesterday.  My stomach was still not in its happy place, I felt completely exhausted, and it was really, really hard to turn down taking my girls to daycare (despite being dressed for a run) when they were hugging on me and asking me to take them to school instead of Daddy.  I hoped that by lunch time my stomach would be happier.  It was better but it wasn't until about 4 pm that I started feeling more myself.  And then I had to head out to the last Junior League General meeting  for the "year."  We officially start up again at the end of August, although I will be working on planning and such for my committee over the summer.

When I got home from the meeting, the girls were still awake in their room and they started chanting "Mommy! Mommy! Mommy!" So I went in there chanting "spanking!" and then said "JUST JOKING!"  I think Mr. Darcy and I may have been the only ones who thought that was funny.  But they loved on me and told me that they missed me so very much and loved me and then told me all about their evening at the pizza place where it was "Kids Night."  They had their faces painted, made jewelry out of beads, got a bracelet made out of balloons, and of course ate pizza.  It is definitely nice to feel loved...

A Morning Run
This morning after the chillin's and Mr. Darcy left for school and work, I headed out for a run.  My intestines are still a little questionable, but I really just needed to run.  I told myself that I'd only do 3 miles so I wouldn't go too far from the house, but really the entire time I knew I was going to run 4 miles.  I did 5/1s and told myself that I was just going to take it easy.  Time did not matter today, but going the distance did.  So I ran a nice easy pace and did my 1 min walks a little slower than normal.  I walked slower than usual because 1) I had this continuously feeling I had to go to the bathroom so I was doing a "do I think I'm going to poop" scan each time; and 2) there were no bathrooms around unless I cut the run short or made it to the CVS so I used it to contemplate possible routes to the bathroom.

But I felt good.  I was running at a pace that felt comfortable, even if it was already 75 degrees and humid at 7:30 this morning.  I got to the point where I could cut it short to go home for the bathroom, and decided to go on.  I made it to the turn for the 3 mile route and told myself that really the 4 mile route was better.  I could always stop at the end of mile 3 to use the bathroom at the CVS.  I hit the corner with CVS and told myself that I could make it home. I made it home and I felt like I could have run farther at the end, although my gut was happy that it was near a bathroom "just in case."  The just in case came about 5 minutes later too.

All in all, it was a really nice run.  After clearing out the early morning allergy crud, my lungs felt pretty good and my legs felt pretty strong the entire time.  Running 5 minutes was easy enough and a few times I overran by several seconds and had to immediately walk.  I was dripping with sweat, even up to about 1/2 an hour after the run was over.  The heat has definitely been turned on for the summer. I wasn't a speed demon, but then I wasn't trying to be either.  46:42, an 11:40 pace.  Not bad!

I still have to do my pushups and situps for the challenges. I'm a bit behind on them this week and can't decide if I should skip one day or just be "off" on days vs. weeks.  I'll figure it out and get that done before the day is over.  And I'll be taking the liliputians to gymnastics today, which should be good.

Birthday Wishes
As promised... Monday I sat down with the girls and we made their Birthday Wish Lists. I told them that they might not get everything on their lists and that they might get things that weren't on their lists, but that this was so if people wanted to know what they might like they would have some ideas. I've given you the full lists so you could get a good laugh in too.

LADYBUG: The BIG princess birthday cake at the grocery store with all the princesses (not getting this it's $60! but I got a cool cake kit to make one that she and Amanda will like and I'm also going to make them individual cupcakes as their individual "cake"); a girl superhero; princess figurines with dresses; a princess book with a lot of princess stories in it; a princess car; a pink bear; new crayons; pink flowers; new paper; tape; Cinderella movie; a fancy dress up dress so I can dress like Cinderella when she's going to a party; new toy cookies; a paper heart; a candle to blow out; a birthday party at the beach with my family and to go to Disney (she doesn't know it yet but this is exactly what we're doing!); ice cream; candy; pink earrings, necklace and bracelet; a new gymnastics leotard that has the princesses on it; and a figurine or doll of Merriweather (the blue fairy from Sleeping Beauty); and fairy "stuff"

ANGELFISH: a birthday cake, ice cream, chicken nuggets and applesauce to eat; a dump truck; a super hero girl; a book; a race car; new crayons, paper and tape; pink, orange, yellow, purple and green flowers; a fancy dress up dress so I can dress up like Sleeping Beauty going to a party; a candle with fire so I can blow the fire out; to rest on my birthday (I laughed at this one... like we put her to work the other days of the year); to see Disney and go to the beach (I love that we're making birthday wishes come true!), candy, a necklace, bracelet and earrings; a new pink leotard for gymnastics; and "fairy stuff"

When I asked them if they could think of anything else, Ladybug said "I'll have to get back to you, Mommy."  Angelfish told me, "Nope. That's it.  Oh and I'll take anything that Ladybug wants too, but not hers one of the same thing that's mine, all mine."  They make me smile : )


  1. I hope you feel better soon! Glad you got a good run in, though. :)

  2. Mine, all mine! I'm an only child, I can understand that statement;)

  3. Uneasy stomachs are difficult to deal with on runs! Glad you were able to run today... nice job!

  4. Where do I send my list? I want a race car too.