Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The Tuesday That's My Monday

I have to say, I have it pretty good this week.  I had a nice weekend with Mr. Darcy and then we took yesterday off to do projects around the house, and Friday I leave work a little early to go on a girls' weekend to the beach. Of course that also speeds up the pace of this week in wierd and wooly ways.

First, the weekend.  Mr. Darcy and I took the ladies up to his parents' house Friday night. After a rough night with Angelfish who was coughing like she swallowed a barking dog, I took her to the Emergency Clinic.  Turns out Mr. Darcy's doctor from childhood phased himself out of his old practice so he could work part time without having to worry about paying his malpractice insurance (because the clinic pays it for him), and that's who we ended up seeing.  I recognized the name from conversations in the past and introduced myself as Mr. Darcy's wife and Angelfish as one of his daughters.  So that was kind of fun.  Not fun was the fact that Angelfish had bronchitis and was put on amoxicilin.  Whatever that bug was that caused it was quick moving - 3 days from start to bronchitis.  But other than the coughing the kid was fine.  She even sang to me in the waiting room as we left.  After getting home and getting everyone settled, Mr. Darcy and I set out for Fernandina Beach.

It was wonderfully peaceful.  We stayed at a beautiful B&B named "The Williams House."  I would definitely return.  In fact, it was difficult to leave!  We got checked in and then walked to have lunch, wandered around the shops and back to the B&B where we took a 2 hour nap - to be awoken by "At Last" (one of my favorite songs) the bride and groom's 1st dance as a married couple from the wedding being held at the B&B.  Just in time to get ready for dinner!

We walked to dinner at Le Clos, which was really enjoyable and in a cute little house, then watched the sunset and headed to a movie.  Mr. Darcy was all about seeing a movie because "we never get to see movies anymore."  I let him pick... Iron Man 2.  If it had been the triathlon version of IronMan it would have been awesome.  But this wasn't the greatest $20 spent.  I didn't get in any running, but we walked over 4 miles. : )

The next morning we walked around a Civil War fort for a bit, had lunch and then headed on back to The Senior Darcy's.  The girls were thrilled to see us and other than getting peed on while Ladybug was sleeping in my lap (just in time for Mr. Darcy's brother and his wife and children to come in), we had a lovely time!

Yesterday (our official anniversary) we took the girls to daycare and spent the day painting, and plotting future house projects.  Mr. Darcy has convinced me to build a 2nd arch in our hall/kitchen/bar area so that he can live with the fact that there is no "end" to the room for paint.  Something about paint being required to be from an inside corner to an inside corner and if it's one color on one side of the arch it has to be the same on the other.  I'm only 90% in favor of the 2nd arch... and that was only after he mocked it up by taping bumwad (cheap sketch paper) to the ceiling, floor, etc. in the shape and form of what he was proposing.  I like the openness of how our house is, and while the arch won't completely impede it, it still breaks things up... which is Mr. Darcy's point exactly.  I just don't get worked up about stuff like that and decorate the way I want to.  Who needs rules for these things? If you like it, do it!

We still have to finish one of the painting projects tonight, but we'll have painted our entire family room and part of the breakfast nook (we finished the job that had to wait until Mr. Darcy had built out another divider that wasn't sufficient enough and had "no inside corner" to stop the paint - marrying an architect makes decorating a bit troublesome.  Most women do what they want and their husbands keep brushing their teeth.  We have to negotiate from cutting edge metal works to comfy modern yet classic style...).  I won the accent wall of a nice chocolate color only being on one wall.  We also picked out drapes for the living room, bedroom, and guest bedroom too (although we have to exchange one set for a longer variety since our windows are huge.)  Ladybug declared that "Now our house looks just like a princess castle!"  and Angelfish said "the color is GOOD!"  So we're pretty sure they like it.

This morning we discovered that Mr. Darcy accidentally left my car door and the interior light on ALL WEEKEND long.  The battery was so dead that it took 20 minutes of being attached to Mr. Darcy's battery before we could get it to turn over.  And then it was so late that dressed in my running attire, I took the Little Ladies to daycare and had to skip the run.  But I did get in my pushup challenge and sit up challenge before work, at least! I had a 60 minute bike ride on tap anyway, so now it looks like I will do my 4 mile run tomorrow morning (if I can get out the door early enough to be home and ready for an 8 am conference call) and I will do my best to get on the trainer for 60 minutes tonight.  I'm going to see if I can get Mr. Darcy to put my aero bike on the trainer tonight since I'm supposed to stay in aero for 2x10 minutes while at a 90 cadence.  I don't have aero bars on the road bike.

Speaking of cycling, Mr. Darcy has told me that he's going to do the Intercoastal Century Ride with Team in Training!  I'm pretty excited about it.  In fact, I might be more excited than he is.  I wanted to do the ride, but he had said that he wanted his wife back for a little bit.  And keeping in mind that he has survived 2 Team in Training seasons and 1 HIM training in 2 years, I figured I would let it go.  So I was a little surprised that he said he wanted to do it but he says that he is having a hard time getting himself to work out and that this will force him to do it.  So, I'm all for it.  Now to get him to eat healthier... and my "diabolical" plan will have come together.  He says he eats healthy when he eats at home (which is mostly true but the man is a carb fiend), but it's all those times he's not eating at home!

So that's what's going on in our neck of the woods.  Congrats to all the great racers this weekend.  I loved all the race reports!!


  1. Happy anniversary!!!!!!

    I am excited as well that Mr Darcy wants to do a century!!

  2. Nice, romantic weekend at the B & B! Bet that was relaxing. How cool is that, that you hubby want to do a century? I love it! Now your "diabolical" plan will be complete once you figure out how to get him in the "Zone." (insert evil laugh here)
    On a not so lighter note, did you see that a triathlete was attacked by an 8 ft gator at a lake in Baldwin Park? Please tell me that this isn't the same lake the Moss park tri is in??

  3. Great news that he wants to do the century. I convinced my wife to do one with TNT a couple of years ago. Afterwards we went on a vacation to Napa WITHOUT THE KIDS for a biking vacation. One of the best times of our lives....